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Apple Brand Experience

  1. apple case study “design as a company asset” 8TH 11 2006 | Helsinki KORHAN BÜYÜKDEMİRCİ
  2. 1983 The Apple Lisa was the first home computer with a GUI or graphical user interface.
  3. Today: %75.6 US market
  4. 2006 1Q 2006 1Q US PC market share Worldwide PC market share 1) Dell 32.1% 1) HP 16,3 % 2) HP 23% 2) Dell 16.1 % 3) Gateway 6.4% -------------- 4) Apple 6.1% 3) Lenovo 4) Acer 5) Fujitsu siemens 2006 3Q 2006 3Q iPod market share iTUNE 87 percent of all legally US 75 % purchased and downloaded music in the UK 40 % United States Japan 54 % 5th online music store Canada 45 % after Amazon in US. More than 2,9 mil- Australia 58 % lion songs and 70 tv shows
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  6. Mission Statement: Apple ignited the personal computer revolution in the 1970s with the Apple II and reinvented the personal computer in the 1980s with the Macintosh. Apple is committed to bringing the best personal computing experience to students, educators, crea- tive professionals and consumers around the world through its innovative hardware, software and Internet offerings. iTUNE 87 percent of all legally purchased and downloaded music in the United States 5th online music store after Amazon in US. More than 2,9 mil- lion songs and 70 tv shows
  7. core values Design and innovation Ease & simplicity quality
  8. product portfolio 7 11 2006 th PC Consumer Professional Education Desktop Mini, imac Mac Pro imac Laptop Mac book Mac book Pro ilife, iwork, Final Cut studio, Aperture, ilife, iwork, Softwares front row Logic Pro, Shake front row Services .mac .mac .mac
  9. product portfolio 7 11 2006 th Consumer Electronics, Home entertainment Music Player ipod video ipod nano ipod shuffle ipod nano RED ipod U2 Services `itunes` photos, videos, musics, tv series, movies, podcasts Cinema Displays Apple Cinema HD Displays 20’’ 25’’ 30’’ HiFi ipod home stereo MediaCentre itv (coming on market 2007 1Q, steve jobs keynote speak on
  10. When I joined Apple the company was in decline. It seemed to have lost what had once been a very clear sense of identity and purpose. Apple had started trying to compete to an agenda set by an industry that had never shared its goals. While as a designer I was certainly closer to where the desicions were being made, but I was only marginally more effective or influential than I had been as a consultant. This only changed when Steve Jobs (co-founder of Apple) returned to the company. By re-es- tablishing the core values he had established at the beginning, Apple again pursued a direction which was clear and different from any other companies. Design and innova- tion formed an important part of this new direction. Jonathan Ive Senior Vice President of Industrial Design
  11. design | business | technology INNOVATION & ASSETS “GUI design” “itunes” intel coreduo processor Usability 99¢ per song production quality Candy like Graphics free video’s material quality MAC OS X tv series quality chipsets podcasting “Product design” movies Attractive visual look videos Modern fresh material .mac Ergonomics “apple care” “Coorporate identity design” “genius bar”
  12. Strength Weakness Design & innovation capabilities, Expensive, compared to other competitives eg: Dell Distinctive graphical user interface Repair and service issues such as: ipod battery Ease of use Wifi capabilities of Ipods Own operating system “windows parallel” Reliability Opportunities Mobile Phone business Threats Linux, Microsoft vista Home entertainment, digital tv Microsoft Zune media player, Microsoft media center = FrontRaw Iphone vs. Ipod Ipod design became dull
  13. experience • The Product Experience functional attributes of the product, how well the thing works (e.g. special ingredients in a product) experiential features, how the product works (e.g. technologies in production process) aesthetics (design, colors, shapes of the product) • The Look and Feel The look and feel includes the visual identity (name, logo, signate, packaging, store design, Web Sites) • Experiential Communications Experiential Communications include the advertisement; it has to provide value, inform and entertain the customer (it differs depending on B2B or B2C) • Customer Service It is important not to forget the aspect of customer service in the overall brand experience. Specifically, the cradle to grave aspect of the customer chain should not be broken--this ensures that the “brand promise” is not broken.
