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David Weinberger - Library as Platform

  1. Library as Platform David Weinberger Ph.D. dweinberger@twitter Harvard Library Innovation Lab Co-Director Harvard Berkman Center for Internet & Society Senior Researcher Internet Librarian Monterey, CA October, 2012
  2. Library as Platform Hugh Rundle Barbara John Fister Palfrey Tim O’Reilly Not an entirely new idea But with some advantages
  3. Library as Platform But with some advantages Unifying framework Social networks taken seriously Increases the value of the library
  4. Platform vs...
  5. SW Platform App App Tools Services API Data
  6. SW Platform People Works ideas Tools Services Data
  7. Networked knowledge (cc) Striatic @
  8. (cc) thomas23 @ flickr
  9. Living things Plants Animals Invertebrates Vertebrates Reptiles Birds Mammals
  10. (c) Abelardo Morell
  11. (cc) Howzey @ Flickr Networked science
  12. Agreement does not scale
  13. Fur? EGGS??? Four Bird feet? beak??
  14. Platypus Ornithorhynchus anatinus Watermole
  15. Scientist Scientist Scientist Platypus watermole Ornithorhynchus paradoxus Taxonomies Names
  16. Social learning (cc) mizzD @
  17. Thesis Software developers now live in the fastest, most efficient and effective ecosystem for rapid learning that ever existed
  18. Lessons from Developers Humility Generosity Iteration Public learning
  19. Photos: Abundance without order cc steve kay @ flickr
  20. Living things Plants Animals Invertebrates Vertebrates Reptiles Birds Mammals
  21. Red 1942 Rosie the Riveter
  22. Messiness scales meaning
  23. It’s a real problem Echo Echo Echo Echo Echo Echo Echo Echo Echo EchoEcho Echo Echo Echo
  24. IAM A IAMA ...
  25. Echo
  26. Library as platform (cc) MandoLux @
  27. Accumulates value Enables unpredictable uses Provides resources that let others create and flourish
  28. Think outward Analog + Digital Open it all Social objects Open Standards Enable difference
  29. To every user everywhere Everything libraries know
  30. Thank you. David Weinberger Blog: www . JohoTheBlog . Com Email: self@evident . com Twitter: dweinberger