AbiCloud Webinar 1.0


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Overview of the AbiCloud platform:
1) features
2) architecture
3) other products

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AbiCloud Webinar 1.0

  1. 1. the open source cloud company
  2. 2. Agenda Introducing Abiquo Abiquo products AbiCloud What is AbiCloud Features Architecture Status Next steps
  3. 3. Company What? Software company that has developed Opensource Cloud Computing Platform… Public …that manages Public & Private Clouds… …which allows companies changing to “pay as you go” model, … Private …so they can optimize their processes and reduce costs When? Born in 2006 The founders started in 2002 as a university research team (GridCAT-I2Cat) Who? Board: •2 Co-founders: Telecos & MBA (6 years experience each) •3 BA: Venture capital & CEO experience (11 years experience each) •1 BDM: Cloud reference in Spain (nubeblog.com) (15 years experience) Development team: 8 technical
  4. 4. Market problem Companies need faster and more efficient tools to manage their increasing information (IT systems) Problems Big Pain Problems Big Pain • Complexity • Huge investments + • Volume of information • Lack of Agility • Growing count of devices • Big IT team’s • Underused resources • IT become bottlenecks Solution Solution • Reduce costs • Increase speed • Simplify management • Flexibility and Scalability • Increase resources use Efficiency
  5. 5. Market Value Chain Cloud Computing has become essential in the market value chain • Cloud computing is now a key part of the IT value chain Maturity Development Cloud Hardware Virtuali Consul SaaS Hosting Adapters Platform providers zation tants You pay for the servers (physical unit) Pay as you go model regardless of the use that it is made of them
  6. 6. Technology What technology does Cloud Computing Traditional Virtualization Lower costs 1 cloud multiple virtual 1 server machine 1 server machine servers multiple 1 application multiple virtual servers applications & multiple 1 application on each networks multiple virtual server storage Management Management Business Overall management of individualized individualized machine Agility physical machines & physical machine applications & networks Pay as you go Pay for unit Pay for unit “only what you use & need” server / year server / year
  7. 7. Competitors Abicloud has unique features Abicloud’s features: • Enables interaction with any hypervisor HyperV • Easy integration with other applications • Open-source • Scalable with public & private clouds Private Public • Based in standards • Multitenant cloud
  8. 8. Agenda Introducing Abiquo Abiquo products AbiCloud What is AbiCloud Features Architecture Status Next steps
  9. 9. Product Abiquo has developed 3 products, one based in Cloud computing, and two complementary based in Grid and Hadoop Low cost Cloud Storage solution & Search optimization Software that allows data to find inmediately Applications running over petabytes of information via an Intelligent Information Management Cloud which allow to resolve companies problems Accelerates calculations Boost the performance of your apps while reducing it's execution time Rationalises resources Essential application to Abicloud is an opensource optimize IT resources and software infrastructure for the necessary to use applications creation and management of Public & Private Clouds based from different vendors virtualized heterogeneous environments.
  10. 10. Product abiNtense Grid Computing framework to boost the performance of high intense computing: • Can be executed on any device (PC, server, embedded) • Distribute the workload to optimize the capacity of the resource. • Ease the development, deployment and monitoring of applications developed in different computers concurrently.
  11. 11. Product AbiNtense boost your processes without investing in additional hardware abiNtense can get advantages of the idle capacity of the hardware of your enterprise
  12. 12. abiData Find and manipulate petabytes of information instantly thanks to its smart information management: - Redundantly (distributed storage) - Scalable - Load Balanced (uniform distribution of data)
  13. 13. Example abiData improves data search performance and security abiData can replicate data across diferent nodes to avoid data loss. The client can manage their archives in a single folder, even if the information is scattered in multiple remote servers. 1 Search query Search is performed in different da 2 nodes and applications Search process is split avoiding locks and data loss. Data found, then returned to the main 3 server Calculation performed and returned to 4 the user/application
  14. 14. Tecnology AbiData combines different grid technologies to get the best results AbiSearch implements: Information providers Abiquo has Hadoop (Yahoo distributed search engine) develop a Structured data Hbase (Hadoop database) product that Data management allows PIG (Structured data query) enteprises to Katta (Hadoop improvement) manage huge Indexing data volumes Lucene (Apache technologies for search and indexing) at low cost. … All together to serve the enterprise
  15. 15. Agenda Introducing Abiquo Abiquo products AbiCloud What is AbiCloud Features Architecture Status Demo! Next steps
  16. 16. abicloud Features Overview
  17. 17. Product abiCloud in a few words “Abicloud is an opensource software infrastructure for the creation and management of Public & Private Clouds based on virtualized heterogeneous environments.”
