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Spikes Asia Creativity Festival 2013 - Insights and Inspirations


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Here're some insights and observations of the Spikes Asia Creativity Festival 2013. I attended the Spikes Asia Young Marketer Academy this year, it was a truly fruitful and inspiring experience which triggered me to organise my thoughts and gather all the amazing stories together in one deck. And crazy enough, I also started a blog -, which is still at the infant stage and looking insanely ugly at the moment, but the whole purpose was to bring these inspirations forward, to explore further, dig deeper and think bigger, writing seems to be the most effective way to do it. So this deck and my blog are completely dedicated to my own learning, but if occasionally someone finds them an interesting read, I'll be over the moon.

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Spikes Asia Creativity Festival 2013 - Insights and Inspirations

  1. 1. Spikes Asia 2013 Highlights Twitter / @wooelva
  2. 2. As the Spikes Young Marketer Academy was a great source of information and inspirations, I decided to start capturing these amazing stories, and hoped to use my notes to inspire further learning. These are some highlights, hope you find it an interesting read.
  3. 3. The Young Marketer Academy
  4. 4. Opening Note by Joe Talcott, Mentor of the Young Marketer Academy “if youth only knew, if age only could!” “Si juenesse savait, si vieillesse pouvait”
  5. 5. Joe Talcott on Creative Thinking An idea is a new combination of some old elements. The missing ingredient to unlock our creative brain is space – give yourselves the space and time to think and create.
  6. 6. Keith Reinhard, Chairman of DDB on Creativity Matters As great advertising is more often the result of great clients than great agencies. So what make us great clients?
  7. 7. “Great advertising is more often the result of great clients than of great agencies.” - Bill Bernbach Great Clients go with their gut Great clients are suspicious of rules Great clients expect the unexpected Great clients are willing to take risks Great clients create great relationships Great clients bring us a business problem Great clients know the difference between telling and selling Great clients know that all sales are made at least partly in the heart
  8. 8. According to Gunn Report… “Creatively-awarded campaigns are 11 times more efficient than non-awarded ones in terms of the level of market share growth they drive per point of ESOV.” Source:
  9. 9. “Creativity comes from chaos. Only when you encounter roadblocks and difficulties you will then start finding alternatives.” The most amazing conversation ever had, most inspiring presentation ever seen, all my respect to Jose Miguel Sokoloff. Jury President Jose Miguel Sokoloff Jose came to our class and talked about the wisdom behind Operations Christmas and the history of guerilla in Columbia.
  10. 10. The three ads that inspire Jose Miguel Sokoloff #WalksOfShame - Forever Young, Pepsi - The Call of Duty: There’s a soldier in all of us.” -
  11. 11. Fascinating „Jobs to be Done‟ Theory by Clayton Christensen. Hyper Island talked about how to convert brands to a problem solving tool.
  12. 12. The session made me think, brands and products are no longer just competing within the same category, but also across categories because both a cup of coffee and going to the gym could get the same job done, say to give you energy to launch your day. So the product does a better job wins. A very interesting perspective.
  13. 13. Rupen Desai, President, Lowe Asia Pacific - Do well by Doing Good
  14. 14. Be genuine and honest about your brand value and associate it with the right cause. The social value genuinely embedded in your brand directly triggers action of purchase, which brings commercial value to your business, as the value of business increases, the greater the investment they can make to the cause.
  15. 15. “ Disillusionment is pervasive in our industry.” - Alex Bogusky Alex Bogusky, and his agency Common also inspired me to investigate further on how collaboration can help make this world a better place.
  16. 16. An interesting note by Joe Talcott to close off our Young Marketer Academy... “No * is allowed in our ads [at McDonald’s]. Tell the truth, and find an interesting way to say it.”
  17. 17. The Seminars
  18. 18. The art of harmony and balance – an impossibly ridiculous balancing act with 14 palm branches and a feather, Sanddornbalance performed by Miyoko Shida What amazed me was that, when the artist took away the lightest feather, the entire structure lost its balance and collapsed. It made me think of how an organization, even this world functions - every one of us plays a significant role contributing to the heath of a company and the society. Watch Miyoko Shida‟s performance on YouTube:
  19. 19. Emma Montgomery Global Product Director SMG Human Experience Centre, Starcom MediaVest Why Storydoing is the Next Chapter of Storytelling This is my favourite seminar for Day 1 Spikes Asia ‟13. Remarkably insightful presentation.
