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Prepare to study power point navigation presentation
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Prepare to study power point navigation presentation


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A tour of the Prepare for Study course

A tour of the Prepare for Study course

Published in: Education, Technology, Design

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  • 1. PREPARE TO STUDYVisual Guide to theOnline Learning Space
  • 2. Course Home Page
  • 3. Course Navigation tools • Online users – shows who is on at same time as you • People – click Participants to see who is enrolled • Activities – click to get a list of Assignments, Forums, Glossaries or Resources • Search forums – useful for searching for key words in conversations
  • 4. Course Information BlocksCheck Calendar for Upcoming Events and changes to the course in Recentactivity
  • 5. Course Sections • See next slides for details of what you will see in each section
  • 6. Orientation Click on the Book icon or title Click on any to see the Table Chapter title of Contents to read that information on screen
  • 7. Four Course Sections to View Classroom: Communication: Resource Project Room: Library:
  • 8. Opening the Books Click on the Book icon or the title of This is the the Book to open up image used to the sequenced web indicate that you pages are currently in the Classroom section There are five Books (small sequences of web pages) in the Classroom When you have a Book section open, select Settings and Print book or chapter
  • 9. Navigating Sequenced Web Pages Click the arrow keys to navigate the pages of the Book chapters
  • 10. Participating in Discussion Forums This is the image used to indicate that you are currently in the Communication section There are seven forums in which Click the you can post: Discussion icon or • First two are its title to optional participate in the • Last five are forum. Either click required Reply or Create new topic
  • 11. Creating a discussion topic Key in your post here Select your notification preference here Drag and drop a file for sharing in here Select your mailing time preference here Click here to post
  • 12. What you see in a forum! Select the title of the discussion to read posts If this is your own posting you can edit,delete, or Reply
  • 13. Downloading from Resource Library Select the file by its title and save it to your USB or open on to your desktop
  • 14. Uploading to the Project Room• Select the link to the Project Room from the Grid on the home page Select a project title to open the uploading area