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Ipod creating an_iconic_brand


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Ipod creating an_iconic_brand

  1. 1. EMBA 5202 Brand Management Home Work III Tuna Taş Executive MBA Student No: 1168106 IPOD: Creating an Iconic Brand
  2. 2. Introduction iPod is a line of portable media players created and marketed by Apple Launch in October 2001 As of October 2011, total number of iPods sold worldwide is 300 million Won several awards ranging from engineering excellence, to most innovative audio product Holds %70 of market share
  3. 3. Brand Salience ImageryPerformance FeelingsJudgements Resonance High Quality High Credibility Innovative Very High loyalty Strong personal attachment High sense of community IPOD Brand Equity Model Digital music player Sensational product High breadth,high depth Convenient Simple Large storage capacity Easy to use menu(touch- wheel) Freedom,excitement Fun,Cool Stylish
  4. 4. Q1.Most important features of IPOD Simplicity Do you think you need assistance to use the click wheel? •Easy to use,no manuel is needed Design Steve Jobs thinks that design is not sth “nice to have” but a “must” “It’s not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. S.Jobs” Functionality Large Storage Capacity Media Transformation Capability Itunes Compatibility
  5. 5. Simple & Functional
  6. 6. Q2.Itunes,should it continue to be a closed system? Itunes should continue to be a closed system because; Downloading a song is not a fortune (less than 1 $) so it is not a big challenge for Itunes users and Apple has great income It offers a single point of contact for all apple users and devices This closed system makes Apple users feel themselves “unique” different”,”special” Itunes provides Apple, datamining opportunities (behaviours of customers etc) Current closed system enables Apple to protect its intellectual property
  7. 7. Q3.Apple’s MP for IPOD was successful? Yes because With the dark “silhouettes” with their iPods and white earphones, Apple dispositioned itself from being a MP3 Player And they used this every where
  8. 8. Q3.Apple’s MP for IPOD was successful? Yes because Established successful co-branding activities with Nike,Ferrari and BMW.
  9. 9. Q3.Apple’s MP for IPOD was successful? Yes because Celebreties (Eminem,U2,Oprah Winfrey, Wynton Marsalis, Coldplay) were used in commercials.
  10. 10. Q3.Apple’s MP for IPOD was successful? Yes because Apple touched the feelings of the people and provided them more than a digital portable media player
  11. 11. Q4. APPLE’S DISTRIBUTION NETWORK Apple’s major focus was great customer experience Retailers didnt provide sufficient service that Apple requested so it broke out the relation with reatilers But Ipod was easy to use, no expertise is needed Apple extended again the distribution to retailers such as eBay,Best Buy Apple had 110 stores while there were over 20000 retail stores Apple easied the consumer to reach the product More than 300M have been sold Keller also points out that, this also affected the sales of Imac. (Halo effect) The sales chart also shows that this is a right decision (There is a boost after 2004)
  12. 12. Q5.What is Next for Apple? Apple should… Be simple be fast (Be the first in the market) Investigate more on Ipods but keep in mind the rise of mobile phones Use its experience in Iphone,Ipad games and enable a game compatible Ipod Can customize the product with localization( local celebreties in commercials, local covers (turkish flag or icon i.e.)for Ipod) Use wireless earphones Be able to record/play HD/3D movies
  13. 13. Do you think you won’t pay again? I guess not… Thank you