  20. 20. Millennial expression today is about showing instead of telling. Images and visual platforms have become central to an experience exchange between young people. Every visual story is crafted to solicit a desired response, so design your campaign for reactions. Brands should create opportunities and context for people to tell a story. Milley Cyrus was an example how story can be re-told by thousands as the event happened. An event is the start of story telling. Create opportunity for people to collaborate with you to remake the story. Some Key Points from Emma‟s Preso Thanks to the courtesy of the presenter - Emma, the original slides will be discussed further in my blog. A really insightful research.
  21. 21. Lowe + Partners on social responsibilities Brands should create social missions that have a long lasting value by resolving real life problems - the Life Buoy Hand Wash Help a Child Reach 5 campaign is a genuine demonstration of this value proposition. Check out the ad here:
  22. 22. Leo Burnett on Leading Change and Creating Trends Whilst we marketers keep talking about rejuvenating our brand and being creative, 95% of our time is spent in the office – we are LITERALLY disconnected from the world. We shall all go out and do some „Trend Walks‟ like Leos and be inspired.
  23. 23. Bates Chi & Partners - How to Produce Remarkable Global Creative Work Find that ONE big human truth or single minded product truth‟ that applies across markets and aggregate your global budget to create something spectacular for your brand.
  24. 24. Rei Inamoto on The End of Advertising Pretty provocative topic, but the idea is remarkable – brands could no longer rely on telling a story to solve their business problem, but rather, they shall be constantly evolving, riding the waves, leading the trends, creating disruptive business ideas and business models to maintain their competitive advantage.
  25. 25. Rei Inamoto also touched on failure. Surprisingly people are more interested in knowing about failure than success, as suggested by the smartest engine in the world – Google. Optimism was the key to deal with failures and ultimately obtain success. “I have not failed, I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” – Thomas A. Edison
  26. 26. Hakuhodo on the New Potential for Advertising Agencies
  27. 27. An inspiring business model adopted by Hakuhodo – agencies should go beyond the border line of advertising, go try new things, help transform your client products and make them remarkable social objects that people would naturally talk about. Their business model requires vast talents, that‟s why Hakuhodo has industrial designers, architects etc in-house to support their „advertising‟.
  28. 28. Highlight – Jose Miguel Sokoloff on the follow-up campaigns after Operations Christmas.
  29. 29. “ Not only did this campaign bring the guerrillas home, it also made my soldiers proud. ” The commander supported Operations Christmas passed away recently on a mission. Respect to him, here‟s the full video of Operations Christmas:
  30. 30. The other three follow-up campaigns are equally inspiring as Operations Christmas Operations Bethlehem - Operations River of Lights - And also The Chance Campaign…
  31. 31. What‟s the challenge after demobilisation? Reinsertion. The Chance Campaign forges collaboration between Columbian fashion designers and demobilised guerillas, who are given an opportunity to become self-sufficient by running their own fashion brand.
  32. 32. “I hope one day we don’t have to run these campaigns any more, because it’ll mean my country can finally live in peace.” – Jose Miguel Sokoloff
  33. 33. Some Brilliant Quotes
  34. 34. Design [your campaign and content] for reactions. Talk to the consumers, advertise to humans. No *. Tell the truth, and find a way to say it in an interesting way. Creativity comes from chaos, only when you encounter roadblocks, you‟ll go find alternatives. Ask yourself – what‟s good in your brand? Enthusiasm is the electricity of life. How do you get it? You act enthusiastic until you make it a habit. Keep learning as if you‟ll live forever. Live as if you‟ll die tomorrow. Don‟t be obsessed with the (advertising) tools, but focus on the idea. Advertising does not help resolve the business problem. We need to innovate our business models. There‟s no more prime time, it‟s all „my time‟ now. Understand your customers‟ behaviour and bring your brand in front of them at the right time. They Might not be 100% accurate, some modifications might have applied. Authors please feel free to PM me via twitter so I can correct them. Or, I‟d be thrilled if you‟d like to send me your original slides, so this deck will look a lot better.
  35. 35. Some Pretty Crazy Thoughts
  36. 36. So taking away all these inspirations, I started a blog – Creative Curations, a blog dedicated to stimulating and enhancing my learning by exploring further and digging deeper into these inspiring stories. Here it is: (WARNING: it still looks insanely ugly now…)
  37. 37. Besides that, here‟s some extra fun I captured from the spikes…
  38. 38. Some Brilliant Print Ads
  39. 39. Innocence can be dangerous.Instant translation.
  40. 40. Audio Book
  41. 41. Speak like a native.
  42. 42. Liking is not helping.
  43. 43. Dogs cure depression. Adopt one.
  44. 44. Separate them.
  45. 45. No more blind spot. 360 degree city.
  46. 46. Supa Glue
  47. 47. Some Brilliant Campaigns/Case Studies
  48. 48. Some Awesome Freebies
  49. 49. Undie that makes your ideas sexier.
  50. 50. The flipbook of a 7 second video.
  51. 51. The Spikes was a truly inspiring experience for me as a young marketer. It helped ignite my commitment to a long term learning journey. If you‟ve got a minute to spare, check out my blog: Tweet me @wooelva if you‟ve got any feedback!