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Connected Museums and Connected Learning

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Connected Museums and Connected Learning

  1. 1. Robert Pratten CEO & Founder twitter: @robpratten Connected Museums: Technology and Trends that are Transforming Visitor Experiences
  2. 2. Making life an adventure
  3. 3. We see the world as a storytelling canvas
  4. 4. Conducttr is an invisible “experience manager”
  5. 5. Audience at the center
  6. 6. Conducttr listens for events and responds based on the story and game mechanics created by the experience designer… ... publishing videos; turning on a light; vibrating a bracelet, awarding badges, sending tweets…
  7. 7. +42% increase in positive brand sentiment
  9. 9. Treasure trapper (Image copyright: Maverick Photo Agency) trapper-app-for-children/
  10. 10. Planning for success
  11. 11. Role of Museums? Enrich our lives & society through engagement with culture and science
  12. 12. Historic Royal Palaces Discovery Showmanship Stories Links past to today and people’s own lives Unravel & debate Spectacle, pageantry, majesty, beauty
  13. 13. Tower of London
  14. 14. Competition
  15. 15. Socio-economic trends • Fewer jobs but more people • Jobs of the future need employees who are – Creative – Collaborative – Problem-solvers, not drones • Flipped classrooms & connected learning • Intelligent training systems • Personalization of services • Multi-cultural societies (immigration & integration)
  16. 16. Opportunities
  17. 17. Benefits of expanding beyond the museum walls • Increased visits • Increased word-of-mouth (leading to more visits) • Increased sentiment • Increased store sales • Increased sponsorship (from better metrics & integration)
  18. 18. Data-driven storytelling CO affects • character’s mood • tone of tweets & blog posts • game difficulty? Character responses change based on air quality in Mumbai, India If air quality is good, she’s happy otherwise she’s grumpy or sad A narrative unfolds based on the daily air quality. Hence data comes to life. Your audience
  19. 19. How do we make culture engaging? • Engagement comes with relevance & resonance • Therefore goal is to personalize to make relevant • Personalization is possible with knowledge of each person – Preferences – Their history (age, experiences) – Their future (where does this experience fit in their stage of life?)
  20. 20. 1. Be Relevant 2. Resonate 3. Personalize
  21. 21. Multi-layered approach Story & Experience Our lives now Real history, real artefacts Teaser content
  22. 22. Stories add meaning and emotion word/2015/oct/05/longitude-exhibition-tour-history-science John Harrison’s sea clocks at Royal Observatory, Greenwich
  23. 23. Games add understanding and learning A team-based experience lead by a facilitator. Suitable for students 12+ A company’s business ethics and social responsibility are called into question when one of their space cargo rockets crashes into a neighboring town Product code: CVE2015 Now available in the Conducttr Marketplace Cosmic Voyage Enterprises A 60 minute decision-based adventure to stimulate classroom discussion
  24. 24. Borrow references from popular culture
  25. 25. Concept art for Dishonoured
  26. 26. Concept art for Assassin’s Creed
  27. 27. Create dynamic quest-based adventures Profile Diary Locker Quests Contacts Check-ins Profile Diary Locker Quests Home Fight for freedom in the colonies Discover new species of underwater sea life Fulfil an odyssey Steal a canon from the army 20% Profile Diary LockerHome Fulfil an odyssey Your journey begins in the West Wing. Only the bold and the foolish will attempt this quest! Tell me.. which are you? Ok, good. Tell me when you can see the golden bird with the broken tallon I’m more courageous than I look! Let’s get on with it! Hold on, it’ll take me a while to get there
  28. 28. Profile Diary Locker Quests Contacts Check-ins Web Onsite Sensors Onsite Screens Mobile
  29. 29. Connected experiences Profile Diary Locker Quests Contacts Check-ins Go on an adventure! 1. Become a renowned translator 2. Go on an odyssey onsite
