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Instructional Support Services Overview


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Overview of the academic support services provided by APEX Scholars

Published in: Education
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Instructional Support Services Overview

  1. 1. Instructional Support What We Offer
  2. 2. The Academic Success Center (ASC) has partnered with APEX Scholars to provide 2-hour weekly structured study groups for targeted courses each semester. During these sessions, students receive guidance from a trained ASC tutor on effective study strategies, note-taking skills, and test preparation. We also offer structured study groups through our in-house tutoring program for other targeted courses.
  3. 3. Writing assistance is offered in-house to all APEX Scholars students. Students receive services by drop-in (based on tutor availability) or by appointment. In a welcoming environment, students work on strengthening various facets of writing in relation to their assignments. Areas of support include: • Genre • Reader response • Rhetorical analysis • Explication • Approaches to research • Grammatical principles and punctuation usage • Vocabulary development
  4. 4. The WSU Center for Equity and Excellence in Mathematics provides tutoring support and assistance to APEX Scholars students who are enrolled in Rising Scholars Program (RSP)/Emerging Scholars Program (ESP) math courses. Students are provided assistance with homework, preparing for exams and improving mathematical skills in order to be successful in college and beyond. In the lab setting students are often able to grasp mathematical concepts better than they would in a classroom setting. Students can walk-in; however, appointments receive top priority. The service is available as often as needed by the student and there is no associated fee.