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Book-Awards Winner


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Сектор «Інформаційно-ресурсний центр "Вікно в Америку"» підготував віртуальну виставку «Book-Awards Winner» (Книги–лауреати престижних премій).

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Book-Awards Winner

  1. 1. «BOOK-AWORDS WINNER» «КНИГИ – ЛАУРЕАТИ ПРЕСТИЖНИХ ПРЕМІЙ». «Book-Awards Winner» «Книги–лауреати престижних премій». «Book-Awards Winner» «Книги–лауреати престижних премій».
  2. 2. 84.7 СПО М 12 McCarthy, Cormac All the Pretty Horses : Cormac McCarthy. - New York : Vintage Books, 1993. – 301p. "All the Pretty Horses" - the first volume of the Border Trilogy - tells of young John Grady Cole, the last of a long line of Texas ranchers. Across the border Mexico beckons - beautiful and desolate, rugged and cruelly civilized. With two companions, John sets off on an idyllic, sometimes comic, adventure to a place where love and dreams are paid for in blood.
  3. 3. 84.7СПО J 52 Jin, Ha. Waiting / Ha Jin. - New York : Vintage Books, 1999. - 308 p. "Achingly beautiful…Ha Jin depicts the details of social etiquette, of food, of rural family relationships and the complex yet alarmingly primitive fabric of provincial life with that absorbed passion for minutiae characteristic of Dickens and Balzac." – Los Angeles Times Book Review
  4. 4. 84.7СПО Naylor, Gloria The Women of Brewster Place/Gloria Neylor. - New York: Penguin Books, 1983.- 193 p. “A shrewd and lyrical portrayal of many of the realities of black life . . . Miss Naylor bravely risks sentimentality and melodrama to write her compassion and outrage large, and she pulls it off triumphantly." -The New York Times Book Review
  5. 5. 84.7 СПО R 95 Rush, Norman Mating : Norman Rush. - New York : Vintage Books, 1992. - 480 p. The narrator of this splendidly expansive novel of high intellect and grand passion is an American anthropologist at loose ends in the South African republic of Botswana.
  6. 6. 84.7СПО G 97 Guterson, David. Snow Falling on Cedars / David Guterson. - New York : Vintage Books, 1995. - 460 p. “A skilfully constructed, deeply affecting story of love and death ... This is a hugely attractive book, written in clipped elegant prose” – Sunday Times
  7. 7. 84.7 СПО Е90 Eugenides, Jeffrey Middlesex : Jeffrey Eugenides. - New York : Picador USA, 2002. - 529 p. "I was born twice: first, as a baby girl, on a remarkably smogless Detroit day of January 1960; and then again, as a teenage boy, in an emergency room near Petoskey, Michigan, in August of l974. . . My birth certificate lists my name as Calliope Helen Stephanides. My most recent driver's license...records my first name simply as Cal."
  8. 8. 84.7 СПОJ 52 Jin, Ha War Trash : Ha Jin. - New York : Vintage Books, 2005. - 352 p. War Trash, the extraordinary new novel by the National Book Award–winning author of Waiting, is Ha Jin’s most ambitious work to date: a powerful, unflinching story that opens a window on an unknown aspect of a little-known war—the experiences of Chinese POWs held by Americans during the Korean conflict—and paints an intimate portrait of conformity and dissent against a sweeping canvas of confrontation.
  9. 9. 84.7СПО M 76 Mitchells, Margaret. Scarlett / M. Mitchells. Gone with the Wind / Alexandra Ripley. - New York : Warner Books, Inc, 1992. - 884 p. It is one of the most popular books ever written: more than 28 million copies of the book have been sold in more than 37 countries.