Taking the Mystery Out of Social Media


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From an Oct. 2012 talk given to the AMA at the University of Connecticut.
What social media is exactly.
How to use it for your business to generate leads & sales, build brand awareness, buzz, etc.
What most people are doing wrong.
Best practices for facebook and blogging.

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Taking the Mystery Out of Social Media

  1. 1. Taking the Mystery out of Alexander Heyne Milkthepigeon.com
  2. 2. Social media is word of mouth on steroids
  3. 3. The Value of Social Media  Dollar amount?  Per person?  Per like?  Intangible?  Non-existent?
  4. 4. Ask the audience:What are the top 5 words orphrases that come to mindwhen you think of “socialmedia?”
  5. 5. The ROI of the Internet Brand awareness?  How do you measure the ROI? More traffic? More sales? You can’t always!
  6. 6. The Power of Social Media What’s in a tweet?
  7. 7. “Caring is scalable now.” -Gary Vaynerchuk
  8. 8. The Power of Social Media The Oatmeal
  9. 9. The Power of Social Media High Leverage Community
  10. 10. The Power of Social Media The Power of a Tweet Insane exposure
  11. 11. The Power of Social Media
  12. 12. Zynga and Farmville There are more digital tractors sold every day than real tractors sold every year.
  13. 13. What Facebook IsShare: Ideas Content Misc
  14. 14. The Value  You see my likes = free marketing  Facebook as a social “login” hub  Your resume in the 21st century (Google and Facebook)
  15. 15. The essence of social media is one thing. Sharing. Would people share your stuff?
  16. 16. How
  17. 17. Profile Page
  18. 18. Like & Share
  19. 19. What’s the value ofa Facebook like?
  20. 20. Personal versus professional usePersonal• Talk about daily life• Family photos and events• Random musings
  21. 21. Professional The Facebook page
  22. 22. Facebook-ing Your Biz1. Build/Engage The Page1. Use Facebook Ads (Direct people to take action somewhere)
  23. 23. Facebook-ing Your Biz Facebook page = interaction + engagement.
  24. 24. Build the Page: Getting More Facebook Likes1. Do something “likeable”2. Incentivize3. Advertise and make your Facebook page your landing page
  25. 25. A. Do something likeable
  26. 26. B. Incentivize
  27. 27. B. Incentivize (+ Offer)
  28. 28. B. Incentivize (Get the offer)
  29. 29. Advertise and Send them To a Landing Page
  30. 30. Build Your List or Fbook Likes
  31. 31. Part 2: Get more Engagement
  32. 32. 6 Ways to Get More Interaction On Your Page1. Do something worth talking about2. Incentivize3. Ask a question4. Competitions5. Tell them to like something6. Pictures (or Picture Quotes) = FREE MARKETING
  33. 33. A. Conversation Worthy-Ness
  34. 34. B. Incentivize
  35. 35. C. Ask a Question
  36. 36. D. Competitions
  37. 37. E. Like this if you agree!
  38. 38. F. Pictures/Quotes
  39. 39. Facebook Ads
  40. 40. Facebook Ads
  41. 41. Send Your Clicks Somewhere
  42. 42. Ask the AudienceWhat trends do you see on the followingFacebook pages? Coca Cola - www.facebook.com/cocacola Tom’s Shoes - www.facebook.com/toms Heineken - http://www.facebook.com/heineken Frito-Lay - http://www.facebook.com/FritoLay Red Bull - http://www.facebook.com/redbull The Walking Dead - http://www.facebook.com/TheWalkingDeadAMC
  43. 43. Facebook Case Studies
  44. 44. Case study #1Execution: • Used Facebook page during valentine’s day season • Gave 15% off and 50 Facebook credits (For games) in their facebook ad • Shared stories , like different products so customers could see
  45. 45. Results: • 4,000 transactions from the ad • Facebook page doubled to 120,000 likes • Sponsored stories had double the reach
  46. 46. Case study #2 Execution: • Springtime was busiest season so they wanted to build an online presence • Advertised discounts (For fans only) for a week • Targeted people with home maintenance and repair keywords in profile
  47. 47.  Results: • In four days, fan page went from 20,000 to 50,000 • 50,000 clicks on the facebook page • Fan postings grew 900%
  48. 48. Case study #3  Execution: • Private vacation booking company that wanted to grow connections to its Facebook page and engage more with existing fans • “Trip a Day in May Giveaway” – Free trip each day, in the month of May • Targeted people with travel-based keywords in profile, and used sponsored stories
  49. 49.  Results: • 65,000 entries • Over 50,000 new Facebook likes • 30% increase in revenue month over month in June • 1,400% increase in revenue for the second quarter of 2011 compared to 2010
  50. 50. Facebook in a Nutshell