  18. 18. Product abiCloud features and components
  19. 19. Product abiCloud has three different ways to license the software components ISP / Hosting Premium Enterprise Core Community Third party Virtual Layer Soft/Hard All resources virtualized
  20. 20. Community Infrastructure Management Manage virtual resources Community version Virtual Servers Virtual Storage Enterprise and ISP versions: Virtual Network Virtual Storage Physical Servers Algorithms allocate resources optimally
  21. 21. Community Infrastructure Management Enterprise & ISP versions Manage pool of Virtual & Physical Servers Helps to improve your power efficiency
  22. 22. Community Virtual Datacenter & Virtual Application Virtual Application Enterprise Set of virtual resources that working together deliver an application Virtual Datacenter(s) A composite of: Virtualized servers running Appliances Virtual Network resources (Virtualized or not) Application(s) Virtualized Storage Virtual FW Virtual Firewall Virtual Virtual (Virtual) & Storage Servers Network Load Balancer Virtual Load Balancer Virtual Datacenter Set of Virtual Applications Enterprise & ISP versions have an extra level in the hierarchy: Enterprises.
  23. 23. Community Users management Three roles: SysAdmin: Manage physical resources and Cloud resources Enterprise Admin: Manage Cloud resources adquired by the Enterprise User: Manage Virtual Applications
  24. 24. Community Virtual Images / Repository Manager Support for the OVF standard http://www.dmtf.org/standards/published_documents/DSP0243_1.0.0.pdf Repository Manager Federate public repositories Host & Replicate repositories with abiData Private Enterprise Repository Import your custom built images into a Private Repository
  25. 25. Community Configuration Configure the “hard-limits” of the platform Number of Virtual Servers per Physical Server Maximum amount of Virtual Storage available Physical and Virtual inactive Servers ratios Configure the public resources of the platform Public IPs pool / Black list Private IP subnets Public Repository Locations
  26. 26. Community Open APIs Integrate abiCloud with your IT infrastructure Develop applications that self-manage the Cloud resources It will implement the Sun Open Cloud API It models a complete virtual datacenter REST Others don’t The private API will be deprecated.