  30. 30. Connected experiences Leaderboard Jonesy 6 quests 10 Artefacts Marks Family 5 quests 8 Artefacts Profile Diary Locker Quests Home Fight for freedom in the colonies Discover new species of underwater sea life Run with the bulls! Steal a canon from the army 20%
  31. 31. Visitor traffic management using branching narrative based on • Time of day (i.e. times of peak loading) • Room occupancy (i.e. real-time data) Profile Diary Locker Quests Home Fight for freedom in the colonies Discover new species of underwater sea life Run with the bulls! Steal a canon from the army 20% Profile Diary Locker Quests Home Run with the bulls! Steal a canon from the army 20% Light loading Heavy loading Removewhenroomsover-occupied
  32. 32. Quest Example: Become a Renowned Translator • It’s 1799. It’s hot and you’re exhausted. • You’re with a French soldier digging the foundations of a fort extension at el-Rashid. He discovers something unusual – A: Investigate – B: Where am I?! • Where’s el-Rashid? – You’re in the Nile Delta, at Fort St Julien located 65 km (40 mi) east of Alexandria. It’s better known as Rosetta – Captain: Hey? What’s that old stone you’ve got there? – Soldier: I don’t know.. It’s got strange markings on it – A: Investigate the markings – B: Hide the stone in your coat (this could be valuable!) • Investigate the Markings – IF (ROOM 4 NOT BUSY) THEN “Go to the Egyptian Sculpture, Room 4 and look for artefact number xyz” – ELSE “These markings are hieroglyphics and Greek from about 196 BC. Go to Room 13 and find the Greek artefact abc” Example traffic management
  33. 33. But what about Virtual Reality?!
  34. 34. Reasons to use VR • Virtually go to places that are inaccessible – Too far, too expensive, too dangerous, too small, too fragile – E.g. The moon, Paris, inside a volcano, inside the body, Altamira caves • Virtually examine objects that can’t be held – Fragile, rare, remote, destroyed, reconstructed
  35. 35. Dinosaur footprints, Colorado
  36. 36. 3D Printing to make the virtual real
  37. 37. Virtual to physical = conceptual to tangible
  38. 38. Citizen Science: MicroPasts Many people trace the outline of an artefact in a photograph. The outlines become a 3D model
  39. 39. Real to Virtual Reality Social Media, Email, Phone Sensor network
  40. 40. “Meet Lucy”
  41. 41. Motivation Wave Time High Low Motivation © BJ Fogg
  42. 42. Right demand at the right time Time High Low Motivation © BJ Fogg Hit with spectacle when motivation or attention is low Follow-up with deeper knowledge while motivation is high
  43. 43. Personalized guide Virtual Reality Adaptive interpretation Your personal history (activity feed) Related content, characters Alternative perspectives Places to visit Things to do Maps Activity Data - What and who this person did, saw, met, created Home Museum Reality Personal Learning Companion Mobile device
  44. 44. Creating a transformative experience Experience Pedagogical Feedback & Assessment Scaffolding Training objectives Facts & procedures Characters Choices Consequences Narrative The story of thing
  45. 45. Creating a transformative experience Experience Pedagogical Memory Engagement Distributed practice (time) Localized (place) Multimedia Resonant Motivation Personalization Flow
  46. 46. Personalized experience & exploration of virtual world Activity trace of virtual experiences - Places visited, people met, objects found, events witnessed, stories heard Reflection Conversation Connection (to community, knowledge) The “Real Thing” - See it, maybe touch it Virtual Reality Museum Simulated environment that adapts based on what is known about the visitor Personal Learning Companion Mobile device HomeSchool Heritage Site Augmented Reality Augmented & Virtual Reality Teacher-guided interpretation Serious Game Activity Data - What and who this person did, saw, met, created Preferences & Settings - Personal backstory - Male/Female/LBGT/etc. - Age Intelligent Engagement System - Creates adaptive interpretation & engagementThe “Real Place” - See it, touch it Connected learning
  47. 47. Be remarkable Robert Pratten @robpratten