  51. 51. Engage Your Page (recap)CompetitionsAsk a questionTell them to like somethingDo something worth talking aboutIncentivizePictures (or Picture Quotes)
  52. 52. Advertise (Recap) Hone in on the demographics of your ideal customer Compile a list of likely interests, “likes,” and similar potential interests to target them Send them somewhere and take an action  Facebook fan page to “like” us  An opt-in form on your website page  A sweepstakes or chance to win something free
  53. 53. Blogging = Leveraging community or content
  54. 54. The Essence of a Blog
  55. 55. How Your Content Shows up in Google Post Tags (Small %) Backlinks (Big %)
  56. 56. The value 1. Content stays there forever (portfolio) and is easily shared 2. People link to good stuff (Free marketing, SEO juice) 3. Every post is a potential way for people to find you, or has the potential to make a sale, etc
  57. 57. What Most Users doBlogs are more geared towards writingcontent than Facebook  The blogpostIt’s also massively useful to start apersonal community or movement
  58. 58. Personal use 1: Stereotypical venting blog 2: Solo-preneur lifestyle biz
  59. 59. Text Blog Post
  60. 60. Video Blog Post
  61. 61. Bloggin’ For Your BizEmail Content MarketingMarketingAffiliate Blogging DirectMarketing Monetization Strategies Marketing MembershipAdvertising Sites
  62. 62. Blogging bottom line Build content and/or community, which = Free marketing, 24/7
  63. 63. How to Use it For Your BizProduce content that solves aproblem and it will get shared.
  64. 64. Blogging gives you a chance to bereal and transparent. Aka Human.People relate to people or causes. Not businesses.
  65. 65. For Corporate TypesBiggest benefits More content =  More exposure  More Trust  Expert status  Answers questions  Transparency  Absurd amount of traffic and SEO, 1000x, 10,000x + return
  66. 66. For Corporate Types  “What do I blog about?!” #1 The biggest, most common problems your customers have #2 Any content that is tangentially useful to your customers  Don’t blog about boring news, boring conference keynotes, or updates that no one cares about
  67. 67. Bloggin’ For Your Biz Case studies Ramit Sethi – Iwillteachyoutoberich.com Corbett Barr – Thinktraffic.net Pat Flynn – Smartpassiveincome.com Chris Guillebeau – Chrisguillebeau.com
  68. 68. Ramit Sethi
  69. 69. Quickstats NYTimes best seller Massive, massive community of people (in excess of 1k blog comments on some launches) Automated product sales online (1-3k product) World fame In less than 5 years makes in excess of $1 mill/year
  70. 70. Corbett Barr
  71. 71. Quickstats Well-known all over the “blogosphere” Has a massive community of people and regularly gets 50+ comments on his site Launches a product quarterly, brings in 50-100k/launch Freedom Launched a brand new blog that in 1 month went further than most blogs do (ever)
  72. 72. Pat Flynn
  73. 73. Quickstats In less than 2 years, brings in >50k/month Has a community of people all over the world asking him if he has products for sale, so they can buy something! Massive loyalty, people sharing his content Social Media consulting for Hollywood All because of his community
  74. 74. Chris Guillebeau
  75. 75. Quickstats Skyrocketed himself to fame using his blog (visit every country on earth) Makes a full-time living from his blog Has published a NYTimes best seller from it (By asking his community what they want) Hosts world domination summit
  76. 76. Launching a New York Times best seller using your blog?Tim FerrissLeo BabautaDanielle LaPorteChris GuillebeauGretchen Rubin….And the other one who didn’t
  77. 77. Blogging summed up1. Make specific, useful content in multiple formats (Text/Audio/Video).2. Promote your content: (Youtube, press releases, in a newsletter, submit to online news like Entrepreneur, Forbes, Huffington Post etc.) . This is even more important than writing.3. Provide a way for people to opt-in to your email list or newsletter.4. Use keyword tags relevant to the topic you write about.
  78. 78. In this social media era, your success willdepend upon whether or not you are truly people-centric.
  79. 79. SOCIAL MEDIA
  80. 80. Social media bottom line Über high leverage word of mouth Community Customer-centric
  81. 81. Is it actually helping you?Some of it you can track, the clicks, thetraffic.Most you can’t. Like that Las Vegastweet.
  82. 82. The Kicker Just treat your customers like your best friends – go out of the way for them. Care about them. Give without thinking about the ROI.
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