Becloud hybrid cloud


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Presentation for Informa “Telco Cloud Enablers” Conference
London, Sept 25th 2012
Arnaud Marlière, Head of BeCloud Solutions

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Becloud hybrid cloud

  1. 1. A Heavenly CloudPresentation for Informa “Telco Cloud Enablers” Conference London, Sept 25th 2012 Arnaud Marlière, Head of BeCloud Solutions
  2. 2. BeCloud Mission• Be the #1 Cloud provider in the Belgian B2B market – # 1 in volume & revenue share – # 1 in share of mind• Grow Group Revenues : – By bringing Cloud services to market – By creating cross-sell opportunities to other Belgacom core solutions (Mobile Data, Internet, voice..) – By enabling other Products/Solutions• Bring a positive EBITDA contribution to EBU• Protect the core business by reducing customer churn
  3. 3. Becloud Strategy In the Cloud (QoS, secure, Smart Network, ...) Storage Infrastructure Software Desktop UnifiedCom Embedded in the Network Cloud Choice As A Service As A Service As A Service As A Service As A Service STAAS IAAS SAAS DAAS UCAAS Web-Grade Enterprise-Grade Volume driven & Project driven Off-the-shelf Hybrid Clouds BeCloud Ready (onsite & private clouds)
  4. 4. The Cloud customer-space?“Cloud” Adoption is still low! Yet, the need is there… % of businesses that… • 49% suffered from IT downtime • 20% lost significant amounts of data • 80% use, evaluate, plan use of Tablets* By – Cloud Computing Outlook, 2011 * By EMC (2011) & Ernst & Young, Global Information Security Survey (2011)Moving everything into the cloud might not always be the answer,but leveraging on cloud through hybrid deployments is!
  5. 5. Going Hybrid, Going FluffyBut if “Cloud” is fluffy and abstract…Then “Hybrid Cloud” is beyond fluffy
  6. 6. Going Hybrid: Defined!... yet still a little fuzzy wuzzy “Hybrid cloud is a composition of two or more clouds (private, community or public) that remain unique entities but are bound together, offering the benefits of multiple deployment models” (wikipedia, Aug 2012)
  7. 7. Going Hybrid : use-cases… a little less fuzzy wuzzy Data Backup & archiving Disaster Recovery (redundant IT) Off-load (burst) peak capacity needs (to IaaS) Use selected apps (via SaaS or on IaaS)
  8. 8. Hybrid Cloud: challenges • Limited consistency public & private (lack of standards) • Data gravity • Network mobility • Fear of the unknown (security & data location)
  9. 9. Hybrid Cloud Toolbox 2. Cloud Integration Consultancy 1. Cloud-ready network4. enablement 3. Open API clients or standards 5. Metering & monitoring
  10. 10. Hybrid Cloud Toolbox vs. Use-Case Network optimization 3 2 Metering & Cloud Integration 1 Monitoring Consultancy 0 Data Backup & Archiving Cloud Disaster Recovery Open API or Enablement Peak Capacity Standards Client Specific Apps
  11. 11. Hybrid BeCloud: Capacity off-load (&specific apps) & DR BeCloud vContainerBeCloud on-premise infra Active / Active (or passive) VM replication Access to IaaS capacity for bursting Layer 2 network link Bandwidth optimization via Application Aware Network Setup tested & implemented by Belgacom engineers (or by customer)
  12. 12. Hybrid BeCloud: Data Backup On-premise device in rental mode, managed & monitored by Belgacom 2nd backup on Belgacom Storage-as-a-Service platform Over Internet or Explore (Belgacom IP MPLS) E-2-E SLA
  13. 13. Hybrid BeCloud: Specific Apps Local CRM SQL Active BeCloud Directory Office 365 Prop. ERP … Access via local Outlook clients & OWA – local setup by Belgacom engineers on demand Federation between local AD & Office 365 cloud Bandwidth optimization for increased user-experience via Application Aware Network
  14. 14. The question is To Becloud Or not to be! The endMail: @arnaudmarliere
  15. 15. BeCloud Belgacom. Cloud. Services. Why Yes? (cloud enablers)? Payment model 42% Mobile & Remote Users 45% Improved Business Agility 58%Focus resources on internal priorities 59% TCO 61% Speed of deployment 68%* By Forrester Research, 2011
  16. 16. BeCloud Belgacom. Cloud. Services. Why No? (Cloud inhibitors) Difficulty & risk of migration 29% Not Customizable 33% Lack of Maturity 36% TCO 38% Application Performance (speed) 47% Integration challenges 54% Security, Security, Security 65%* By Forrester Research, 2011