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SEO Presentation-Cybernician

  1. 1. Cybernician Online Marketing Presentation
  2. 2. Online marketing Strategies • Search Engine optimization (SEO) • Pay Per Click Campaign • Social Media Optimization • Sponsored Links
  3. 3. Goals and Objectives: Major goals and objectives for 1.) window tech india 2.) window fashion india 3.) 4.) 1. To reach people looking for the products/services you provide 2. To drive maximum traffic towards the Website though search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing by achieving top positions for the keywords 3. To make & increase the presence of your Website on social media sites like Face book, twitter, etc. to drive maximum targeted traffic towards your Website. In General to reach for people who are directly or indirectly in need of products/services which you provide.
  4. 4. SEO Analysis Current keywords on website moscow hotel, moscow sheremetyevo, sheremetyevo hotel, sheremetyevo airport, sheremetyevo airport hotel, hotel in moscow airport, novotel sheremetyevo, sheremetievo hotel, airport sheremetievo hotel, atlanta hotel, budget moscow hotel, cheap hotel moscow, atlanta sheremetyevo, sheremetievo 2 airport, sheremetyevo 2 airport, hotel in sheremetievo
  5. 5. Competitive Analysis It’s essential to analyze your competitors like : • what they are doing • what are their online marketing strategies • how they are targeting the market • what services are they providing to their customers etc.
  6. 6. Competitors For The Keyword For Blow Websites 1.) window tech india 2.) window fashion india 3.) 4.)
  7. 7. Internet Presence: • To survive in competitive internet market, it’s necessary to plan and develop strategies to beat the competition to achieve higher ROI. • The following table is a summary of your main competitor's internet presence. It provides a bench mark that can be used to judge the effectiveness of your online and search engine marketing efforts.
  8. 8. Keyword Ranking in Seach S.No keyword Google Bing yahoo 1 n/a n/a n/a 2 n/a n/a n/a 3 n/a n/a n/a 4 n/a n/a n/a 5 n/a n/a n/a
  9. 9. Key Observations & Recommendations SEO Analysis 1. Meta Tags: Title and Meta description of all the pages of your website is not proper as it’s not in accordance with the search engines as well as its not compelling enough to get maximum clicks from searchers. We recommend using proper title and Meta description on every page. These two tags play a vital role in SEO. These tags should contain the keywords you want to target for your website and these keywords will be different for every page. 2. Header Tags: Header Tags i.e. <h1>, <h2>&<h3> are not present on your Website. These heading tags not only help with the organization of your design, but they help the search engine optimization of your site.
  10. 10. • 3. Alt Tag Optimization: Alt tags are not used properly. All the images should be optimized by including appropriate alt text. This allows Google to display your images in its images search results and is beneficial in terms of traffic as well as popularity. • 4. Anchor Text Optimization: We suggest creating anchor text on all targeted keywords throughout the content present on the Web pages, in order to have better internal linking. As inbound links to the Website with optimized anchor text will help the Website gain an increased online presence for the keywords that are not ranking well currently. Anchor text for inbound links determines the theme of the site and is one of the more important contributing factors to Search Engine positioning. • 5. Content Optimization: The content present on the website is not keyword rich. The targeted keywords need to be included in the content of every page & keyword density, prominence & proximity need to be used. • 6. Internal Linking of pages missing: In order to achieve high rankings in search engines, it is essential to interlink pages of sites using keywords present in content of pages. No internal linking is done which is also one of the factors affecting the website’s rankings. • 7. More Pages Required: The website should contain a dedicated page for every service it provides, so that ,the specific keywords can be targeted on the specific pages
  11. 11. 8. URL’s are not search engine friendly: The current URL’s of your internal pages are not search engine friendly. URL rewriting needs to be implemented to make them search engine friendly. This will help us to rank your pages on top positions of major search engines. Example- when you click on room tab in header of the page, the url of this page appears as ->……….. 9. Online Bookmarking & Sharing Buttons: Bookmarking buttons of top bookmarking sites like delicious, stumble upon, Digg etc are missing on your website. These buttons helps a lot in your automatic online promotion. People bookmark your stuff on these sites if they like & it increases your online popularity. 10. HTML & XML Sitemap Missing: There should be an html sitemap in the website as it helps users to navigate the website. XML Sitemap is must for Google. 11. RSS Feeds: RSS Feed for the website is missing. It helps users to subscribe on the website and they can easily get the updates.
  12. 12. Major Recomendation
  13. 13. Detailed Seo Project Plan Website Analysis and Technical Audit We will generate a technical audit report of the your Website on the basis of various search engine parameters and guidelines which will provide an insight into the current status of the site prior to any optimization in order to develop the SEO strategy. The main activities of this phase are as given: •Inbound and Outbound Links Checking. •Pages Indexed by Search Engines. •Current Ranking on different Search Engines •Sitemaps and Rss Feed Checking •Competitor Analysis •Niche and SE Compatibility Analysis •Keywords and Key Phrase Research
  14. 14. Blogging • Blogging makes sense from a marketing and SEO perspective. You'll be leveraging the shift from outbound to inbound marketing and interacting with your customers in new ways. A blog lets you meet your customers more directly than sending out brochures or an email campaign. It changes your Website from a brochure that most people look at once to something that people interact with and come back to. • A blog needs to be embedded in your Website to get you the maximum benefits in terms of traffic as Well as it will let you interact with your visitors to have their thoughts on you services which will help you to enhance your services.
  15. 15. On-Page Optimization In this phase, on the basis of the search engine guidelines and parameters, we will do on page optimization followed by keyword research and identification. Please find beneath some of the most important factors on the basis of search engine criteria’s and guidelines. Here are the main activities under this phase: •Keywords Finalization and Placement. •Content Optimization – Keywords Density, Prominence and Proximity. •Tracking Code Integration. •Webmaster Tool Submission. •Creation of Sitemaps and RSS Feeds. •Creation of Robots.txt •Identifying Keywords and Making Hyperlinks •Meta Tags Composition and Upload •URL Rewriting (if required) •HTML Validation •CSS Validation •JavaScript
  16. 16. Off-Page Optimization for Link Building We will submit individual pages of your site independently, a practice known as deep submission to all major search engines including those which are country and industry-specific to help you get the best rankings possible in the best and most popular search engines. Off-page optimization includes various submission detail of which is given below: •Directory Submission •Article Submission and Syndication •Forum Posting •Blog Creation and Promotion •Submission to Regional and Industry Specific Search Engines. •Submission of Press Releases in Various PR Websites. •Classified Ads Management to Increase Direct Leads. •Google Sitemap Submission •Yahoo and Bing Sitemap Submission. •RSS Feed Submission to Increase Crawling Rate.
  17. 17. Social Media Optimization Social Media Optimization is more popular now a day and every business owner wants their presence over these social Websites like twitter, orkut, Facebook and many more. Our social media optimization includes: •Joining Social Websites like Facebook, Twitter etc. and posting over there. •Joining Targeted Groups and Promoting Website there. •Leaving Comment on theme based Articles posted by others. •Social Book marking of your Website in different High Quality Websites. •Geo Targeting and Signature Linking. •Participating in Yahoo Answers •And Much More!
  18. 18. Maintenance | Phase – V• We adhere to a pro-active approach and constantly monitor your Website’s rankings and traffic, and analyze all relevant statistics. In case of a deviation from expected results, we do an in-depth review and implement effective measures so that your Website remains most visible on major search engines. It mainly includes – • reviewing keywords ranking and traffic • Meta and heading tags of new pages • increasing link popularity to stable your ranking in search engines • top 10 positions of new pages, updating and maintaining sitemap • Rss feed • robots.txt • keywords density etc.
  19. 19. Project Deliverables S. No. Milestone Deliverables 1 Site Analysis Report 2 Competitor Analysis Report 3 Products/Services Research Report 4 Niche Marketing Analysis Report 5 Google Analytics Code Integration Panel 6 Google Webmaster Account Setup ---- 7 Keyword Research Report
  20. 20. 8 Web Page Analysis Report 9 HTML Validation Report 10 Content Optimization Report 11 Meta Tag Creation Report 12 Alt, Heading, Bold, Anchor Tag implementation Report 13 Robots.txt ---- 14 Directory Submission Report 15 Link Building Report 16 Local Listing Report 17 RSS Submission Report 18 Forums Posting Report 19 Blog Comment Posting Report
  21. 21. 20 Social Bookmarking Report 21 Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Squidoo Promotion, Yahoo Answers etc. Report 22 Ranking Analysis Report 23 Traffic Analysis Report 24 Link Analysis Report
  22. 22. SEO Cost • SEO cost vary as per project and keyword Competetions • It is also depend on target market (geographical area) • Travel project cost much and highly competetive
  23. 23. SEM • Account Setup • In this phase, on the basis of the search engine guidelines and parameters, we will do on page optimization followed by keyword research and identification. Please find beneath some of the most important factors on the basis of search engine criteria’s and guidelines. Here are the main activities under this phase:
  24. 24. SEM • Keyword Research:   • We will do a keyword research as a base of all PPC activity to build a campaign in manner that they spend a reasonable amount on the appropriate keywords, whether you have existing or new PPC account.
  25. 25. SEM • Campaign Management:   • SWS will create campaigns and implement different setting for smooth running of account. Campaign management also includes a different number of similar ad groups and deliver a high end clicks • Ad and Creative Development:   We will write exclusive and different creative ads with unique titles and descriptions as per different PPC account requirement to help maximize click thru and conversion rates.
  26. 26. SEM • Landing Page Development:   • We emphasis on best landing page. We recognize the best existing destinationLanding page (if site contains) or help to develop a new proper landing page by recommending few improvements
  27. 27. SEM • Set Conversion Tracking:   • SWS and Your web development staff will work incooperation for implementing tracking codes for conversion tracking. It helps us to show a right direction in PPC.
  28. 28. SEM • Bid Management:   • Our PPC bid management services including maintainig a budget oriented CPC, bid gap monitoring, induvidual keywword bidding and frequenly bid price changes.
  29. 29. • Ad / Creative Testing: • We will perform different types of ad/creative testing for new and existing creative and ads. Testing includes various methods like split, a/b/c, and quadrants methods
  30. 30. SEM • Using New Features:   • PPC service providers are constantly transform their interface and initiate new methods for paid placements, we will endow you with information and how we can utilize the new features in active paid marketing campaigns to get preeminent results.
  31. 31. SEM • Account Maintenance:  We will implement different strategies for PPC campaign improvement and maintenance including changes to ad Titles, Destination URLs, Description of ads. It also includes keyword change and bid modification.