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Productizing yourself


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Presentation given to an audience of sports journalists wanting to have a better understanding of how and why they should embrace social media & blogging.

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Productizing yourself

  1. 1. Productizing YourselfGrowing a community + why blogging & social media are important by vince baskerville
  2. 2. Vince BaskervilleCo.founder of TripLingo &Glancely@whoisvinceMultimedia DeveloperMorehouse College@morehouse_vb
  3. 3. “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” - Theodore Roosevelt
  4. 4. soooo... what isproductizing yourself?
  5. 5. You’re a brand, take ownership!Market & sell yourself as if you’re a product Establish yourself as a thought leader in your industryUtilize every possible social media tool Increase your visibility & validity as often as you canHowever, REMEMBER to stay genuine Don’t spam; Cultivate relationships, don’t just push your thoughts
  6. 6. But i’m not intoBusiness/Marketing, I’m a __________
  7. 7. You are now!Share your expertise Whatever your passionate about, it’s guaranteed other people are too. You need to be participating in those conversations.Be everywhere at once Don’t just post on your blog, post comments elsewhere too.Remain personable No one is perfect, so don’t over criticize yourself if you make &/or notice mistakes.
  8. 8. Great Salesmanship = *SuccessIt’s all about selling the product; You. *Obviously not guaranteed
  9. 9. Traditional MediaProfessional Workflow for news article: Reporters gather information Article is drafted Reviewed Published
  10. 10. Digital MediaProfessionalalso Personal Workflow for Blog Post: Think of a Topic Write Post; Publish
  11. 11. What is a Blog?The term ‘blog’ comes from “web log”Coined to originally refer to web onlinejournalsDisplays Chronological ‘posts’ which canbe accessed at any time
  12. 12. The term “news” isused loosely. Online, anything is newsworthy.
  13. 13. A few types of Hosted;FreeWordpress.comHosted & Download; Hosted;Restricted format;* Hosted;Restricted format;Free& many more...
  14. 14. How many blogs are on
  15. 15. How many users are on
  16. 16. “Quality is a tremendous filter.Cream always rises...” - Gary Vaynerchuk
  17. 17. Why are Blogs gainingpopularity becoming the norm? They’re easy to create, use & maintain Either free or cost efficient Readily available to everyone
  18. 18. Why should this matter to you?
  19. 19. Case Study #1Bill Simmonscurrently writes acolumn for Page 2on ESPN.comObtained theattention from ESPNfrom his websiteBostonSportsGuy.comAfter joining ESPN in2001, he’s beenbusy. 2 books, ESPNpodcast, executive
  20. 20. Case Study #2Huffington Post is#1 on the list, andwas just purchasedby AOL for $315million.Founded by AriannaHuffingtonHuffington Post wasstarted only 5 1/2years ago.
  21. 21. Case Study is #3on the list, and isestimated at a valueof over $50 million.Pete Cashmore, CEOof Mashable.comalso writes a weeklycolumn for wasstarted only 5 yearsago.
  22. 22. Other examplesWalt Mossberg - writes 2 columns & edits anotherfor the Wall Street JournalGary Vaynerchuk -, Wine LibraryTV & author of 2 booksJason Fried - CEO of 37signals & author of 2books
  23. 23. Before you beginUnderstand what are yourgoalsWho is your audience?What would be yourschedule? 1 post per day/week/ monthWhat is your budget
  24. 24. Blog posts frameworkTitle Draws in users, but also is your URLPost = Industry news/ articlesComments Allows for immediate correspondenceTags SEO keywords
  25. 25. “The temptation to quit will be greatest justbefore you are about to succeed.” Chinese proverb
  26. 26. Great sites to
  27. 27. finvince baskerville