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Humor in advertisement slideshow


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Humor in advertisement slideshow

  1. 1. Humor in AdvertisementPresented by :A. Jayashankar (EX 01)Abhishek Rai (EX02)Aditya Ghosh ( EX03)Akhil Sharma ( EX04)Aman Ajit ( EX05)
  2. 2. Humor in Advertisement : The HistoryTo have a sense of humor is a good thing. Every one agrees, right ? Prepare yourself for a shock because only about 400 years ago humor was called “Satanic spirit of man”. Greek philosophy depicted humor as cruel and brutal affair. Plato called it “motivation of envy” whereas Aristotle described laughter as “degrading to morals, art and religion” Relevance of this to present world. It is just like a warning that humor is not as simple as it appears. Upon study it emerges as jeckyll & Hyde phenomenon that can have both negative and positive effect.
  3. 3. Humor in Advertisement : A Quick Structure Ad DHL
  4. 4. Anatomy of Humorous AdsWhat makes a commercial humorous ? The key is “Incongruity” Writer creates humor by surprising us. He forces us momentarily, to fuse together two things that already exist in mind but are otherwise unrelated and incompatible . Then Bizarre combination becomes enjoyable.What are the elements of humorous ads ? Two concepts ( dumb bird & Human Intelligence) Incongruity/incompatibility between them. Confidence of stimulus element occurring in reality as depicted highly unlikely. A way of fusing the two and making them momentarily compatible.
  5. 5. Integration of Brand and executionWhen we are getting attention than why to talk of integration ?• Usually brand appears in the commercial almost as a ‘tag’ at the end of the ad.• Specially in case of humorous ads, ‘attention over-shadowing ’ effect plays spoil sport. Ad wiseWhat do you mean by Integration ?• A test : Imagine the ad with your competitor brand substituted in it instead. Does this ad still makes sense ?• If answer is ‘YES’ than you are suffering with integration issue.• Integration of ad at brand level is also important along with product level integration.• Ideally brand name itself should tie in as seen in above example of Budweiser• Lets run same test for Bird and DHL ad seen earlier. • How to correct it ? Had this ad been for Kruger Allstate Transport than would the story been different.• Kruger Allstate Transport i.e. for KAT , could be easily integral execution element.
  6. 6. Effect of Medium / channel “Studies shows that ads that are viewed by audiences that typically consists of just one person have less chances of being seen as funny” It has been consistently said that a listener or viewer laughs because other do or have , i.e. people laugh more if they are with other people.“So it could be inferred that humor works better in TV and radio than print ”. ( various survey and researches have also supported it).There is also a difference between radio and television comedy.• Visual humor can be developed much quicker than dialog-driven humor.• You can see funny faster than you can hear it.• Where TV advertising is usually "gag" oriented, radio advertising is "joke" oriented in design
  7. 7. Limitation of use of humor When someone points a gun at us, it hijacks our attention. Understandably we becomes so focused on gun that we take little notice of anything else. Similarly, humor may provide big guns to advertisers to get noticed but humor can also hijack attention so that people may not take the message or even not notice the brand. Humor is not any trump card or a guarantee of sure win.• Its application and effect depends upon context, and content of ad.• If above factors are not given proper consideration before using humor whole campaign can go in drain or worst can even backfire.• Lets se an advertisement to explain it in detail. Effect of advertisement The commercial was neither popular nor effective. LGBT groups protested and started a boycott on Holiday Inn. Average Americans now associated Holiday Inns with transsexuals. It was an all-around catastrophe, cementing its place in failed campaign history.
  8. 8. Different Emotions & Ad Appeals z Lower brand recall Gains attention Interferes with mesgInsurance/Health Products Increases retention comprehension Increase persuasiveness Strong feelings about ad
  9. 9. Different Emotions & Ad AppealsPrint Media Best option Consumers ignore most adsAudience can pause and Rational ads go unnoticeddeliberate on contents Emotional ads can captureUseful for B2B advertisers attention
  10. 10. Different Emotions & Ad AppealsBased on limited supply Often tied with Based on limited time to promotional tools likeEncourages customer to purchase contests,coupans etctake action
  11. 11. References• Advertising and minds of consumer by Max Sutherland & Alice K. Sylvester• scientific/advertising-related-services/346348- 1.html
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