5 Reasons Why Your Social Media Sucks


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My preso from the Ragan Communications Employee Engagement and Social Media Conference in Redmond, Washington.

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5 Reasons Why Your Social Media Sucks

  1. 5 Reasons Why Your Social Media Strategy Sucks …<br />NEEDS HELP!!<br />… I’m @Britopian on Twitter in case you care<br />
  2. CUSTOMER EXPECTATIONS ON THE RISE<br />… I’m @Britopian on Twitter in case you care<br />
  3. A DAY IN THE LIFE OF THE SOCIAL CUSTOMER<br />The customer journey is dynamic; and always changes<br />Brands need to have multiple customer touch points to break through the clutter<br />Customers need to hear things 3 – 5 times before the actually believe<br />… I’m @Britopian on Twitter in case you care<br />
  4. THE SOCIAL CUSTOMER & THE BRAND EXPERIENCE<br />The Informed<br />(e.g. research products online)<br />Brand Discovery:<br />Google Search, Word of Mouth<br />The Participant<br />(e.g. participate in a brand experience)<br />The Opinion Sharer<br />(e.g. post review)<br />Brand Participation:<br />Fanning, following, liking<br />Brand Sharing:<br />Easy, habitual, publishing<br />The Advocate <br />(e.g. encourage friends to purchase)<br />Brand Advocacy:<br />Creating content, sharing, defending<br />… I’m @Britopian on Twitter in case you care<br />
  5. THE NEW PURCHASE FUNNEL CYCLE<br />The goal of every brand should be to transform the social customer into an advocate<br />Advocates talk about the brand, even when the brand isn’t listening<br />Advocates are trusted among their peers and within their micro communities<br />Advocates are aiding and influencing others down the purchase funnel<br />… I’m @Britopian on Twitter in case you care<br />
  6. I like to listen. I have learned a great deal from listening carefully. Most people never listen.<br />- Ernest Hemingway<br />
  7. BE SMART AND LISTEN FIRST<br />“<br />Spend time listening to the conversation and determine if you can add value<br />“<br />
  8. BASIC CONVERSATIONAL AUDIT <br />…this tells you “where” the conversation is happening about the brand<br />
  9. TOPICAL SHARE OF VOICE <br />… this tells you how relevant your brand is within <br />certain online conversations<br />
  10. CONVERSATION TRENDS<br />3 conversation spikes during the course of the year<br />… this shows trends and spikes of conversations <br />during the calendar year<br />
  11. A company like DreamWorks, all we do is make product. That's all we do. We don't own distribution. We are purely in the creation of content.<br />- Jeffrey Katzenberg<br />
  12. CREATING A CONTENT STRATEGY – RELEVANT & CONSISTENT<br />… I’m @Britopian on Twitter in case you care<br />
  13. CREATING A CONTENT STRATEGY – ADDING VALUE/SOLVING PROBS<br />It’s one thing to solve individual customer issues. It’s another to fix the ROOT CAUSE of the problem!<br />
  14. CREATING A CONTENT STRATEGY – REAL TIME ANALYTICS<br />Knowing what content is being share/liked/RT’d the most should help drive the content strategy<br />
  15. CREATING A CONTENT STRATEGY – DON’T FORGET GOOGLE<br />Understanding search behavior will help create editorial content<br />
  16. CREATING A CONTENT STRATEGY - TIMING<br />It’s not just “what” you are posting, it’s “when” you are actually posting it<br />
  17. CONTENT STRATEGY FRAMEWORK<br />Internal Listening<br />Corporate Communications | Internal Communications | Product Organizations | Conference Calls/Meetings<br />External Listening<br />Existing Social Media Engagement | News Articles | Online Monitoring | Search <br />… I’m @Britopian on Twitter in case you care<br />
  18. Nature is too thin a screen; the glory of the omnipresent God bursts through everywhere<br /> - Ralph Waldo Emerson<br />
  19. SOCIAL OMNIPRESENCE – THE HUB & SPOKE MODEL<br /><ul><li>Facebook status updates that promote blog content
  20. Other content shared NEEDS to add value to the conversation and community
  21. Optimize Youtube channel and new videos to link back hub/blog
  22. Videos can be shared on Facebook, YouTube or through editorial</li></ul>The Hub<br /><ul><li>The content hub is the website, blog, content aggregator
  23. Content should be optimized for search w/terms that are relevant to your business
  24. Should be convenient for users to consume content within the channels that they are comfortable with
  25. Occasional tweets on promoting blog content
  26. Cross promoting other social channels, when relevant
  27. Needs to be unique; not the same on FB
  28. Optimize Google+ page with relevant links and content back to other channels
  29. Should not duplicate content
  30. Add Google+ icons to hub</li></li></ul><li>The expectations of life depend upon diligence; the mechanic that would perfect his work must first sharpen his tools.<br />- Confucius<br />
  31. TOOLS TO HELP – SIMPLY MEASURED<br />… send em’ a tweet @simplymeasured<br />
  32. TOOLS TO HELP – CROWDBOOSTER<br />… send em’ a tweet @crowdbooster<br />
  33. TOOLS TO HELP – BUFFER APP<br />… send em’ a tweet @bufferapp<br />
  34. TOOLS TO HELP – KLOUT<br />… send em’ a tweet @klout<br />
  35. TOOLS TO HELP – BLOGLEVEL/TWEETLEVEL<br />… send em’ a tweet @jonnybentwood<br />
  36. What's measured, improves<br />- Peter F. Drucker<br />
  37. CREATING A MEASUREMENT FRAMEWORK<br />… I’m @Britopian on Twitter in case you care<br />
  38. CREATING A MEASUREMENT FRAMEWORK<br />… I’m @Britopian on Twitter in case you care<br />
  39. CREATING A MEASUREMENT FRAMEWORK<br />Metrics are important! But ensuring that EVERYONE in the organization is measuring social media the same way is just as important …<br />
  40. After all is said and done, a lot more will have been said than done<br />- Author Unknown<br />
  43. QUESTIONS?<br />I wrote a book and 100% of the royalties are being donated to Not For Sale – a non profit organization that is fighting to abolish Human Sex Trafficking! <br />Michael Brito<br />SVP, Social Business Planning<br />Edelman Digital<br />Michael.Brito@edelman.com<br />@Britopian<br />… I’m @Britopian on Twitter in case you care<br />