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Charles Dickens


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Charles Dickens biography and masterpieces

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Charles Dickens

  1. 1. • He was born on February 7th 1812 inPortsmouth, England• He is the son of John and Elizabeth Dickens.• Officially became a novelist after the successof Pickwick (1836-1839).• When he resigned in 1838, Nicholas Nicklebygot underway his previous work.• 1843, A Christmas Carol appeared.biography
  2. 2. • He purchased Gad’s Hill, an estate he hadadmired since childhood.• Between 1856-1858, Dickens’s theatricalcompany performed The Frozen Deep for theQueen.• He undertook payment for his public readingfor the first time in 1858.
  3. 3. • 1860, Dickens and his family had taken upresidence in Gad’s Hill.• In the same year, he involved in another seriesof public readings in London-he was in poorhealth.• 1866, he had done public readings aroundEngland and Scotland.• 1870 watched his final public readings inLondon.• He died June 9th 1870 at Gad’s hill.
  4. 4. Famous literary worksNOVELS-David Copperfield-The Pickwick Papers-Oliver Twist-Nicholas Nickleby-The Old CuriosityShopBOOKS-A Christmas Carol-The Chimes The Cricket onthe Hearth-The Battle of Life-The Haunted Man and theGhost’s BargainSHORT STORIES-A Christmas Tree-What Christmas is, as WeGrow Older-The Poor Relations Story-The Childs Story-The Schoolboys StoryPOEMS-The Village Coquettes-The Fine Old EnglishGentleman
  5. 5. SUMMARYScrooge receives a visitation from the ghost ofhis dead partner, Jacob MarleyMarley informs Scrooge that 3 spirits will visithim during each of the next 3 nightsAfter the wraith disappear, Scrooge collapsesinto a deep sleep.He wakes moment before the arrival of the GhostChristmas Past
  6. 6. The spirit escort Scrooge on a journey into the pastprevious christmases from the curmudgeons earlieryears.The phantom returns him to his bedThe ghost of chrismast present, take Scrooge throughLondon to unveil Christmas as it will happen that year.He saw bussinessman discuss the dead man’s riches.Heanxious want to know who is the dead man and shockwhen he saw his name on the headstone
  7. 7. He desperately implores the spirit to alter the fate.Hepromise to renounce his insensitive, avaricious way andto honor Christmas with all his heart.As years goes by, he hold true his promise and honorChristmas with all his heart.
  9. 9. What inspired dickensto write the fiction? the way Christmas was being celebrated at thattime humiliating experiences of his childhood his sympathy for the poor and their childrenduring the boom decades of the 1830s and 1840sWashington Irvings stories of the traditional oldEnglish Christmas real social concern
  10. 10. POPULARITY OF A CHRISTMAS CAROL sold for 6000 copies by Christmas 1843 2000 copies of second printing were snapped onfirst days of new year Eight adaptations within two months ofpublication has undergone numbers of adaptations to othermedia including film, opera, ballet, etc. influenced many aspects of Christmas that arecelebrated today in Western culture most widely enjoyed work, with hundreds offurther reprints and adaptations
  11. 11. RESPONDS1) “ I have always found A Christmas Carol to beone of the most cynical pieces ever written.”by Michael on December1, 2009- Charles Dickens wrote the story for one reasonwhich is to make a lot of money quickly- Mr. scrooge was far more honest and in theright than almost everyone else in the story
  12. 12. 2)“For theorists whose critical presuppositions emphasizedintelligence, sensitivity and an author in complete control ofhis work the cruder aspects of his popular art often provedan insurmountable obstacle, while for the formulators oftraditions his gigantic idiosyncrasies can never be made toconform.”by Alan Shelston, University of Manchester- Charles Dickens has always presented problems for literarycriticism
  13. 13. 3) “when one heard Charles Dickens’s name, the name willconjures up visions of plum pudding and Christmaspunch, quaint coaching inns and cozy firesides.”“we will also remember the orphaned and starvingchildren, misers, murderers, and abusiveschoolmasters.”“Charles dickens was the 19th century Londonpersonified, he survived its mean streets as a childand, largely self educated, possessed the genius tobecome the greatest writer of his age.”by David Perdue
  14. 14. ~Thank You~