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Creative Advertising Presentation


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A presentation I created for a prototype air-freshener. This presentation represents the creative aspect of our campaign to be presented during class.

It went well.

  • @memaitrang The idea is too big for the product? Good?
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  • Sorry but a creative idea has got to be relevant (no children or with children what's the difference). The concept is not relevant , too big for an air frshener. Plus working-non-working? 25*34 why? An oil sticks etc. can not create the drame you suggested. Better to talk spa relax vs.Target audience is not defiined properly. I am a former Marketing Direcor of Grey Worldwide Advertising Inc. İstanbul, 15 years with P&G, 10 years with BAT, 5 years with Nokia, not to mention in total 18 global brands. Whatch out is relatedness.
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  • good for PP
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Creative Advertising Presentation

  2. 2. Essential Message “ Mood takes me where I want to be: Enhancing the mood I am in or ” creating the mood I desire.
  3. 3. Target Market •25 – 34 Year old Professional Women •Middle to Upper class •No Children •Healthy, active, and enjoys the outdoors •Inwardly directed •Wants to do something good for herself •Enjoys higher end products with added personal benefits
  4. 4. Positioning “ ” Your atmosphere depends upon your mood. The product provides a natural way to enhance your mood throughout the day.
  5. 5. Product Line
  6. 6. Our Core Idea With Creative Our core idea with our creative we are presenting here today is that Mood isn't just an air freshener. With this campaign we wanted to instill a feeling that Mood isn't just a product, but rather it is the feeling you get when you discover something that was uniquely made for you. Mood is for you.
  7. 7. Media Flowchart Teaser Buzz Branding
  8. 8. Social Media Website Portal: - Blog - Facebook - Twitter
  9. 9. Guerrilla Marketing
  10. 10. Guerrilla Marketing
  11. 11. Billboards
  12. 12. Billboards
  13. 13. Billboards
  14. 14. Billboards
  15. 15. Hotel and Spa Placement W Hotels are unique, individual expressions of modern living, reflected in the brand's sensibility to a holistic and healthy lifestyle experience created by the atmosphere one's in.
  16. 16. Press Release Sacramento, CA.
  17. 17. The Mood Lounge The Mood Airport Lounge will be featured at: Atlanta Chicago Dallas Denver Los Angeles
  18. 18. Magazine Advertisements quot;Allow Mood to relax, replenish, and invigorate your mood throughout the day. Mood uses a variety of essential oils to help create and enhance the mood of your desires. To view a complete list of all the essential oils offered, please visit us at www.setyourmood.comquot;
  19. 19. Mood & Lyrics Tour Atlanta Minneapolis Austin Nashville Boston New York City Chicago Philadelphia Cleveland Phoenix Dallas Pittsburgh Denver Portland Detroit Saint Louis Houston San Diego Las Vegas San Francisco Los Angeles Seattle Miami Washington Milwaukee
  20. 20. Product Placement
  21. 21. Sponsorship - Two Emmy Awards for Outstanding Reality Program - Two People's Choice Awards - Family Television Award for Best Alternative/Reality Program - For the fifth straight season, EM:HE ranked No. 1 in its Sunday 8:00 p.m. time period in the key Adult 18-49 sales demographic. - During the 2007-08 TV sason, EM:HE beat its nearest competition in the hour by 19% in Total Viewers and by 15% in Adults 18-49, also leading its time slot among Adults 25-54 and across all key women demographics
  22. 22. Sponsorship
  23. 23. Three Things To Remember The Mood Creative Campaign has: • Longevity • Flexibility • Innovativeness
  24. 24. thank you mood. © COPYRIGHT 2009 Ryan Scott Lum