  27. 27. Community Dashboard All operations can be performed from the Dashboard Fully featured RIA developed with Adobe FLEX All versions User & Role restricted access Google Maps integrated
  28. 28. Enterprise Login (authentication & authorization) Delegate authorization and authorization to third parties Delegates user management Central Authentication Service (CAS) User Administration API
  29. 29. Enterprise Virtual Storage Service to access to Network Array Storage as local disks Mount and configure disks from the UI Uses NFS technology (Community) Uses iSCSI technology (Enterprise & ISP) Thin provisioning ZFS & Opensolaris technology
  30. 30. Enterprise Virtual Network Service to simulate Virtual Switches on Virtual Networks Virtual Networks across multiple physical servers VLAN tagging Public IPs assignation Private IPs pools
  31. 31. Enterprise Statistics See in realtime all the information relevant in your platform CPU Memory Storage Bandwith Connections … Integrated in the UI
  32. 32. Enterprise Autoscale Modify the number of virtual servers, storage or memory based upon policies Let the platform scale up and down your virtual applications Automatically modify soft-limits
  33. 33. Enterprise Notification System Alarm System Let the user confirm if the system can break the soft-limits Sometimes Autoscaling can be (economically) risky Avoid EDOS
  34. 34. Enterprise Billing Toolkit Billing Mediation framework Help Integrators to build the processes that will feed the ISP billing systems These processes can feed the abiCloud platform too abiCloud is not a billing system
  35. 35. abicloud Architecture
  36. 36. Architecture Overview ISP / Hosting Premium Enterprise Core Community Third party Virtual Layer Soft/Hard
  37. 37. Architecture Modules Overview
  38. 38. Architecture Modules Overview abiCloud_Server abiCloud_WS: vBox XEN, KVM (Libvirt plug-in) VMware Others (xVM, Hyper-V, etc.) AbiCloud_VMS (Virtual Monitor System) AbiCloud Appliance Manager AbiCloud Storage management AbiCloud_client AbiCloud OPEN API
  39. 39. Architecture Deployment Architecture – Community (I)
  40. 40. Architecture Deployment Architecture – Community (II)
  41. 41. Architecture Deployment Architecture – Enterprise & ISP Storage Network Management Network Gateway Router Cloud Cluster Network Public Network Public IPs eth0: 192.168.xx.5 eth1:10.xx.xx.1 Appliance Repository eth0:10.xx.xx.xx Firewall eth0:192.168.xx.1 Cloud Switch Cluster Switch eth0:192.168.xx.2 AbiCloud Server AppServer eth1:192.168.xx.xx AbiCloud Server DB eth2:192.168.yy.yy eth0:192.168.xx.3 iSCSI Storage eth1:192.168.yy.1 eth0:192.168.xx.4 Switch
  42. 42. abicloud Requirements
  43. 43. Community Software – Community Edition Application Server: Tomcat >=5.5 Databases: MySQL OS: Any with JAVA Support Browser: Any with FLASH >=9 support Virtualization layer Hypervisor: VirtualBox Storage: NFS Filesystem AbiData Network: Bridged
  44. 44. Enterprise & ISP Software – Enterprise & ISP Edition Databases: Oracle Virtualization layer Hypervisor: VMware ESXi XEN KVM Storage: OpenSolaris OpenStorage Network: VLAN tagging
  45. 45. Community Hardware – Community Edition AbiCloud Components: 1 CPU, 1Gb RAM, 20Gb HD AbiData or NFS Server: 1Gbit NIC +400Gb SATA Disks Virtualized Servers: Multicore (Dual or Quad). VT Support +2Gb RAM +400Gb SATA Disks +1Gbit NIC Lower specs can work too..
  46. 46. Enterprise & ISP Hardware – Enterprise & ISP Edition AbiCloud Server: 1 CPU, 2Gb RAM, 100Gb HD AbiCloud Fabrics: 1CPU, 4Gb RAM, 200Gb HD AbiCloud Database: 1CPU, 2GB RAM, 100Gb HD AbiData: +1Gbit NIC +400Gb SATA Disks Virtualized Servers: 2 Quad. VT Support +8Gb RAM +400Gb SATA Disks / Diskless +3 1Gbit NIC / 1 10GbE NIC Virtual Storage: +2Tb +4 1Gbit NIC / 1 10GbE NIC Virtual Network: VLAN tagging
  47. 47. abicloud Status
  48. 48. Status Community The community portal is ready http://community.abiquo.com Published in sourceforge http://sourceforge.net/projects/abicloud/ Bugs and Issues http://jira.abiquo.com IRC channel #abiquo of the irc.freenode.net IRC network. http://lists.abiquo.com/mailman/listinfo Join us!
  49. 49. Agenda Introducing Abiquo Abiquo products AbiCloud What is AbiCloud Features Architecture Status Next steps
  50. 50. the open source cloud company www.abiquo.com community.abiquo.com partners@abiquo.com Partnerships: relations@abiquo.com Media and Public Relations: community@abiquo.com Community: surpriseus@abiquo.com Careers: contact@abiquo.com Others: