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What You need to know about Blackboard 9.1

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Blackboard Training

  1. 1. WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW WHAT YOU MIGHT LIKE TO KNOW NOTES EDIT MODE On/Off COURSE MENU Create Content Area Create Blank Page Create Tool Link Create Course Link Create External Link Create Module Page Create Subheader Create Divider Organizing Layout Drag and Drop Up/Down Arrow Menu CONTENT FRAME Organizing Layout Drag and Drop Up/Down Arrow Menu Build Content Create Create Item File Learning Module Audio Lesson Plan Image Syllabus Video Mashups URL Course Link Flickr Photos SlideShare Presentation New Page YouTube Video Content Folder Scholar Stream Blank Page Scholar Bookmark Module Page Tools Area 1 Distance and Online Learning | Last updated: 5/28/2010
  2. 2. Create Assessment Test Self and Peer Assessment Survey SafeAssignment Assignment Add Interactive Tool Discussion Board Blog Groups Journal Wiki Chat Turnitin Assignment Voice Authoring Voice Email Voice Board Voice Direct Voice Presentation Wimba Podcaster Assign Textbook Search for Textbook Manual Entry Textbook CONTROL PANEL Files/Course Files Upload Setup Web Folder Upload Files Upload Package Create HTML Object Create Folder Managing Course Files Download Package Copy Move Delete 2 Distance and Online Learning | Last updated: 5/28/2010
  3. 3. Course Tools Announcements (See Below) Blackboard Scholar® Discussion Board (See Below) Blogs Glossary Collaboration Messages Contacts Send Email Course Calendar Tests, Surveys, and Pools Journals SafeAssign Self and Peer Assessment Tasks Turnitin Assignments Turnitin Assignments by Groups Voice Announcement Wikis Wimba Pronto Evaluation Course Reports Early Warning System Performance Dashboard Grade Center Create Column Manage Grading Periods Column Options Grading Schemas Quick Column Information Categories Edit Column Information Smart Views Set as External Grade Student Visibility Show/Hid to Users Sort Ascending Filter Sort Descending Current View Hide Column Category Delete Column Status Create Calculated Column Average Column Minimum/Maximum Column Total Column Weighted Column 3 Distance and Online Learning | Last updated: 5/28/2010
  4. 4. Manage Column Organization Send Email Reports Create Report View Grade History Work Offline Upload Download Users and Groups Groups Create Single Group Create Group Set Group Settings Users Find Users to Enroll Faculty/Staff Student Accounts Remove Users from Course Customization Properties Make Course Available to Students Style Tool Availability Packages and Utilities Bulk Delete Export/Archive Course Export Course Archive Course Import Course Cartridge (Publisher Content) Import Package/View Logs 4 Distance and Online Learning | Last updated: 5/28/2010
  5. 5. ANNOUNCEMENTS Create Annoucement Edit Announcement Delete Announcement Order Announcements DISCUSSION BOARD Create Forum Delete Forum Edit Forum Manage Forum Copy Forum Grade Forum List View vs Tree View Create Thread Thread Actions Collect Threads Delete Threads Reply to Threads Edit Threads Message Actions MY PAGE TAB Course List Clean-Up Add Modules Training Opportunities: Contact the Distance and Online Learning Help Desk by phone at 518-629- 7070 or email at Tutorials: Upgrade Information: 5 Distance and Online Learning | Last updated: 5/28/2010