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5S Lilly Civilization

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5S Lilly Civilization

  1. 1. By Lilly Cannon
  2. 2. Government  This man’s name is Barack Obama. He is our current president and the forty-fourth president of the United States. He is the executive in charge of the United States.
  3. 3. • Chris Christie is our current governor of New Jersey. He lives in Mendham. He is republican and he is our first republican in twelve years.
  4. 4. SOCIAL STRUCTURE • There are three different classes: • Poor • Middle • Rich
  5. 5.  You can get food from a lot of different places like super markets.
  6. 6. STABLE FOOD SUPPLY You can also get food from gardens and animals. They usually don’t run out of vegetables because you can get more seeds.
  7. 7.  Today a lot of people have some type of religious belief. A lot of people show it by going to church.
  8. 8. RELIGION • Some kids show how they are religious by going to preparatory school for their religion.
  9. 9. HIGHLY DEVELOPED WAY OF LIFE  Our life is highly developed in many different ways. One example is the use of solar power.
  10. 10. Highly Developed way of Life  Another example of a highly developed way of life is art.
  11. 11. * Technology is effecting our lives in many different ways. Like a computer you have instant access to information. *
  12. 12. Technology  Another example of technology is medicine. It helps peoples lives by curing them from the disease they have.
  13. 13. Writing • The way we use written language is from an alphabet. All the words I just typed were composed from our alphabet.
  14. 14. Writing  Writing allows us to communicate but not to forget what people say.
  15. 15. THE END


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