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Film presentation

  1. 1. Poster campaign By James Taylor Tuesday, 16 July 2013
  2. 2. The Brief Is to enter the be©reative competition run by the Film Education charity. For the competition we will have to create 2 or 3 posters that encourage younger people to choose official film, tv and movies and respect the makers. The key message in this is going to be making the different to other poster that have been made in the past, so not just saying "DO NOT DOWNLOAD MUSIC!" but to say about who it effects and show it in a different light. Tuesday, 16 July 2013
  3. 3. Past campaign researchThis is anti piracy poster campaign was produced by the Motion Picture Association of America. Along with the National Association of Theatre Owners. This poster works as it tries to look like a new film poster with the text and font of the bottom on the poster is the common on a new film poster.  The pallet of this poster is over all warm colours, in the middle of the poster there is a man with a camera for a head is blue. This makes him look cold and even more so like a criminal. The main point of the poster is just saying "If you pirate then you will go to court, go to prison and get a huge fine!" So the blue colours over the reds lets you know that he is done wrong. Tuesday, 16 July 2013
  4. 4. This poster is very effective. The type on this poster is very effective it would have took along time to make the letters look like zombies The words GUYS, FULL and WALKERS look really nice with the turquoise back colour. Then the blood splatters and then teeth or bone sticking out looks quite grim which is why this poster works so well.  Then the words THE and BARN being made out of wooden planks just builds a clear picture of what is happening in barn. The rest of the poster looks nice as well the background a old worn piece of paper just adds to the grimness of the poster. Typographic poster Tuesday, 16 July 2013
  5. 5. The pallet of this poster is quite bright from the black background. It makes all the icons stand out, then on from that they grab your attention and you end up looking all across the poster, then your eye looks down the poster at the text and bottle then the name of the company at the bottom. Vector poster There is a large set of Coca-Cola adverts like this but this one looks like the repeated icon patterns that I have made in Adobe Illustrator. Tuesday, 16 July 2013
  6. 6. Photographic poster This poster has a few different parts to it. The main thing is the photo in the middle of the page of the man in the bomb suit, surrounded by bombs. From the picture you look at the colour palette, mostly the poster is white with the ground cracked. Then the use of red across and around the man makes it look like blood. The title, the words above it, the wires on the bombs are all red. The contrast between the red and the grey background gives a gritty feel to it.  Tuesday, 16 July 2013
  7. 7. Questionnaire So this is the questionnaire that me and a class mate carried out, we gave the questionnaire out to the target audience 11 - 19 year olds. we gave it out to the class, friends and family who fit in to the age range Tuesday, 16 July 2013
  8. 8. Questionnaire results Out of the results this stands out as it is more then half the people stream online, but then 66% of that do so illegally. We would need to do this questionnaire with a much larger group of participants to get a accurate result Tuesday, 16 July 2013
  9. 9. Successful poster campaign This is the vector created portrait of Obama by Shepard Fairey, it played a key roll in Obama’s campaign, is it stood out because •The beautiful vector shapes and shading •The only colours used Red, White, Blue •The only word “HOPE” Tuesday, 16 July 2013
  10. 10. Julian Opie style portrait The first step is to take the original photo in to illustrator, then just going around all the main shapes with the pen tool. Then adding colour and having them over lapping each other. Then the last thing is to add the high and low lights in the hair and on the face. Then after building them shapes just colouring them and lowering the opacity till it looks like a shadow. Tuesday, 16 July 2013
  11. 11. Illustrator repetitive patten it is not to long a process to create a patten like this. but to make a good one a large amount of icons, and then going across the borders of the art-board Tuesday, 16 July 2013
  12. 12. Rough idea Tuesday, 16 July 2013
  13. 13. Final ideas I started by thinking that i needed an iconic hard man. I looked for a british actor but had a hard time finding anyone that would still be clear that it was them after i made them in illustrator. Tuesday, 16 July 2013
  14. 14. I have developed the idea from before and make it up in illustrator. I feel the font works as it has an element of class to it. then for the copyright logo I drew it using the pen tool. Tuesday, 16 July 2013
  15. 15. Tuesday, 16 July 2013
  16. 16. Tuesday, 16 July 2013
  17. 17. This was another idea using the same slogan but then a different image Tuesday, 16 July 2013
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