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Presto @ Facebook: Past, Present and Future
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Presto @ Facebook: Past, Present and Future






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    Presto @ Facebook: Past, Present and Future Presto @ Facebook: Past, Present and Future Presentation Transcript

    • Presto Past, Present and Future Martin Traverso June 5, 2014
    • Why build Presto?
    • “A good day is when I can run 6 Hive queries” — a Facebook data scientist
    • What is Presto? Distributed SQL analytics engine Optimized for low-latency, interactive analysis ANSI SQL Extensible
    • Architecture
    • Architecture Scheduler Data Location API Parser/ Analyzer Planner Metadata API Coordinator Client Worker Worker Worker Data Stream API Data Stream API
    • Connectors Coordinator Worker Parser/ Analyzer Planner Scheduler Cassandra Internal MySQL JMX Hive Metadata API Cassandra Internal MySQL JMX Hive Data Location API Cassandra Internal MySQL JMX Hive Data Stream API
    • Connectors Hadoop 1.x Hadoop 2.x CDH 4 CDH 5 Custom S3 integration for Hadoop Cassandra TPC-H
    • Other extension points Types Functions Operators
    • What makes Presto fast? Data in memory during execution Pipelining and streaming Very careful coding of inner loops Efficient flat-memory data structures Bytecode generation
    • What’s next?
    • More SQL features Structs, Maps and Lists Views Scalar sub queries Features required to run all TPC-DS
    • Execution engine Huge joins and aggregations •Hash distributed •Co-distributed and co-partitioned •Spill to disk (flash) Work stealing Basic task recovery
    • ODBC driver Targeting major BI tools •Tableau, MicroStrategy and Excel Support for Windows, Mac and Linux Entirely open source (ASL2)
    • Native store Stores data directly on worker nodes Custom data format Initial use cases •‘Hot’ data •‘Live’ data
    • Open source Apache License 2.0 Open development Releases every 1-2 weeks ! External contributions welcome!
    • Presto http://prestodb.io github.com/facebook/presto ! Martin Traverso @mtraverso github.com/martint
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