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Chocolate ss

  1. 1. Confectionery Market Scan
  2. 2.  Global confectionary market fastest growing Market 150 billion dollars, growing at 16% Indian confectionary market small Moved from commodity to brand Market valued in India at 450 million dollar andestimated at 138,000 T in volume Market price sensitive. Starting price point 50p
  3. 3.  Unorganized market contribute 50% Category contribution: Sugar candies 50%,Chocolates 16% and Bubble gum 10% Chocolates, Hard boiled candies, éclairs andtoffees, Chewing and bubble gum, lollipops, mintsand lozenges constitutes the confectionery market Market skewed towards 73% urban and 27% rural
  4. 4.  Major players: Cadbury , Nestle, Lotte India,Nutrine, Candico ,Perfetti, Parle , Wrigely ,GCMMF,ITC, Lotus Chocolates, Campco Some leading brands: Chewing gums :Centrefresh, Big Babool, Centrefurit , Centreshock,Happydent,Chiclets. Hard boiled Sweets : Alpehenlibe ,Mentos,, ChattarPatttar, Chlromint, Cofitos and Kismee bar,mangobite, melody, orange candy, poppins, roll-a-cola ,toffees, classic mint, gol gappa Eclairs, Gems,Trident, Dentyne and Halls
  5. 5.  Urban market is brand conscious , rural is moreprice sensitive In urban market the consumer associates brandwith quality, rural market higher price associatedwith quality Purchased predominantly from small shops,Kiranas or mom &pop stores Hyper market, Super market , Convenience storesnow stock these confectionary products.
  6. 6.  Rising Inflation, raw material prices, growing crudeprices will impact the industry Packaging costs increase due to instable petroleumprices Changing government regulations on tax & subsidyissues. Constant product innovation from new and foreignplayers Low priced products from the unorganized market
  7. 7.  Market expected to grow at CAGR 8% Heavy investments made in this industry Product innovations will rule the market ( For e.g.added vitamin and mineral supplements added tothe product ) Taste and quality will be the key drivers as peopleare exposed to western brands Consumption shifting from kids and to youngerpeople
  8. 8.  Get a distinct positioning in a crowded market Induce more trials and make the brand familiar Good distribution, easy availability Deep pockets to get share of mind Need key product differentiation to stand out.
  9. 9.  Tiffany Ferrero Rocher Snickers Mars
  10. 10.  Kids prefer chocolate candies over any otherconfectionery products. Cream filled biscuitsemerged as a preferred choice. Chewing Gum lastchoice Chocolate consumption 3 times a day. In school,late evening snacks or after dinner at home Most mothers buy chocolates for their kids. Feweven receive pocket money but no kids admitted tobuying chocolates in secret Softness of chocolate with liquid filled in is relished 5 Star & Poppins are not liked as it sticks to theirteeth
  11. 11.  Advertisement is a key motivator for them to try anew chocolate followed by the attractive packaging Friends and word of mouth helps in trying out Toys are a driver but it would only motivate themto try the chocolate a few times till they have thetoys They easily connect with ads of their favoritechocolates. Ads are primary motivator beforebuying a chocolate The ad has to be funny, humorous & make themlaugh” Nickelodeon, XZ Sonic, Pogo, CN & Hungama aretheir favorite TV channels
  12. 12.  Parents reiterated that kids prefer eatingchocolates over other confectioneries Popular confectionery liked are wafer-chocolateslike Perk, Munch & choco-filled biscuits like DarkFantasy & Pure Magic. One chocolate spread whichthey really enjoy is Nutella Prefer smaller chocolates like Éclairs over largerchocolates like Dairy Milk. Better frequency ofgiving them helps and can control the consumption Price band of Re1 to 5 is also a added advantage tokeep the costs low Brands that are TOM, Eclairs, Falero, Dairy Chocoshots and Mango Bite
  13. 13.  Most important factor for them to buy a newchocolate for their kids is brand reputation Key drivers for kids are quite different. Kids insiston buying chocolates which come in attractivelypackaged and in interesting shapes, has colorfulimages, promoted by some branded cartooncharacter or a FREE toy offer promotion. Health based chocolates not well received They fail to satiate the chocolate or candy desireof kids and is hence not accepted Reputed company, nutritional value and somethingnew and novel will make then try
  14. 14.  Éclairs: Get lost, Kho Jao Centerfresh: Zubaan pe rakhe lagaam - Keeps yourmouth shut Centerfruit: Kaise jeebh lapalapaayi - The tonguewags and how Chloromint: Dobaara mat poochna – Don’t askagain! Mentos: Dimaag ki batti jala de - Lights up thebulbs of mind Alpenliiebe: Laalach aaha laplap - Tongue wags ofgreed
  15. 15.  Communication revolve around attitude, tasteand fun. Humor forms a key component Good and noticeable ads generate consumersand induces trials Buying is a combination of impulse anddecision based on price and taste Mothers control a lot