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Security in the cloud


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Presentation of Red Hat about security in the cloud at Zarafa SummerCamp 2011

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Security in the cloud

  1. 1. RED HAT: Security In The Cloud Robert Loos ISV Business Development Manager Patrick van der Bleek Solution Architect1 ZARAFA SUMMERCAMP 2011 | SECURITY IN THE CLOUD
  2. 2. THE GROWING NEED FOR THE CLOUD I.T. infrastructure is 67% of IT budgets slashed in 2009 at a breaking point 85% of computing capacity is idle 70% of IT budget spent maintaining legacy infrastructure, not delivering new capabilities 50% of CIOs say theyre understaffed 46% of IT execs say meeting SLAs “more or much more” difficult and costly 14% annual decline in IT execs who say they are becoming “more strategic” to their organization Data from Industry sources2 ZARAFA SUMMERCAMP 2011 | SECURITY IN THE CLOUD
  3. 3. PHASE 1: CONSOLIDATE PHASE 2: AUTOMATE PHASE 3: UTILITY VIRTUALIZE BUILD A ADD A YOUR PRIVATE PUBLIC SERVERS CLOUD CLOUD Virtualize your physical As you expand your use As you expand your use hardware to achieve of virtualization, build a of cloud computing, add higher utilization, private cloud to manage public cloud providers consolidation, and the scale and delivered as a utility to flexibility. complexity. increase capacity and lower costs. Virtualization increases the A private cloud abstracts multiple utilization of physical servers and instances of virtual resources Red Hats cloud architecture lets provides a foundation for cloud into elastic pools of computation you manage and integrate computing. with self-provisioning and various virtualization systems and scalable services. public cloud providers together. This allows you to leverage public cloud computing as a utility.3 ZARAFA SUMMERCAMP 2011 | SECURITY IN THE CLOUD
  5. 5. RED HAT CLOUD CUSTOMERS “Our decade-long partnership with Red Hat has always been focused on customer value and innovation. Today, we are extending this partnership to include cloud computing – broadening our reach and answering the strong customer demand for cloud computing services, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization is an optimal hypervisor technology for the infrastructure offerings on the IBM cloud.” - Maria Azua, VP Cloud Computing Enablement at IBM5 ZARAFA SUMMERCAMP 2011 | SECURITY IN THE CLOUD
  6. 6. RED HAT CLOUD CUSTOMERS “Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization provides the high availability, reliability, security and scalability that we desired for the foundation of our new cloud offering. We believe that Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization is the efficient virtualization technology to run the workloads that our enterprise customers will deploy on our cloud service today.” - Masato Minamisawa, executive manager of IP Technology Department, Business Network Services Division at NTT Communications6 ZARAFA SUMMERCAMP 2011 | SECURITY IN THE CLOUD
  7. 7. RED HAT CLOUD CUSTOMERS “Red Hat gets it. In kernel virtualization, virtualization management, the application orchestration and cloud abstraction layers, Red Hat gets it. Red Hat is giving customers the opportunity to innovate [in different ways] and leverage them where it makes sense.” - Derek Chan, Digital Operations, DreamWorks “At DreamWorks Animation, cutting-edge technology is a key enabler to our creative ambition. Red Hat’s Cloud Foundations provides a compelling platform to enable our cloud strategy giving us the ability to quickly scale our compute needs to meet the demands of our productions." — Ed Leonard, DreamWorks Animation’s CTO7 ZARAFA SUMMERCAMP 2011 | SECURITY IN THE CLOUD
  8. 8. RED HAT CLOUD CUSTOMERS By deploying Red Hat Enterprise Linux in their cloud environment, the Symbian Foundation improved its ability to scale with business changes, new requirements and peaks in website traffic without the need to invest more heavily in additional onsite software and hardware resources. Additionally, performance and manageability have increased with the greater ease of use and improved support delivered with Red Hat Enterprise Linux, combined with the solution’s ability to handle heavy, mission-critical workloads. - Symbian Foundation8 ZARAFA SUMMERCAMP 2011 | SECURITY IN THE CLOUD
  9. 9. Public cloud: Non-technical considerations ● Government regulations ● Provider security policies ● Access control ● Disaster recovery ● Provider viability ● Physical data location9 ZARAFA SUMMERCAMP 2011 | SECURITY IN THE CLOUD
  10. 10. Private cloud: Technical considerations ● Access control ● Multi-tenant situation ● Application Security ● Private – public transitions10 ZARAFA SUMMERCAMP 2011 | SECURITY IN THE CLOUD
  11. 11. Red Hat Cloud future ● Vision ● Solutions ● OpenShift ● CloudForms11 ZARAFA SUMMERCAMP 2011 | SECURITY IN THE CLOUD
  13. 13. QuestionsRed Hat Confidential, Internal Only, Not for Distribution 13