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David De Roure


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Presented as part of "Realising the Opportunities of Digital Humanities" (#RODH2012)

Oct 23-25, 2012, Ireland.

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David De Roure

  1. 1. Forethoughts (or Four Provocations)on Digital Scholarship:SALAMI, Semantic Media, Social Machines,and Social Objects for People and Machines David De Roure
  2. 2. Structural Analysis of Large Amounts of Music Information 23,000 hours of Digital Music recorded music Collections Music Information Retrieval Community Student-sourced Community ground truth Software Supercomputer Linked Data Repositories
  3. 3. It’s web-like! “Ground Truth” Community Digital Audio “Signal” Structural Analysis
  4. 4. Content Navigation throughoutthe Content Life-Cycle• Annotation should occur within the production process• Integrating knowledge of the production workflow• Managing and exposing this metadata using modern semantic web and linked data technology• Empowering human producers and
  5. 5. "The most important thing for a thriving musical world is a bedrock of enthusiastic amateur music-making. The Bodleian Librarys new project shines a light on a time when this fact was thoroughly understood, and when musicians of quite modest technical accomplishment could encompass something of the current musical styles. A knowledge of day-to-day playing for pleasure in Victorian times will reinforce twenty-first-century initiatives in public engagement, like COMA (Contemporary Music for Amateurs), or the Spectrum books of the ABRSM.” David Owen Norris, Pianist, Composer and Professor of Musical Performance, Southampton University
  6. 6. A Big Picture e-infrastructureMore machines Big Data The Future? Big Compute Conventional Social online Computation Networking R&D More people
  7. 7. Some Social Machines
  8. 8. Notifications and automatic re-runs Autonomic Self-repair Curation New research? Computational Research ObjectsMachines are users too
  9. 9.