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Keynote wg3 wg4_stelder_urban food security and nutrition


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Keynote wg3 wg4_stelder_urban food security and nutrition

  1. 1. Urban Food Security & Nutrition André Stelder Head of Project WelthungerhilfeMonrovia City Hall 14 February 2013
  2. 2. Enhancing Urban and Peri Urban Agriculture for sustainable livelihoods in Liberia
  3. 3. Food Security Definitions• 1948 Universal Declaration of human rights• 1966 Right of everyone to be free from hunger• 1991 UN: A houshold is food secure when it has access to the food needed for a health life for all its members (adequate in terms of quality, quantity, safety and cultural acceptability) and when it is not at undue risk of losing such access.
  4. 4. Urbanisation, food security and nutrition• Rise of urban hunger and malnutrition and poverty• Liberia 41% food insecure, 13 % extremely one sided consumption pattern• Urban poor very vulnerable to food price hikes
  5. 5. Monrovia Statistics Birth rate: 3.5% Population growth 3.5% 42% below 15 years of age UPA beneficiaries: 89% experienced food shortages
  6. 6. Food Security Statistics
  7. 7. Urban Agriculture • Viable intervention strategy for urban poor • response to food insecurity • provides fresh food to other segments of population • fresher, more nutritious food • leads to more regular food intake
  8. 8. The importance of Urban Agriculture• More than 50% of the project beneficiaries are women: empowerment for a food secure life for them and their family• 5000 farmers in Greater Monrovia• 50% of all households are involved in backyard gardening
  9. 9. UA outputs• Dakar: 60% vegetables 65% poultry• Dar es Salam: 90% leafy vegetables• Accra: 90% of vegetable consumption• Monrovia?
  10. 10. Urban-Rural relations:. Address rural- urban linkages for sustainable livelihoods and food and nutrition security (Rio+20)
  11. 11. Nutrition• Fresh vegetables & fruits important component of diversified diets• Urban farmer families eat more vegetables than non-farmers• Local food production can provide street food vendors with fresh healthy ingredients
  12. 12. Liberia Nutrition• 40% of children suffer of chronic malnutrition• 30% of under-5 deaths are attributed to malnutrition
  13. 13. Monrovia Nutrition• 1.2% poor food Dietary Diversity consumption Low Medium• 6.6 % borderline High
  14. 14. UPA beneficiaries who at baseline had onlyone meal per day, at mid term evaluation Meals per day One Two Three meals