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An introduction for University of Manitoba Library staff to Library Guides built using Drupal

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Introduction to guides.lib

  1. 1. staff.lib testing November 24, 2009
  2. 2. Volunteers 1. What is broken and needs fixing 2. Enhancements (easy) 3. Enhancements (future)
  3. 3. Goals for guides.lib • A place for liaison librarians to give to students as a point of contact / communication • A place for subject librarians to create course guides / tips on assignments • A place for subject librarians to create subject pathfinders (but NOT lists or bibliographies per se)
  4. 4. Goals • Simple (meet the “I have 2 hours before this class, what can I accomplish:) • Linked with elibrary (databases) for a subject • Durable link - to connect from course management systems • Easy for students to navigate
  5. 5. Drupal • guides.lib is built using drupal (same as staff.lib) • free / customizable / takes setting up from developer point to view
  6. 6. guides.lib (drupal) libguides (springshare) • Create pieces of content, • Create guides with pieces of not html pages content in blocks • The pieces are tied together • Not great integration with with a subject taxonomy database listings (http:// research/121/LibGuides- database-listserv- responses.pdf)
  7. 7. Content Types Articles and Databases Library databases Librarian's Blog Add a blog entry for news (aka E-Library). (only eresources can create) and announcements connected with a discipline(s). If you want an entry to always Course Guide Help with a particular course. appear at the top a list make it sticky. The title should be the title of the course. Librarian Contact Date A date content type that is linked to a Views calendar (create bookable events). Podcasts Podcasts content type enables you to download the actual audio of the podcast Embedded Video Video box enables you to - note to actually subscribe to a podcast embed a streaming video inside your page. feed, you must use the RSS content type. The video can reside on any video sharing sites (YouTube and the like...). Poll A poll is a question with a set of possible responses. A poll, once created, automatically Getting Started (Intro) A Getting Started provides a simple running count of the content is a place to post an introduction to number of votes received for each response. doing research in the discipline.You can have multiple posts with different titles, and a post WebformCreate a new form or can be associated with multiple subjects. questionnaire accessible to users. Submission results and statistics are recorded and Image An image (with thumbnail). Step one if accessible to privileged users. you want an image in a Blog/Course Guide.
  8. 8. A bit about nodes • Only one “author” can be associated with a bit of content (or node) • But sometimes more than one librarian needs to be associated with a subject • Causes some duplication between “librarian contact” and your user profile
  9. 9. Enough talking already 1. Overview 2. Tasks 3. Discussion
  10. 10. Next Steps • Spend a little while over the next two weeks playing around • If you want, get a trial account for libguides (from springshare) • I’ll send a survey to you • Recommendation to LMAC for Dec or January, or discussion at Librarian’s Council