Website : www.bjsindia.orgBJS e-BulletinBharatiya Jain Sanghatana (BJS)Empowering Today Enriching TomorrowBharatiya Jain S...
Bharatiya Jain Sanghatana - Educational Quality Improvement Programme (BJS-EDUQIP)EducationEnhancing Quality of School Edu...
Social Development10,000 cattle find sucour at our chhaavnis….This summer has been scorching hot all over the country with...
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BJS E-Bulletin_June 2013


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BJS E-Bulletin
Empowering Today Enriching Tomorrow.

Published in: Education, Spiritual
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BJS E-Bulletin_June 2013

  1. 1. Website : www.bjsindia.orgBJS e-BulletinBharatiya Jain Sanghatana (BJS)Empowering Today Enriching TomorrowBharatiya Jain Sanghatana, Muttha Chambers II, Level 8, Senapati Bapat Marg, Pune 411016. Ph +91 20 66050000, Fax +91 20 66050191Email: Website: Facebook Community : 2013Vol: 2013-06Dear Friends, On a war-footing, with technical guidance of expertsand cooperation of Beed District Collector andIt is with great hope andadministration, lakes have been identified, machinery –expectation that I welcome thisJCBs and Poklands sourced and organized, villagersmonth of June, as we all wait formobilized, excavated silt transferred onto the farmersthe rains to quench the thirst offields, and all work is being carried out simultaneously!our parched neigbourhoods - itsAs per BJS principle, no grant/ funds have been takenpeople, animals, and vegetation.from the government.The severe drought that hasgripped the drought-prone region Heeding to the plight and daily requests of villagers,in Maharashtra this year, it is said, is not just due to numbers of lakes undertaken for desilting has risenfailure of rains, but also because of inadequate water from 50 to over a 100 in the talukas of Patoda, Ashthi,governance. Shirur, Beed and Gevrai in Beed district. As on May 27,2013, 92 JCBs and 32 Poklands were workingUnder the visionary and passionate leadership of Shrisimultaneously, most of them in two shifts; the total siltShantilal Muttha, National President, the BJS teamexcavated was 92,400 cu meter,launched large scale reliefthus making way for additionaloperations since March 2013.water storage in the tanks. In 11Its network of dedicatedlocations all excavation is beinggrass-root volunteers hasdone manually. All work is inbeen very efficientlyprogress with full force!managing 30 speciallyestablished cattle camps Farmers are spreading the(Chhavnis), and is taking care nutrient filled silt onto theirof about 10,000 cattle of fields at their own costs. Soil ishelpless farmers, primarily in getting richer and fields more7 districts of Marathwada and Pune. fertile. In times to come, there will be work for people –more water, more crop, more income.Shri Muttha, however, was immensely dissatisfied withthe provisional first-aid nature of this relief; especially The entire venture is revolutionary in nature – one thatfor an area that eternally faces seasonal drought. would change the face of the region and bringDetermined to tackle the problem at its roots, Shri permanent benefits.Muttha, briefed by experts, instantaneously decided on Thus, to mark the World Environment Day – on June 5th,May 1, 2013 to rejuvenate/ revive at least 50 village with hearts filled with hope for a better tomorrow, thelakes and tanks in Beed district. Huge storage capacity villagers and BJS team have scheduled a culturalhas been lost due to silt accumulation over the last celebration on each of the 100 sites, calling for the rainmany years. Desilting as a solution had to be completed to wet the mother earth, and fill their lakes to theirin all lakes before onset of monsoons – almost in a brim.months time - with the help of excavator machines and With a deep sense of fulfillment, I close here, invitingpeoples participation! He thus launched a full-fledged you to participate in this sustainable venture throughcampaign. In order to personally organize and monitor Shramdaan, or contribution to our fund, or join us in theall activities, he has camped at Dongarkinhi village in celebrations of June 5th.Patoda taluka of Beed district – his home town.Prafulla Parakh, CEO, BJSShri. Prafulla ParakhFrom the desk of the CEOBenefits• 15 lakh cum of additional water storagein lakes• 1500 acres of land will become morefertile due to silt• 1000 acre of land would be additionallyirrigated?Over 100 villages will receive waterWorld Environment Day
  2. 2. Bharatiya Jain Sanghatana - Educational Quality Improvement Programme (BJS-EDUQIP)EducationEnhancing Quality of School EducationThe second such teacher training program onIntroduction of Mulyavardhan inMulyavardhan is scheduled in July and is open onlyEnglish in select Federation of Jainfor interested English medium schools in the FJEIEducational Institutes (FJEI) (Federation of Jain Educational Institutions )BJS has been conducting its Mulyavardhan Pilot network.Program in Marathi in 500 Zilla Parishad schools of You would be eligible for participation in thisAshti ,Patoda & Kaij Talukas of Beed district for the program only if you are willing to:last 4 years from 2009. The program has been well 1. dedicate one period daily for Mulyavardhanreceived and its impact is evident among all the for every division of the standards I to IVstake holders.2. dedicate at least