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What would you do with free pictures of everything on Earth?


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A presentation I gave at the NYC Semantic Web meetup on Dec 8, 2011. I talk about, a collection of images that are tagged with precise Linked Data terms from Freebase and DBpedia.

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What would you do with free pictures of everything on Earth?

  1. 1. What would you do with freepictures of everything on Earth? Paul Houle
  2. 2. How it all startedPhoto Credit: Daniel Sparing The slides to this talk are licensed CC-BY-SA/3.0
  3. 3. Flickr kills the dream…
  4. 4. But Creative Commons Saves the Day
  5. 5.
  6. 6. dbpedia& the semantic web Subject Predicate (Verb) Object <dbpedia:Albatross><rdf:type><dbpedia-owl:Bird> .
  7. 7. Taxonomy Construction and Data Integration Input Data RDF Freebase Relational CSV RDF Processing Pipeline OWL SPARQL 1.1 SPIN RIF Hadoop OutputTriple Store RDF File CMS NoSQL Lucene
  8. 8. automating the processIdentify topics search for candidates filter correct images describe imagesdbpedia flickr
  9. 9. amazon mechanical turk
  10. 10.
  11. 11. Wikipedia Honda Concept Cars 2007 2008 2009 S360 FCX CivicChevrolet Honda Volkswagen Front-Wheel Drive Vehicles Civic Accord Element Chevrolet Honda Volkswagen S360 Civic Accord Element FCX
  12. 12. the business model People use images Gather Peoplecontent make links Advertising Site gets Revenue more traffic
  13. 13. how many things exist?The game of 20 questions  220 = about a million…
  14. 14. what sort of things exist?“Everything on Earth:” Places, People, Creative Works, Life Forms, TechnologicalArtifacts
  15. 15.
  16. 16. geospatial selection + Wikipedia graph
  17. 17. The only way is noway…The only limits areno limits…The only taxonomyis no taxonomy…
  18. 18. exploring the earth’s noösphere people creative works places inventions life formsNoösphere, according to the thought of Vladimir Vernadsky and Teilhard deChardin, denotes the "sphere of human thought".
  19. 19. takes off
  20. 20. topics pictures sources Network analysis + Text analysisookaboo + Social
  21. 21. ookaboo
  22. 22. ookaboo semantic API APIThanks: Andyindia, Echiner1, Rene Eherhardt
  23. 23. Why don’t computers understand human language? The Ink is In The Pen The Pig is In The PenThanks: Seaniz, GiangHồThịHoàng, Claudia Scholz and
  24. 24. the human memome project One ring to bind them all?
  25. 25. Top-down? Bottom-up? Both!Merge data from a wide range of sources, continuously test against reality byperformance in practical applications
  26. 26. 21st century knowledge engineering R Databases D Logic F“machine learning” + rules + social + …
  27. 27. A Market in Common Sense
  28. 28. Linked Data Business Models Free Shared Vocabulary Enables …but the profit motive Interconnection… spurs investment to create quality data.
  29. 29. Ookaboo directions• Official RDF dump• More pictures• Better navigation• Better accuracy• Semantically targeted advertising
  30. 30. Questions? images on Ookaboo are public domain or creative commons and can be used freely for commercial and non-commercial purposes