5M Genevieve Civilization


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5M Genevieve Civilization

  1. 1. States of AmericaAmerica
  2. 2. Government President Obama The head of the government ofAmerica is called the president.Currently, we have a president namedBarack Obama.The president only serves us forfour years at a time.The president can only serve for amaximum of eight years.
  3. 3. GovernmentThis is the White House where the president lives.The president lives there for four years.Then, the next president gets elected andthen they live there.The family of the president either livesthere or can visit. President Obama’s daughters
  4. 4. Highly Developed Way of LifeThis is the Yankees Stadium in TheBronx,New York.The New York Yankees Play baseballhere.Most of this stadium is built from some ofthe pieces in the old stadium.The Yankees Stadium is a sign of highlydeveloped way of life.
  5. 5. HIGHLY DEVELOPED WAY OF LIFE This is a house and a house shows highly developed way of life. A house is made out of hard material and is sturdy. Houses now-a-day aren’t made out of mud bricks. We have found different materials to make our houses. This shows that we live more comfortably and safer.
  6. 6. STABLE FOOD SUPPLY This is a farm with farm animals and it shows a stable food supply. It shows a stable food supply because if a person can feed all those animals than they probably can feed themselves. If you look at the very top window on the barn there is hay. As a lot of people know is that hay is for horses. You will notice that there are horses. That is a sign that the people who live there can feed some of their animals.
  7. 7. STABLE FOOD SUPPLY This a watermelon and it is a sign of stable food supply. A watermelon is a fruit that is green on the outside and red on the inside. We have grown watermelons in bushes since 1882. We first found watermelons in Africa. It shows a stable food supply because if we know how to grow watermelons that we can feed ourselves and our families.
  8. 8. TECHNOLOGY There are many inventions in the 21st century that were made in the U.S.A. For example, the ipad, the iphone 4s and many, many more. The ipad and iphone 4s were invented by Steve Jobs (top right). Sadly, Steve Jobs has past away quite recently. The ipad and iphone are a part of technology. They are a part of technology because they are basically a portable computer. They are an electronic tablet which can get internet as well as games. The ipad and iphone are a fantastic invention of technology.
  9. 9. TECHNOLOGY This is a box telephone, a great sign of technology. Alexander Graham Bell was experimenting with telegraph instruments when he realized it might be possible to transmit the human voice over a wire by using electricity. We use a more developed telephone now. We also have cell phones which are portable telephones. This was a great piece of technology because now we don’t have to walk or send mail to people when we want to talk to them.
  10. 10. SOCIAL STRUCTURE A mansion (right) is a sign of social structure. For us, having a mansion (right) means you are in the upper class. In Sumer upper class people had 2 story houses (left). Now, most mansions have 4 floors. Upper class people usually have a good paying job and can afford these kind if houses. Social Structure has really changed.
  11. 11. SOCIAL STRUCTURE This is a very poor person’s house in America. 54% of people in America live in single family homes. 1/3 of Florida’s people are living in their car. This is a huge problem in America. People are loosing their jobs every day. One night your dad comes home from work and is ready for dinner the next night your dad comes home early because he lost his job. The nations poverty rate rose to 15.1% (46.2 million) in 2010. This shows Social Structure because these people are in the lower class and classes are an example of Social Structure.
  12. 12. RELIGION Religion is a kind of belief. This is a church and a church is a temple of the Christian religion. Christians go to this church to talk about Jesus Christ. Not all Americans believe in god but most do. In America there are many religions.
  13. 13. RELIGION These are the signs of different religions in America. We have so many religions because it is in the constitution. We have many people come to America who study different religions. America has freedom of religion. We used to have schools where the students would pray to god before class. Now most schools don’t do that anymore because separation of church and state.
  14. 14. WRITING A book is a way to pass down knowledge. We have books so we can have entertainment and to communicate with the past. There is writing in books because it is an easier way of telling a story of the past or of fantasy. Books can tell you about very important people and that is telling you history. History is important because we need to know about our old mistakes so we don’t do them again. Books are very important because if something bad happens that is similar to what happened in the past we would know what to do and not to do.
  15. 15. WRITING This an old time typewriter. A typewriter is basically a computer without the internet. The evolution of the typewriter is part of the ongoing history of the human need to communicate. The typewriter was made in 1868 and was used until the 20th century. We could have (and did) write down history. A typewriter is a sign of writing because you could write down stuff so you could remember things.