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Evaluation Question 2

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Evaluation Question 2

  1. 1. Question 2How effective is thecombination of yourmain product andancillary texts?
  2. 2. Colour Really there are two colour schemes that are used in the print work and the video for my production. First of all, there is a dark black colour, which I associate with night. The CMYK colours of this being C=100% M=100% Y=100% K=100%. This dark black colour is used for a convention that during the dark black and bleak colour schemes. Therefore connoting the darkness with loneliness This creates a scene and an image of being alone, this idea is used throughout the advert and digipak. This convention is carried on into the music video itself, as when the actor begins to have flash backs of being alone, the scene is always set as a dark colour scheme, it was predominately at night. Therefore this builds a coherence of the dark with being lonely and the dark colours give the conventions of sadness. The other side to the music video is of fresh natural scenes, where the couple are together. This is then shot in the forest, this contrast with bright colours to create a conventions of happiness, and the forest colours make it seem like a happy place. The bright colours are coherent with the bright clothing that the actors are wearing. The whole music video in turns of colour really is entropic in comparison to regular media conventions of dance music, as normally the conventions are of flashing lights and colourful parties. The idea of the different colours and different type of colourful scenery was similar to that of Kesha – Love is my drug, where drugs are also resembled in the video.
  3. 3. Colour ContinuedFrom looking at the digipak and the music video, I can also evaluate that there are various colourschemes which are not coherent with one another. For instance the colour scheme idea of being in aforest is not carried on into the digipak. As the digipak only shows images at night. Same as the colourschemes for the props. I can therefore put this down to perhaps designing the digipak after the musicvideo would of worked better. By perhaps making the production work more coherent and giving it a more constanthouse style it would have to brand and market the project better. Therefore creating a better responsefrom the audience.
  4. 4. Font Type and Size Throughout the main product and the ancillary texts their is a coherence house style of type and size, courier new is the house style used through the print work, this font style is then carried onto the music video where it is used for the title seen in the music video. This text is a rustic and unusual and not a widely used text, therefore I thought it would suit the music video and the band as they are unusual and not main steam artists.Alongside the text I used a plain white colour of CMYK code of C=0%M=0% Y=0% K=0% and a HTML code of ffffff. This therefore was a plainwhite colour which would stand out amongst the plain dark background. Other texts were also used to the advert due to the marketing for the advert needed to be strong to attract attention, therefore effects where added to a red text to make it stand out be market well to a potential audience, as the plain white text used in all of aspects would not stand out in a poster or a billboard etc. Apart from the text on the advert all the rest of the branding is coherent in the print work and the video, therefore this means people will recognise the branding from the text used. I got the idea of this simple text used throughout from The artwork in The Streets a grand dont come for Free where a plain white text is used throughout.
  5. 5. Posture and Proxemics In comparing the digipak and the music video, first all there are a wide range of shots during the music video from above of the actor lying down, these types of shots do not appear in the music video, and as we already discussed in talking about colour shots of the daytime also do not appear. In the 3 sides of the digipak where an actor is present he is also shot alone, where as 50% of the music video of shots of him with the girl in the daytime, this is not connoted in the digipak. Shots of the daytime in the forest proxemics do not feature in the digipak and only feature in the music video. Again the digipak does connote differently to the music video in quite a few aspects. Although the didigpak itself during the planning stage looked like it would have very similar conventions to the music video, but due to changes during the filming stage the conventions are slightly different therefore the marketing is not completely coherent as you would not instantly recognise the digipak from the music video. Although saying this there are some conventions which are very similar. So therefore really it is how you look at the media language. A female actor is not in my print work because I wanted to show the actor loneliness therefore I stuck just to images of a male, therefore I can use the conventions of the song of being ‘Not In Love’ and therefore this can be shown by the close ups in the music video.
  6. 6. Props and Costume In the music video costumes have great coherence with the unusual type of music, so the actor is wearing unusual and not main stream clothing. During the happy scenes in the daytime when he is with the female actor he is dressed very colourful. Whereas when hes alone in the dark scenes he is wearing much darker and plainer clothing. Not many props are used during the video. Apart from at the start where too paracetamols are used which are props for a drug for example ecstasy which the actors are taking. This is a very redundant idea for this type of music giving a very linguistic styling which is coherent o over music videos for example such as ‘We found love’ with Rihanna again this is party music which has reference to drugs and this idea of using drugs came from many different similar music videos. The suit used as a costume in the digipak does not give a house styling as it is in fact very different to the costumes used in the video. Although and the Inside cover where the actor is sat on A wall. Here he is wearing the clothing More suited towards the sort of Costume and proxemics we are looking To connote, for the branding of the Digipak and music video.
  7. 7. Lighting The use of lighting in my digipak is all dark lighting connoting the loneliness, this is coherent to the parts of the music video where he is alone in the dark these is a well worked house style and gives branding to the product. The use of naturalistic lighting is also included in the music video. The naturalistic lighting used in the music video itself was used to be entropic as the clubby electronic music used in the music video, tends to be associated with partying and night clubbing in the dark.
  8. 8. Visual Themes The media language is slightly different in that there is a grain added to the digipak to give it a rustic effect which is coherent to the music, however this effect is not used during the music video. The shots where taken in the woods to give a contention of being close to nature and having fun and somewhere nice rather then in dark alleyways or by the river. I think that the contention of being close to nature