Seo goals & objectives 2 quarter 2012


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Seo goals & objectives 2 quarter 2012

  1. 1. SEO Goals & Objectives 2-Quarter 2012 SEO Project Plan
  2. 2. SEO Goals & Objectives:1 Quarter(Some objectives not accomplished)• Create Benchmark SEO reporting – adjust to CoreMetric standards.• Create 15 Targeted Link campaigns for Off-site/On-site Content.• Create 25 Targeted Link campaigns for off-site/on-site content.2 Quarter(Some objectives not accomplished)• Expand content and expand keywords based off Analytics.• Begin social media and sharing content to drive natural links.• Increase Quarter 1 natural traffic by 20%.• Create 25 Targeted Link campaigns for off-site/on-site content.• Create 10 original and extensive pieces of content for on-site use.New Goals 2 Quarter• Resolve the high level identified SEO basic issues, in terms of functionality/technical development.• Develop a Content Strategy.• Develop the Site Spec A/B Testing.• Develop a new form page, Reduce the info and optimize it in 4 steps.• Create daily/weekly tasks for SEO projects for the entire team.• Improve call to action at the homepage and work in the eye path design to make it user friendly.• Develop a new structural/architectural proposal for the articles page.• Develop Link Building campaigns (Off-site content).• Develop the Mobile Version of the site.
  3. 3. SEO Project Plan Divided in 4 Areas SEO High Level SEO Content StrategyPriorities, Maintenance and Projects Link Building & Offsite CMS Development & Technical Campaigns Ideas/Strategies The SEO Project Plan can be divided in 4 main areas to be developed simultaneously in the next 6 months.
  4. 4. SEO High Level Priorities, Maintenance and Projects Analysis & Research Other projects SEO Research (Self-feeding) XML Site Map Keyword Research Re-structured navigation Competitive Analysis User/SEO friendly Site Analysis (Site-Spec) Form Page (4 Steps Idea) SEO Stats Analytics: Google Analytics - Bing Webmaster Site Architecture – Internal Tools - Coremetrics Linking Accessibility High Level SEO Priorities & Projects Meta Tags Site wide Proper Keyword Targeting Architecture Formatting Content Important broken links Internal Pages optimization Unnecessary redirection Eye Path Strategy/Call to Action Orphaned pages Banner Social Network Engagements / Indexing & Crawling Third Party Strategy Canonical Tags Site wide Noindex follow and nofollow 301 redirects & robots.txt Server errors Duplicate content & On page SEO Repeated text, pagination, parameter based, dupe/missing titles, h1s, Physical Address
  5. 5. ResearchSEO Research Top Ten Sources: Top Ten Sources:Why do we need it? www.searchengineland.comHaving time on a daily basis to consistently read about updated events in the www.seobook.comSEO world, important news and topics related to the industry can improve www.seroundtable.comthe SEO knowledge of the entire team. www.seomoz.comImmediate Solutions : www.searchenginewatch.comDaily Task: www.seobythesea.comEach member can take 20 minutes on his/her daily duties to read about: www.seo.alltop.comSEO/Google Events.SEO new trends. Participation:Keywords Research. All team members.New Ways to search for topics and adding those in the topic template. Approx. time:Bi-Weekly Task: Daily/Bi-Weekly Basics – Create aIdea to propose a new initiative to make a bi/weekly tech-training task for each team member.meeting, so every team member can explain and present a specific topic thathas read to the entire team twice a month.
  6. 6. SEO Content StrategyObjective for Content StrategyPlanning, creating, optimizing, promoting article content to target specific audiences. This can be achieved with a user friendlystructure.Priority Maintenance for the ContentRemove external links.Meta tags site wide.Add internal linking (vertical, horizontal)Optimizing content pages.CTA engagements.Direct bookmarking traffic .Images sizes.Weekly topics brainstorm tasks .Keywords TargetingLong tail keywords, brand terms researchAdding new architecture for article pageSocial network buttons, modules (latest articles for link building). Images displayed next to the article title.
  7. 7. Overall Content StrategyWhy do we need it?SEO and content strategy intersect in more ways than optimizing web pages with keywords.Currently, the way we are displaying our content in our blogs reduces traffic and wastes efforts in writing articles meant tobe indexed.See our MCN examples:
  8. 8. SEO Content StrategyWe want to implement a new architecture and concept for the article pages. It consists in creating3 Pages named “Parent pages”, which will involve a new and different concept of how the articles are going to be displayed.These pages are the ones we want to rank and market in terms of SEO.This can be achieved through setting up 3 specific categories for each parent page. All our content will fall in one of those 3 categories.Example:Finance Educational Advices – Pay day loans - Brand Term (Personalfinances, Medical or Family Finances )SEO Advantages :The Latest Articles modules will help the internal linking strategy.Activation of social media buttons for user engagement will help the link building strategy.The use of images next to titles for a more attractive design concept .Will improve navigation of entire site.
  9. 9. SEO Content Strategy
  10. 10. Link Building Campaigns Strategieso Info graphics Campaignso Articles Engagementso Content-Based Link Building Strategieso Press Releases and PRo Links from Pages Without Editorial Controlo Search Terms, Phrases, and Advanced Query Parameterso Asking for a link, Templates Emailso Widget developmento Social media campaignso Purchasing links
  11. 11. CMS development & Technical Ideas/Strategieso Content Architecture Pageo JavaScript Solutions for User Friendly Navigationo Site Spec Development Proposalso Schema.orgo Re-Design Entire Site (Design ideas/solutions)o Drupal plugins, widgets