  14. experience • The Product Experience • The Look and Feel • Experiential Communications • Customer Service
  15. 1 The Product Experience visceral | behavioral | reflective ipod Platform 1D Aluminium Glossy black plastic Glossy white plastic Chrome 2D Basic geometries, organic forms Circles, squares, rounded corners, organic shapes
  16. 1 The Product Experience visceral | behavioral | reflective ipod Platform 3D as simple as possible both visually and user interface click wheel, soft feeling, clean looking, easy interface, navigating while holding coffee with other hand “click wheel can refer to old volume knobs or radio buttons”
  17. 1 The Product Experience visceral | behavioral | reflective ipod Platform 4D soft forms, make it more user friendly, glossy shiny white it looks like candy distinctive white headphones, emphasized by ads eye catching 6 shiny colors simple design carry all your music everywhere young, trendy, music lover Ipod Nano RED(TM) public support & funding against AIDS in Africa
  18. 2 appleLook & Feel name & logo | packaging | store | website The experience apple’s current logos, simple (redesigned 1998) apple is not using “apple” name next to the logo Most Apple product names starts either “i” or includes “mac” iMac Mac Pro Mac mini i could be regarded at abbreviation for “intelligence” as used in movie “i robot”; “Mac” refers to old Apple Macin- MacBook MacBook Pro tosh computers In 2002, Apple gradually started using a variant of the Adobe Myriad font family in its marketing and packaging.Humanist sans-serif types have subtle organic shapes and monotone color, balanced by varying letter widths and open counter shapes. The voice of humanist sans-serif types is warm and Application of Apple Logo friendly
  19. 2 appleLook & Feel name & logo | packaging | store | website The experience 2005 ipod shuffle package See through transparent package with ipod name and apple logo. No need for product photo. 2006 In 2006, package graphics replaced with real photos, scenes and 3 dimensional moving effects As ease & simplicity are the core of Apple Brand, packages are designed in these principles; Only picture & name of the product on white/black background.
  20. 2 appleLook & Feel name & logo | packaging | store | website The experience Package out experience of 3rd generation iPod 15GB “Designed by Apple in California” is written,
  21. 2 appleLook & Feel name & logo | packaging | store | website The experience Interior design; Wood has been selected for the exhibition tables “natural feeling of wood gives warmth to space” Glass is used to make space lighter and bigger, Products has been placed on sidewalls to try Walls are either white or covered with aluminium “aluminium to give technological feeling” Service; Genius Bar & The Studio sections Apple is asking its distrubutors to change their names to Apple reseller, Apple centres are only owned by Apple itself.
  22. 2 appleLook & Feel name & logo | packaging | store | website The experience Analysis Apple’s retail store strategy continues to evolve away from a store-front sales approach and toward making the stores into the techno-equiva- lent of the neighborhood bar -- a place to visit, meet friends, learn and have an enjoyable time. it was obvious that Apple’s retail stores didn’t operate like other stores. The staff’s hands-off attitude signaled that the company actually wanted visitors to come in, use the computers and other gear, and feel comfortable checking their e-mail. The in-store theaters were also a clue that Apple wanted the stores to be a focal point for instruction and training on Macintosh computing and the digital lifestyle. The stores’ on-going and special events were also evidence of the company’s attitude that its retail stores were a gathering place. The stores also have “Switch At Six” workshops on weekdays, when Windows users can receive an introduction to the iLife applications, and then ex- plore how to use a Macintosh computer. On Tuesdays by appointment, the stores hold “School Nights At the Apple Store,” when students and teachers visit to showcase their Macintosh computer projects and accomplishments.
