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Jokes Power of Humour in Advertising


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Power of Humour in advertising

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Jokes Power of Humour in Advertising

  1. 1. What does these pictures mean ?
  2. 2. Make you laugh….
  3. 3. Humour in advertisingalso makes you laugh
  4. 4. Humour in advertisingHumour in dictionary means quality ofbeing amusing or comic but inadvertising it is serious business
  5. 5. In advertisingHumour in advertising is more thanjust making a whole bunch of peoplelaugh.
  6. 6. Conventional wisdom People buy products because itis : - Nutritious- Labour saving- Good value for moneyNot because the manufacturer tells jokes andmake you laugh in the ads.
  7. 7. Hopkins view…Claude Hopkins the father ofmodern advertising thundered :People don’t buy from clowns
  8. 8. David Ogilvy ‘s view 30% of advertising is humor based Humour now sells , if used creatively with strong idea and great execution.
  9. 9. Role of humour Cuts through the clutter Break ice Attention grabber Audience must laugh Creates a liking for the brand
  10. 10. Product Connect Direct relation between the joke,core product and service proposition No link. No effectiveness
  11. 11. Power of Humour It can be different Aggressive Memorable It is sticky Easy connect
  12. 12. International example Clothing store ad showing a head dress of an African tribe with sharks on their head gear Jonathan Sceats sunglasses ad showing a dead man lying in a morgue with sunglasses on.
  13. 13. International example Pizza world ad showing a hosepipe being used to cool off some one who just had a spicy pizza. Aftershock liquor ad showing a eye popping out and jaw dropping to the floor.
  14. 14. Indian example Amul butter Tortoise mosquito coil Center shock, Mentos , Allpenliebe lollipop Fevicol Fevikwik Saint goabin glass
  15. 15. Look at a category like glass
  16. 16. Positives in Humour Grabs attention Encourages people to remember Being human you laugh Breaks clutter
  17. 17. Negatives Remember the joke not the message Forgets the brand name Upsets people or individual if not done tastefully Even products can flop
  18. 18. Humour works better in… Low investment , high impulse product (candy, beer, snacks, mosquito repellent etc…) Taboo products like sanitary napkins and condoms but not on cars and diamonds. ( Where decision process is long) No compromise in the basic rules of advertising Message simple, clear and relevant to the category Talk to the right TG. Single minded message Consistency in the brand imagery