Academy Assessment 101


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Learn how to use the academy assessment process for program improvement in areas such as evidence collection and action planning. This session provides a general overview of the entire continuous improvement process.
Presenters: Beatrice J. Arvie, Scotlandville Magnet High School, Timothy Oldenburg, Career and Technical Education & Academy, and Patti Smith, National Academy Foundation

Published in: Education, Technology
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  • Two examples
  • Location. Mission. Student outcomes.Program offeringsRecruitment and MarketingParental engagement
  • Academy Assessment 101

    1. 1. #nafnext Academy Assessment 101 Continuous Improvement Process Action Plan Academy Assessment Evidence Review Team Data Center
    2. 2. #nafnext Data Center
    3. 3. #nafnext Data Center Entries Data Center Opens Sept 14 Deadline for entries Dec 4 Data entries are linked to Academy Assessment
    4. 4. #nafnext Review Team Gather  Academy team  Administrators-school and district  Advisory board members
    5. 5. #nafnext Review Team Not private or compilation of input Changed from a to-do list item to a team approach Formed groups (director, teachers, counselors, admin, AB, c ollege partner, NAF partner) Ownership, diverse voices, refocus and redefined roles Drives our strategic plan, initiatives, and areas of improvement/growth
    6. 6. #nafnext Review Team • Convene a 2-hour meeting to complete the tool • Strengths and weaknesses become evident • Discussion and synergy flow smoothly • New ideas and creativity are evident • Tool is completed on-line by the Director at a • later date based on consensus answers
    7. 7. #nafnext Collect and Store Evidence AcademyDevelopment Program offerings Recruitment and Marketing Parental engagement Location, mission, demographics
    8. 8. #nafnext Livebinder
    9. 9. #nafnext Recruitment Evidence September Orientation Team building Big picture Why are you here? Welcome back Team building Big picture Goal setting Welcome back Team building Big picture Goal setting Welcome back Goal setting Senior year timeline & procedures October Goal setting Self-awareness - character, kindness, citizenship, integrity, responsibility PSAT Internships Resumes PSAT Polishing resumes & essays Choosing colleges, gather applications College applications November Learning style Motivation style Communication skills Interpersonal relationships - friendships, self-esteem, dating, cliques, bullying Interview process, mock interviews PSAT interpretation College applications December Time & task management Study skills Conflict resolution College planning timetable Post-secondary planning Financial aid FAFSA Scholarships January Transcripts, credits, report cards Revisit goal setting Revisit goal setting CAPT preparation - importance Revisit goal setting Preparing for SATs Revisit goal setting FAFSA Scholarships February Interpersonal relationships, peer pressure, bullying CAPT preparation Test-taking skills Reducing text anxiety Career decision process Career interest inventory Employment, labor market projection March CAPT CAPT CAPT CAPT April Self-awareness Decision making Interest inventory Work/career exploration College search Practice college application Job searching Budgeting May Work/career exploration Practice college application Educational plan Community service Practice college application Educational plan Community service Transcript review Educational plan Community service Preparing for college Transition from high school June Looking ahead Summer plan Summer school Closure Looking ahead Summer plan Summer school Closure Looking ahead Summer plan Summer school Closure Goodbyes!
    10. 10. #nafnext
    11. 11. #nafnext Advisory Board AdvisoryBoard Membership with contact information Mission and/or Vision Minutes of Meetings Goals and Objectives Committees Budget and Funding Activities
    12. 12. #nafnext
    13. 13. #nafnext Curriculum & Instruction C&I Demonstrates Integrated learning Team planning Student interventions Strengthens parental engagement Provides personalization for students Evidence that students travel together
    14. 14. #nafnext Drop Box
    15. 15. #nafnext Academy Assessment Academy Assessment Opens Oct.1 Deadline for entries Jan 20 Academy Assessment scores linked to Action Plan
    16. 16. #nafnext Academy Assessment • Prepopulated items • Answered items • Evidence to support answers • Scores for multiple years instantly available
    17. 17. #nafnext Academy Assessment
    18. 18. #nafnext
    19. 19. #nafnext
    20. 20. #nafnext Professional Development
    21. 21. #nafnext Action Plan
    22. 22. #nafnext Action Plan • Planning & Improvement: Drives strategic plan/thinking Vision of NAF expectations and directions that we can strive Use SA results to focus AB meetings throughout the year Ideas  include students and parents  AB professional development
    23. 23. #nafnext Exercise: Action Plan
    24. 24. #nafnext Create Goals and Actions • Bea’s Action Plan- Goal and Action • Tim’s Action Plan- Goal and Action • Create 3 Goals and Actions  Strengthen Review Team  Complete AA/DC process earlier this year  Compile salient evidence