one teacher forThis year BJS is planning to introduce conducting Mulyavardhan sessionsMulyavardhan in English in selected volunteer3. send not more than two teachers for theschools in the FJEI network. The training for thetrainingfirst batch of teachers from Maharashtra, Gujarat,All FJEI English medium schools which are desirousKarnataka, Madhya Pradesh & Chhatisgarh wasof introducing this program in their schools areheld in May at Pune. Mulyavardhan in English willwelcome to contact the BJS Head office via emailbe introduced in these schools from the currentto get the details.academic or call us at 020-66050000On similar lines the private aided CBSE schoolBJS SAA Makes a Mark: Feedback byHiralal Jain Senior Secondary, Delhi hadAcademicians, Civil Executives, andapproached BJS for conducting a workshop for itsEducators stakeholders as a measure to implement theprioritized improvement plan as generatedIt was a proud moment for BJS when their school through the BJS SAA school report. The workshopassessment and accreditation (BJS SAA) framework aimed at creating awareness among theand the efforts taken so far in implementation management members, teaching andwere lauded by Prof Parshuraman, Director-Tata administrative staff and the school leadersInstitute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. Prof towards their roles and responsibilities forParshuraman in his meeting with BJS also extended collaboratively improving the school quality.valuable suggestions on ways to take this initiativeforward to many more states in the country. The MP pilot project of BJS SAA culminated in thereport sharing and presentation of school reportsBJS received another reassuring piece of news and the higher level reports at Bhopal recently.which came from the Zilla Parishad Primary School, The school reports were presented to the heads ofMhaskevasti (Shivne) of Maval Taluka. Two girl all 50 schools across five districts in which SAA wasstudents of Std 4 have secured 5th and 6th implemented from July to October 2012. The statepositions in the merit list of Std 4 Maharashtra level reports were presented to the nodal officersState Scholarship exam. Incidentally this school is designated by MP government. Among them wereone of the eleven ZP primary schools adopted by the Additional Directors of Rajya Shiksha KendraBJS for its Model Cluster Project. The spectacular and Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan.achievement by these rural students only Commissioners of both the divisions made it a pointreinforces the belief of BJS that even schools from to review the report sharing sessions with schoolrural India can deliver if they focus their efforts on heads and solicited individual feedback from theimparting quality education to all their students district officers. They are keen to discuss furtherdespite their odds. It is with this belief that BJS has details for the state-owned up-scaledembarked upon transforming these schools into implementation. Reports were also presented tomodel schools through its Model Cluster Project. the representatives of the State PlanningThe assessment reports have been shared with all Commission who had initiated the BJS SAA pilotthe schools and a plan for rolling out the next set of project to review it as a new initiative in the quality improvement programs for thiscluster is being finalized.
  3. 3. Social Development10,000 cattle find sucour at our chhaavnis….This summer has been scorching hot all over the country with the mercury touching numbers not seen during thepast decade. But this is now, in May.Adrought looming over Maharashtra, probably more severe than the last majorone 40 years ago, was foreseen months ago. Realising the extreme situation and with an experience of more than20 years in disaster mitigation BJS decided to address the drought situation in the worst affected and the driest ofthe dry districts of Maharashtra. The state government tookmeasures to supply water to the people, but there was littleconcern for the poor hapless a n i m a l s . O u t o f s h e e rdesperation, even their owners were prepared to either abandonthem to die of dehydration or maim them so as to be able to sellto the slaughter houses! The idea to provide shelter and fodder tothe live stock was first mooted at a meeting of BJS volunteers onFebruary 26, 2013. This found whole hearted support and withina month and about 30 chhaavnis (shelters) in the districts of Beed,Solapur, Jalna, Osmanabad, Aurangabad, and Pune were up.The BJS volunteers who are manning the chhaavnis were givena day long comprehensive training on management of the animalsand chhaavni at BJS HO on March 23, 2013. This training was delivered by experts such as veterinary doctors,officials and professors from the animal husbandry department of the state government and from Pune University.With summer at its peak, the heat and dryness has only become worse. The volunteers together with a few BJSstaff live at the chhaavnis with the most basic infrastructure for themselves. They give little regard and attentionto their own working and living conditions, focusing only on looking after the welfare of the 10,000 animals atthese 30 chhaavnis. They have done such a commendable job!. It has to be seen to be believed. These chhaavniswill be operational until end of June.People enthusiastically giving their all for the restoration of lakes...
