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Varien apple final

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Varien apple final

  1. 1. APPLE Inc.
  3. 3. Presented by : Virander singh Bba part 1 Roll no. 29Session 2011-2012
  4. 4. contents1. apple inc.2. history.3. products.4. VISION & MISSION.
  5. 5. APPLE INC.
  6. 6. Apple inc. Type public Traded as : nasdaq: apple nasdaq-100 component S&p 500 component Industry : computer hardware computer software computer electronics digital distributionFounded April 1, 1976(incorporated January 3, 1977 as apple computer, inc.).Founder(s) steve jobs. steve wozniak ronald wayne
  7. 7. Apple history
  8. 8. Apple history• 1. 1976-1980: the early years.• 2. 1981-1985: lisa & macintosh.• 3. 1986-1993: rise & fall.• 4. 1994-1997: attempts at reinvention.• 5. 1998-2005: return to profitability.• 6. 2005-2007: the intel transition.• 7. 2007-2011: Iphone, ipod touch & ipad.• 8. 2011-present : Steve jobs era.
  9. 9. Appleproducts
  10. 10. Apple products:
  11. 11. Apple products:• 1. MAC & ACCESSORIES.• 2. IPAD.• 3. IPOD.• 4. IPHONE.• 5. APPLE TV.• 6. APPLE SOFTWARE.
  12. 12. VISION & MISSION
  13. 13. VISION AND MISSIONVISION “Man is the creator of change in this world. As such he should be above systems and structures, and not subordinate to theM.”MISSION “apple is coMMitted to bringing the best personal computing experience to students, educators, creative professionals and consumers around the world through its innovative hardware, software and internet offerings.”
  14. 14. ACHIEVEMENTS Apple Revenue Growth 16000 14000 12000Net Sales 10000 8000 6000 4000 2000 0 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2002 Product Sales 2005 Product Sales Desktops Desktops Notebooks Notebooks iPod iPod Peripherals Peripherals
  15. 15. ANALYSIS
  16. 16. SWOT ANALYSIS STRENGTHS WEAKNESSESOne of the oldest hardware Focusing on internal engg.manufacturers. more than marketingControl over the product. High priceHigh quality product. Consumer faced problems with faulty batteriesEasy to carry products Had difficulties on some ofHuge consumer base loyal its products’ quality controlto apple Not issued dividendsProduct diversification
  17. 17. SWOT ANALYSIS OPPORTUNITIES THREATSLess expensive new product Pressure from competitors.lines with quality. Substitution effectProduct line is functional andattractive. Technology changes at a rapid rate.Flexibility to its users. Forced to develop newipods are able to communicate. products.New car models with ipodconnectivity.
  19. 19. New Entrants Threat of new entrantsBargaining power of the suppliers Existing Supplier rivalry in the Customer industry Bargaining power of buyers Substitute products & services Substitutes
  20. 20. EXISTING RIVALRYWindows OS and media player for playing music andvideo ( Microsoft)Competition to Mac OS X (Linux)Alternate sources of computer hardware (Dell, HP,Lenovo)Small stylish MP3 players (Creative, Samsung)Online music stores similar to itunes stores (Napster)
  21. 21. THREAT OF NEW ENTRANTSStreaming audio and video with v-cast (Verizon)On demand online services (similar to i-tunes)New entrants with disruptive technology (The “nextgoogle”)
  22. 22. BARGAINING POWER OF SUPPLIERSSuppliers of processors and computer memory(Motorola, IBM, Intel)Strategic alliance/supplier of Mac (Microsoft)Supplier of tv and movies (Disney, ABC, Fox, Sony)Sources of music (BMG, Sony, Warner, Universal)
  23. 23. BARGAINING POWER OF CUSTOMERSCustomers share music using peer-to-peer networkswithout paying for music (Ares, Limewire)Retailers may pressure for lower prices or better terms(Distributors)Consumers/Businesses may reduce spending oncomputers if they fear economic downturns (ConsumerAttitudes & Behaviors)Consumer Refresh Cycles
  24. 24. THREAT FROM SUBSTITUTESSatellite radio for music (XM, Sirius)Entertainment media, media and music (XBOX, PS2)Alternative means to acquire music (Music CDs,DVDs)Alternative sources for videos (Cable, Broadcast,Theatres)
  25. 25. RECOMMENDATIONSFOR COMPANY:Lowering the cost of products and maintaining thesame quality standardsCan form joint – venturesKnowledge ManagementMore number of retail stores for easy accessContinuous innovation to expand
  26. 26. RECOMMENDATIONSFOR OTHERS:Do not compromise on price for qualityChoose the products based on individual needsBe unique and different
  27. 27. THANK YOU

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