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This session provides an overview of the exciting Year of Planning journey for schools on the road to becoming NAF academies. For design teams, questions about timeline, tools, expectations and support from NAF will be answered. This session offers foundational learning on the NAF model, Academy Assessment and Student Certification Assessment System (SCAS).

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  • Entry:ADDMs prep participants for introductions (one person will say school name/location)Welcome & IntroductionsJeanneIntroduce ADDMsParticipant introduce themselves (one person will say school name/location)Bathroom breaks
  • Mission & VisionJeanneDefine mission & vision-make distinctionPost example of Mission & Vision, and reference later activity 5 minutes
  • Intro to Academy Design Team BuildingMorganCreate list of the stakeholders you need to enact vision
  • In order to get them to show up on the screen, participants need to text 281042 and their design team member to 37607 For instance, I would text “281042 My Principal” to the number 37607 and then it would show up on the screen.Academy Design Team graphic organizer: How to distribute? ADDMs handout/leave on table? 15 minutesNAF recommends you have some of these perspectives
  • Intro to Advisory Boards What makes a successful advisory board? SarahAcademy Design Team will decide how to implement NAF model; business perspective is importantOne big task: begin developing advisory board (need to lay foundation, not develop everything!)We will show you vision of what your AB could be in 4 years in this videoNAF.org resources pagesWhat do you notice? How does AB function/interact with academy? 10 minutes
  • Break: 4 Corners:SarahI come from somewhere… 10 minutes I come from somewhere… (warm, cold, urban, rural) My favorite type of music is… (country, rock, classical, R&B)I come from a school that is… (large, small, has one NAF academy, many NAF academies)My role on the Academy Design Team is…(counselor, business partner, administrator, teacher)
  • Exploring the Standards-ADS/ABJessicaIn YOP, you are required to collect evidence documenting the plans and decisions your Academy Design Team makes. This activity: you’ll explore evidence that other Academy Design Teams have collected during their YOP. On the screen, you see the cover page of an online Evidence Binder for the Northwest Classen Academy of Health Sciences.The idea behind doing this activity is that evidence is personal to your academy, but that it’s all based in the NAF Standards. NAF has academies that are big, small, etc. Evidence should reflect your academy
  • You’ll see evidence relating to the big ideas we’ve discussed in this session today: Academy Design Team building & leadership, academy development & structure, and advisory boards.You have on your table 4 pieces of evidence from other academies. They’re printed on colored paper. We want 4 groups at each table, so each group should have 2-3 people. Each group should take 1 example of evidence. You’re responsible for that piece of evidence, and you’ll share out your thoughts with the rest of the table. In your group: Examine the evidence.How does the evidence address the standard? Reference YOP SnapshotWhat can you tell about the academy that created it?How might you do it similarly or different?Write on the example evidence. Share what you come up with at your tableWe will post example evidence on NAF Community.Time dependent: Popcorn full-group share out: big take-aways (Tell us your name & school. Answer question..) 20 minutes
  • YOP SnapshotMorganTeams complete YOP Snapshot ADS/Advisory Board section 15 minutes
  • Morgan
  • YOP Work Session

    1. 1. Creating your Academy Mission & Vision Academy Vision Statement Northwest Classen Health Sciences Academy will: recruit and prepare 75 students per year for college and/or work in the field of health sciences, graduate its first class in the spring of 2017, and provide engaging instruction and work-based learning activities to better prepare students for college and the workplace. Academy Mission Statement To prepare students for a successful career in the Health Science industry by providing innovative and up-to-date training and current resources to better prepare our next generation for prosperity & greatness.
    2. 2. Academy Design Team
    3. 3. #nafnext Send Text to: 347-933-8461 Message Body: Design Team member
    4. 4. #nafnext
    5. 5. #nafnext 1. I come from somewhere… 2. My favorite type of music is… 3.I come from a school that is… 4. My role on the Academy Design Team is…
    6. 6. #nafnext Need new screen shot of livebinder
    7. 7. #nafnext  Examine the evidence.  How does the evidence address the standard? Use YOP Snapshot as reference.  What can you tell about the academy that created it?  How might you do it similarly or different?
    8. 8. #nafnext
    9. 9. #nafnext Block A • Tech Tools for Teams • How to Increase the Effectiveness of Common Planning Time • The NAF Student Certification Assessment System: Why Should I Do This and How Will NAF Support Me? Block D • Data Center Training: Welcome to the NAF Academy Support Hub Training Block B • Attracting and Supporting All Students: Targeting Academy Outreach to Underserved Youth • Leading Reluctant Team Members • Overview of Integrated Units for Foundation Academy of Engineering (AOE) Courses Block E • YOP Data Center Training: Welcome to the NAF Academy Support Hub Training • School Counselors: Becoming Change Agents for Block C • Academy Assessment 101 • Academy Leadership: Involving All Stakeholders • The Porterville Unified School District (Harmony Magnet Academy) Distributive Leadership Model • Advisory Board Recruitment, Retention...and Ignition!
    10. 10. #nafnext Rotations YOUR Group: A = Southeast and Central B = Northeast and West 8:30 – 9:05 Opening – Main Hall (room 1) 9:10 – 10:30 Rotation 1 Group A - Academy Development & Advisory Boards –main hall – Rm 1 Group B – Curriculum and Assessment & Work-based Learing –Rm 2 10 minute transitional break – coffee and tea refresh 10:40 – 12:00 Rotation 2 Switch Rooms, Group A to Rm 2 and Group B to Room 1 12:05 – 12:40 Closing – Main Hall