  4. 4. BJS on FacebookTo connect BJS Facebook Commiunity is now more live &interactive. It is being regularly updated with lots ofphotographs, videos, information, events.. etc.Mr. Shantilal Muttha, has been sharing his Thoughts,Experiences and is Questioning….It is Exciting, Challengingand Philosophical.It is all Debate and Discussion and not just quotes from him.You must Participate.Connect with BJS!Some Upcomming Events31.05.2013The highlights of BJS processesBiography of Shri. Shantilal MutthaAt the Silver Jubilee National Convention in May 2012, the biography of Mr. Shantilal Muttha in Marathi, wasreleased. Its audio version is being broadcast on FM institutional 101 MHz on All India Radio (Pune Kendra)every Tuesday at 10.20 am; so tune in and listen to an inspirational story!Announcements for the month of June 20131. Prayers/Pujan at 101 distilled lakes for revivalof water sources at Aashti, Patoda, Shirur, Beed & Contact- Shri. Abhinandan Khot 9011552777Gevrai Tehsil in Beed District of Maharashtra onTrainer – Shri. Ratnakar Mahajan, Hingoli5th June 2013Contact-Dr. C H Bagrecha 94239667972. Student Assessment Test 4th & 8th std -Trainer – Shri. Amar Gandhi , Chandrapur &22 & 23rd JuneCG-Raipur – Shri. Rajesh Savantsukha- 982713615 Smt. Meena Chordiya, Manmad3. Career GuidanceContact- Smt. Manisha Vohra 9407130091MH- Pune - 9th June 2013 by Adv. Jaiprakash SomaniTrainer – Smt. Rajshree Chaudhari &Contact – Smt. Kamal Lunkad- 7588281091Smt. Amita Jain4. Empowerment of Girls Program (EOG)Contact- Shri. Sunil Kothari, 9425169040Trainer- Dr. Vimal Jain & Smt. Manjula Jain,Contact- Shri. Ashok Datmajage 9422014588JabalpurTrainer- Shri. Ratnakar Mahajan, Hingoli5. Trainers Training for Empowerment of GirlsContact- Shri. Babubhai Mehta 9825147701 Program –Nagpur- 21-23 June 2013Contact- Shri. Rajneesh Jain 9373104897Trainer – Shri. Sanjay Singhi, RaipurTrainer – Shri. Sanjay Singhi- RaipurContact- Shri. Pramod Jain 9424718990,6. Empowerment of Couples Program (EOC)Smt. Vinita Lunavat 7793270042 Gujarat- Surat- 1-2 June 2013Contact –Shri. Chimanbhai Shah 98252 58258Trainer – Shri. Rajeshree Chaudhari SagarTrainer- Shri. Dharmenda Chhajed, BhilaiContact- Shri. Praveen Parakh 9826424195Trainer – Shri. Ratnakar Mahajan, Hingolie. MH- Rukadi - 12-14 June 2013f. MH -Manmad- 14-16 June 2013g. MP -Ujjain- 14-16 June 2013h. MP – Narsinghpur 23-25 June 2013a. MH – Gadhinglaj– 3-5 June 2013b. GJ- Ahmedabad- 7-9 June 2013c. MP -Kareli- 7-9 June 2013d. MP – Badwah -7-9 June 2013Jain MinorityWe have been receiving many queries and we welcomethem. Keep writing .Give us your feedback on how ourresponse to them helped resolve your issue.In a minority educational institution, it is not mandatory tohave a representative from the University in the selectioncommittee (to select teachers and principals).To get a Minority Status for your institute follow theguidelines given at the website: