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Week van de Mediawijsheid #WvdM15: Bibliotheken, makersbeweging en FabLabs

Presentatie voor medewerkers van Bibliotheek Den Haag. Ook hier is animo om met maken in de bibliotheek aan de slag te gaan.

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Week van de Mediawijsheid #WvdM15: Bibliotheken, makersbeweging en FabLabs

  1. 1. Bibliotheken, makersbeweging en FabLabs
  2. 2. Jeroen de Boer Projectmanager Innovatie Bibliotheekservice Fryslân (BSF) Voorzitter Stichting FabLab Benelux twitter: @jtdeboer
  3. 3.
  4. 4. Rapport Impact of the Maker Movement (Deloitte, 2013): Impact of the Maker Movement, Deloitte, 2013 “What we learned with software, web services, and apps about innovation, iteration and collaboration is being applied back to the physical—bits to atoms. Physical “making” is the new frontier. But this time, the atoms are supported by bits, enabled and enhanced by technology that allows individuals everywhere to connect to the same resources and use the same tools.”
  5. 5. Impact of the Maker Movement, Deloitte, 2013 Over 70 Kickstarter-funded Makers, who collectively received 23 million dollars in pledges from over 138,000 individuals, present at the 2014 Bay Area Maker Faire e-NABLE’s $50, community led, open sourced, 3D printed hand matches up against $42,000 prosthetic Facebook Buys Oculus VR, a crowd-funded virtual reality gaming company, for $2 Billion Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) evaluates students’ maker portfolios as part of the application process A recent survey of 143 librarians noted that 41% of respondents (from 30 US states and 7 countries) currently provide makerspaces in the library 10 prominent universities commit to supporting the growth of and involvement in the Maker Movement in an open letter to president Obama. 100 Maker Faire’s were hosted in 2013 across the globe allowing over 530,000 people to experience a Maker Faire Rapport Impact of the Maker Movement (Deloitte, 2013):
  6. 6. Electronica Design en programmeren 3D printen Frasen Video conferencing Laser cutting GietwerkFrasen FabLab?
  7. 7. Low Cost Prosthesis
  8. 8. • q
  9. 9.
  10. 10. Lawrence Lessig: “In my view, the most significant thing to recognize about what this Internet is doing is its opportunity to revive read-write culture. [...] The importance is that technique has been democratized. These tools of creativity have become tools of speech. It is a literacy for this generation. This is how our kids speak. It is how our kids think. It is what your kids are as they increasingly understand digital technologies and their relationship to themselves.”
  11. 11. Cory Doctorow: “Damn right libraries shouldn’t be book-lined Internet cafes. They should be book- lined, computer-filled information- dojos where communities come together to teach each other black- belt information literacy, where initiates work alongside noviates to show them how to master the tools of the networked age from the bare metal up.” Photo Credit:
  12. 12. “It’s enabling libraries to transform their relationship with communities and to empower community members of all ages to be creators of information, not just consumers.” Barbra Stripling, president American Library Association
  13. 13. Waarden Makers ≈ Waarden Bibliotheek Nicholas Schiller:
  14. 14. Bibliotheekmanifest Toegang Vrijheid Belangenbehartiging Onderzoek Openheid
  15. 15. Delen Openheid Samenwerken Hands-on mentaliteit Makersethiek
  16. 16. Mobiel FabLab van de Bibliotheek
  17. 17. MakerTour2015
  18. 18. Minister Bussemaker bij behandeling Bibliotheekwet (2014): “FryskLab past goed bij de vijf functies van de bibliotheek”
  19. 19. David Lankes: “The Mission Of Librarians Is To Improve Society Through Facilitating Knowledge Creation In Their Communities” Bibliotheek als Platform
  20. 20. “To think that knowledge itself is shaped like books is to marvel that a rock fits so well in its hole in the ground.” David Weinberger: Biliotheek als Platform
  21. 21. Biliotheek als Platform Van institutionele naar genetwerkte collecties Bibliothecaris: van collectioneur naar content-curator Aandacht voor ontwikkelen van (lokale) connecties Omvang van bibliotheek maakt niet meer uit
  22. 22.,2014/11/10/kst201804.html
  23. 23.
  24. 24. Fab the Library! Modules om bibliotheken in staat te stellen een FabLab in hun dienstverlening op te nemen.
  25. 25. FabLab Zeeland
  26. 26. FabLab Bibliotheek Veenendaal
  27. 27. Makersbuzz
  28. 28. My Makerboxes
  29. 29. Coding Pirates
  30. 30. The Waiting Room
  31. 31. Common Libraries Makerboxes
  32. 32. Dank u wel! Jeroen de Boer Project manager Innovatie @ Bibliotheekservice Fryslân Voorzitter @ Stichting FabLab Benelux