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Star trek essay

  1. 1. In this essay I will be comparing the effectiveness of both the poster and trailer of the 2009 star trekmovie. Paramount wanted to re-brand the star trek franchise and I will be talking about how well theposter and trailer promoted the re-branding. I will also look at how successful the new star trekmovie is and if they advertised the selling point well.Star trek originally began as a TV series that aired on Thursday the 8thSeptember 1966. The genre ofstar trek was sci-fi. The series ran from 1966-1969 with 3 seasons the TV show had to be put off airdue to very low ratings. In the whole space of time 10 movies had been created but had lost a largeamount of profit due to poor ratings. Then in 2008 they made a new series to try re-booting thefranchise, the series ran for 5 seasons but like the first seasons back in 1966 the TV show was put offair. Looking at how well the Transformers and iron man had done ion comparison the productionteam had decided to bring JJ Abrams because of his fresh ideas to change the concept of star trek. JJAbrams had directed Mission Impossible three, Super 8 and produced Cloverfield and MorningGlory. Chris Pine main star of the film had been in movies such as The Princess Diaries two, Just MyLuck, as well as the action films Smokin Aces and Unstoppable. Zachary Quinto was in sci-fi TV showHeroes. Zoe Saldanaacted in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl and Avatar. Shealso acted in Colombiana.The Campaign aims for the new star trek film was to make it one of the best sci-fi films and make it abox office hit. They wanted to make it better than the old films by bringing in a new concept. Thenew concept was to have less of the old star trek meaning everything that surrounded the Star TrekLegacy; including having less sci-fi scenes and the retro feel of the franchise. They did this byreplacing the Legacy, sci-fi and retro feel with more action visual effects and not forgetting thecutting edge scenes. This was done so not only geeks would watch it but a wider range of peopleand different target audiences would watch the movie. JJ Abrams wanted to remove the idea oftrikkies and bring the idea of ubiquity to the franchise. The target audience was males of all ages (15-34), this was a wider age range than the old movies because of its new concept. The first teasertrailer was leaked out on January the 8ththe teaser poster then appeared on November the 8th; theregular trailer was then released that same day. The regular trailer first appeared a year after on theApril the 09th. The regular was brought out months after the teaser trailer to make film fanaticsinterested so word of mouth would spread about the new Star Trek movie. The target audience forthe Star Trek film is the same as the target audience used for the transformers and iron man films,with a 15-34 skew because they want a wider target audience so more people would watch the filmmaking more money than the old Star Trek films. The core audience is 12-34 because they wanted ayounger and wider audience to be interested in the movie and that’s why special effects were addedto the new film.
  2. 2. The genre of the poster is best described as action and sci-fi. The title indicates it’s a sci-fi because ofthe use of the noun star which has connotations of space indicating it’s a sci-fi film. The title issomewhat small, the enigma created by the title is to minimise the legacy of ‘trekkies’ which what iswhat JJ Abrams set out to do. The slogan ‘the future begins’ indicates that they want to leave behindthe stereotypes the old star trek movies created and how the new movie is moving on to a new andbetter future of star trek- leaving behind the legacy. The font used advocates the movie is relativelyfuturistic. The colour used for the title is a silvery gold which signifies that there will be a vastamount action, which is the new direction JJ Abrams intended to direct the saga. Highlighting thecharacters blue makes the characters seem pure because blue has connotations purity and calm,which indicates the characters are ‘good guys’ and not the rogue. At the back of the main charactersis a white background which also has connotations of purity which assists in the creation of thepersona of the characters being ‘good guys’. The use of black creates an ambiguous feelingdenotation that there will be some kind of enigma on the film itself. The plan of the poster is thatthere are three characters but having the main character in the middle almost blocking the othertwo characters makes it more obvious who the main character is. The woman to the left is mostlikely to be the main characters mistress because of her seductive facial expression which wouldattract a male audience. The other character on the right of the main character is more or less likelyto be a friend or an allies. There is a small image of a spaceship revealing the film is sci-fi but havingthe main character on a futuristic motor cycle helps create the new persona of a better and ‘cooler’Star Trek.
  3. 3. The beginning of the trailer is eye catching as it’s a boy driving a vintage car irresponsibly in a desertalone. Star Trek is well known to be a futuristic sci-fi saga whereas here it shows the film to be actionpacked because the scenes change rapidly particularly towards the end promoting the film beingaction packed and exciting which the ‘trekies’ would not be expecting also because the trailer is fastpaced. We are told the title of the film at the closing stages of the trailer for the reason that itminimises the legacy and possibly because if the audience knew it was Star Trek they perhapswouldn’t find the reason to carry on watching. The voice of the speaker is deep and burly; this voicewas selected because it captures the viewers’ attention and is dramatic. The names of the actorsaren’t given suggesting they aren’t well known. The middle of the trailer consists of frames thatshow romantic scenes suggesting that the film would appeal to a female audience implying thatthere is a wider range audience meaning an increase in income.To conclude the advertisement that I believe was the most successful was the trailer because of ithighlighting the selling points and diminishing the legacy of the old Star Trek’s ways, with the fastpace and the more attractive cast members they are leaving behind the genre of sci-fi and targetingat a new mainstream audience.