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Marketing presentation for Apple inc.


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Marketing presentation for Apple inc.

  1. 1. Apple Inc. Marketing Management Dr. Allam Mawlawi By Mr. Yazan Nayrab
  2. 2. You can’t just ask customers what they want, & then try to give that to them. By the time you get it built, they will want SOMETHING NEW.
  3. 3. Road Map History Some Interesting Facts About Apple Company Profile Mission & Vision Market Share SWOT Analysis Conclusion
  4. 4. 1974 The idea for Apple Computers was BORN 1976 First Computer was SOLD
  5. 5. 1984 The Macintosh was INTRODUCED 1985 was discharged Steve Jobs
  6. 6. 199319901986 1996
  7. 7. 19861998 1999 Apple introduced all-in-one the iMac Also Apple unveiled the iBook
  8. 8. And the Innovations continue…
  9. 9. Some Interesting Facts About Apple
  10. 10. Apple was started by
  11. 11. Best Global Brands 2016
  12. 12. APPLE SOLD 72 MILLION IPHONES LAST YEAR. 197,000 iPhones per day
  13. 13. officially bigger than Google (133billion) Now, Apple generated revenue of $178 billion
  14. 14. Even bigger than the GDP of 100 other countries
  15. 15. Apple makes their employees work on FAKE PROJECTS until they can be trusted!
  16. 16. Apple Inc. Company Profile Vision & Mission
  17. 17. Apple Inc. Current Profile Name Apple Incorporation Former CEO Steve Job New CEO Tim Cook Revenue $ 178.119 billion Area served Worldwide Headquarter California, United States. Total number of employees 116,000
  18. 18. Mission Statement "Apple is committed to bringing the best personal computing experience to students, educators, creative professionals and consumers around the world through its innovative hardware, software and Internet offerings."
  19. 19. Vision Statement We are “committed” in producing high quality products and providing high quality service thus setting high industry standards for other competitors.
  20. 20. Apple Inc. Product Market Share Local & International Markets
  21. 21. From Where Apple is Making Money
  22. 22. Global Market Share
  23. 23. Current Growing Products of Apple are… iPad Pro
  24. 24. Apple Inc. Competitors & Products line
  25. 25. iMac iPod Apple Watch iPad Mac Book Air Apple TV iPad bro iPhone 7
  26. 26. Apple Inc. Competitors Apple has many competitors like in computers…
  27. 27. Apple Inc. Competitors In smart phones industry
  28. 28. Apple Inc. Competitors In iPads industry
  29. 29. Apple Inc. SWOT Analysis & Conclusion
  30. 30. 1. Faithful Customers 2. Leading innovator 3. Strong Financial performance 4. Brand reputation
  32. 32. 1.High price 2.Decreasing market share 3.Further Change in management 4.Long term gross margin decline
  33. 33. 1.High demand of iPad mini and iPhone 5 2.I-TV launch 3.Growth of tablet and smartphone markets 4.Strong growth of mobile advertising market
  34. 34. 1.Rapid technological change 2.Tax increases 3.Rising pay levels for Foxconn workers 4.Strong dollar
  35. 35. How to THINK DIFFERENT Conclusion For more than 38 years apple has been a trends set company able to foresee the future of domestic computers and consumers electronics, it will continuing it because apple’s others name is innovation and apple know,
  36. 36. Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish. Think Different Question Answer