ifpri agriculture india pulses ifpri pulses conference 2016 ifpri-taas-icar gender sdg ifpri-uea aciar-ifpri-machinereforms august agri-extension workshop icar-ifpri food security women agricultural insurance pradhan mantri fasal bima yojana pmfby new delhi 2014 igidr - ifpri conference on harnessing opportuniti climate change uea agricultural extension research agriculture extension bangladesh bihar nepal smallholder farmers mgnrega impact of capacity building programs under naip mnrega event igidr naes ifpri – csisa - sustainable intensification in s production nepal contract farming workshop contract farming agriculture extension reforms nutrition bangladesh workshop sustainable development goal ifad prices rice sustainable development goals ifpri-kvk indicators performance nasc food and nutritional security wages nrega markets sri lanka ifpri - naip - impact of capacity building program pds farmers transparent inclusive labor value chains information climate smart agriculture kvk ict atma odisha employment monitoring and evaluation consumption roundtable performance indicators brainstorming gujarat gender and nrega ifpri-naarm migration children policy irrigation information sources icar south asia tamil nadu naip ifpri - csisa - sustainable intensification in sou impact evaluation drought trade private sector covid19 gfpr 2021 ifpri south asia brainstorming meeting brainstorming session gendered vulnerability gender issues agricultural r&d asti imports production of pulses srilanka demand of pulses agricultural extension system global hunger index scheduled castes and tribes welfare patna event nutrition profiles insurance maize resilient farming fisheries ground water karnataka livestock privatization ngos sau public sector andhra pradesh soil testing ppp diversification bihar food security nfsa wheat agriculture income fertilizers subsidies impact of capacity building under naip income growth bhutan data drought-tolerance traits export chickpea investment saarc asean health empowerment technology food ifprisao economy food systems global food policy report global food policy research foodpolicy foodsystems southasia book launch agriculture in nepal pulse trade policy in india global pulse federation pulses in india pulse policy land ownership green revolution eastern india ifpri-icar-tci genetic enhancement policy process national food security act safety net programmes agri-food systems reshaping public policy poverty development natural resource management severity land degradation extent nature sustainable development farm mechanization irrigation water sugarcane farmer's income food insecurity climate risk climate action climate risks extraction soil health card sdgs niti aayog agricultural land agricultire rajasthan tribal economic development casual labor food rights unpaid labour orissa government icds brainstorming sessions institutional benchmarks non-farming incomes land rights conflict areas west bengal awareness maharashtra health and nutrition champaran flood plains rice farming vdsa labour rural women finance for rural women developing countries eastern gigantic plain intensification system asti country coverage naarm brief background of asti asti outputs asti donors research expenditure policy recommendations structure of public agricultural r&d system research focus and outputs asti in indian perspective research capacity agricultural research policy agricultural research investment agricultural r&d capacity institutional structure of agricultural research indian agricultural research system domestic prices pulse innovation platform sme pulses in pds jtelp fpo in bihar msp in pulses harvesting pakistan oilseeds price support scheme exports demand for pulses myanmar tata chemicals pulses productivity pulses trade import in pulses pulses production human health nutritional security rice fallows canada madhya pradesh prcies supply of pulses institutions ghi samsodhan livelihoods land livelihood rationing environment bhungroo district nutrition profiles food production pme cargill ginger food safety standards asia africa beej india farmers producer organizations research farmers agribusiness co-operatives farmer companies farmer producer organizations co-operative forest sustainable agriculture agri-mechanization households input tractors terai crop breeding market extension water management emissions varieties seed sustainability economics climate smart policy food safety soil erosion rural hariyali puducherry kerala credit caste large farmers mobile phones climate smart market extension poultry nicra teri decentralization ict use state agricultural universities krishi vigyan kendra uttar pradesh paddy extension reforms agro-processing non-farm employment opportunity model market act marketing changing consumer pattern demand and supply of food grains yield gm crops - impact of capacity building under naip impact of capacity building programs under naip’ ifpri - csisa -sustainable intensification in sout ifpri-csisa- sustainable intensification in south rims data collection monitoring nfs hybrid rice innovation technological import pigeonpea inflation processing sector financing agri-value chain policy network cropping usaid south feed the future
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