  23. 2 appleLook & Feel name & logo | packaging | store | website The experience Openning page of, 7TH 11 2006 As usual white background with graytones, Clean, simple design, Mac OS style menu design, More images than texts, supported by many ad videos and product explanation videos
  24. 2 appleLook & Feel name & logo | packaging | store | website The experience new product features, TV advertisements, all the first things to know about apple online store, all apple products + 3rd company ipod suppliers + Canon digital cameras + printers ipod+itunes section where you can download itunes and submenus for each ipod product info & trials & access to the .Mac account Quicktime info & download & movie trailers Online customer support Info on upcoming and existing operating system HotNews Your Account Download Home download advncd search Leopard Sneak Get a Mac View Cart iTunes Store Mail movie trailers downloads peek Hardware Saved Cart This week Adress Book quicktime manuals Mac OSX Tiger Software Order Status Jukebox Bookmarks guide specifications Switch Made4Mac Customer Sync with ipod Homepage why quicktime discussions Widgets Eduction Service ipod shuffle Groups products training Downloads Pro ipod nano icards developer Server Mac@work ipod Help Developer Developer Log in Resources Where to Buy Feedback TV Ad’s, Online Customer Care services Online services “virtual products” infos, extensions, info campaigns “physical about all products” products
  25. experiential communications yesterday | today 3 apple experience “If you can point you can use a Macintosh” Ease & Simplicity are core values
  26. experiential communications yesterday | today 3 apple experience “Baked Apple” ad about customer service
  27. experiential communications yesterday | today 3 apple experience “Imagine that” ad about competitors. MacOS has been one of the main asset of Apple computers
  28. experiential communications yesterday | today 3 apple experience 1996 Apple advertisements, target customer looks quite different than today’s.
  29. experiential communications yesterday | today 3 apple experience The “Think Different” campaign, launched in 1997, was a central factor in Apple’s recovery from financial difficulty, winning admiration for creativity as well as focused attention for new products.
  30. experiential communications yesterday | today 3 apple experience
  31. experiential communications yesterday | today 3 apple experience Where do we begin? PCs are for the stuff we have to do, like pie charts and spread- sheets. Macs are for the stuff we want to do, like photos, music and movies. On a PC viruses and crashing are “normal.” On a Mac, everything just works the way it should. And unlike PCs, a Mac comes really to do all the things you want, the day you bring it home. Sounds like differences get used to? Read on.
  32. experiential communications yesterday | today 3 apple experience Better Results in iMovie MS Office in Mac Restarting Pc Networking compatibility Out of the box, installation Accident, powercord Trust, many spywares for Pc Fun stuff, Piecharts of holiday
  33. experiential communications yesterday | today 3 apple experience iPod Ad iPod nano Ad
  34. experiential communications yesterday | today 3 apple experience “Completely Remastered” iPod nano Tv ad’s new 3d silhoutes styles
  35. 3 apple experience experiential communications BRAND PERSONA “Hi, I am a PC” “Hi, I am a mac” I am boring, formal, cold, old, I am cool, trendy, young, friendly, unreliable, slow, not inspiring casual, reliable, fast, looking for fun,
  36. 4 apple experience customer service The AppleCare Protection Plan is a uniquely integrated service and support solution that extends the complimentary coverage on your Mac to three years from the computer’s purchase date. This comprehensive plan includes expert telephone technical support, global repair coverage, onsite repairs for desktop computers(1), web-based support resources, and powerful diag- nostic tools — all for one economical price. online support through
  37. 4 apple experience customer service ProCare. Taking care of you. Free Apple Workshops The novice you, who needs a little Mad about movies? Passionate help learning your way around about pictures? Totally into tunes? the Mac. The creative you, who Our free, hour-long Apple Store could use a few tips on editing and Workshops let you extend your burning your own DVDs. Even the knowledge, boost your skills, and hurried you, who needs a repair meet people that share the same turned around, pronto. ProCare interests. Qualified Mac Special- offers everything you need to get ists present tips, tricks, and advice the most out of your Mac — and that’ll get you up to the next level. out of yourself. All for only $99 a year. So go ahead. Ask us about ProCare. It’s only available at the Apple Store The place to go to help you bring The place to go for advice, insight, your creative projects to life. and hands-on technical support. Working on something wonderful? Wondering how to use a new If you’ve got the vision, we’re here program, import your music into to help with the details. Whether iTunes, or go wireless? What if your it’s a movie, a photo album, a Mac or iPod needs to be repaired? song, or a presentation, the crea- Look no further than the Apple tive professionals in The Studio can Store Genius Bar, where you can give you the technical expertise talk face-to-face with a highly and creative suggestions to help trained Mac Genius. Our Geniuses make it a reality. Use the new will answer all your technical online Apple Store Concierge to questions, troubleshoot problems, make a reservation at The Studio. and explain it all in language ProCare. It’s only available at the that’s easy to understand.ProCare. Apple Store It’s only available at the Apple Store
  38. near future Apple community emphasize on customers by openning more new stores iPhone entering mobile communications market iTv to become the centre of home entertainment Mac OsX leopard more 3D graphic effects and internet integration
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