Tweet your way to a new job (Web version)


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Here's a quick introduction to Twitter and how it can be leveraged to help you in your job search.

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Tweet your way to a new job (Web version)

  1. 1. Tweet your way to a new job I’m just not that into Twitter. Am I missing something? By Todd Nilson @talentline411
  2. 2. What’s Twitter? A primer Why tweet? Twitter and job search
  4. 4. Get started in minutes
  5. 5. What are you doing? Type here.
  6. 6. What are you doing? OK. Offering interesting content is better!
  7. 7. Notice how your follower tweets Your profile name, appear like Facebook’s location, link and bio wall updates. appear here.
  8. 8. Huge growth in Is it a fad? While there has been 2009 some fall-off, Twitter remains a great resource for your job search. Source:
  9. 9. Who has time for all this nonsense? (And over 40 more CEOs) Source: Businessweek “Tweets from the Chiefs”
  10. 10. A PRIMER
  11. 11. @ is Twitter’s way of recognizing account names, replies and mentions @
  12. 12. As a job seeker, you may not want to get too fancy with account names. @cooldude37 might work for a personal account but it won’t fly for a professional search. @JimSmith
  13. 13. Here’s how a reply looks.
  14. 14. RT (Retweet)
  15. 15. You can track topics by using the hashtag. More on that later. # (Hashtag)
  16. 16. Lists (Organize groups and conversations)
  17. 17. WHY TWEET?
  18. 18. Compared to a LinkedIn Easy or Facebook setup, starting with Twitter is very easy.
  19. 19. Free Twitter costs nothing but the time you put into it.
  20. 20. Fast is a double- edged sword. Twitter Fast has immediacy but it can be a fire hose of information, too. Photo Credit: Jason Gulledge
  21. 21. Twitter is especially good at forming Direct and mantaining relationships.
  22. 22. Mobile Twitter can be accessed via SMS on your mobile phone. In addition, many popular smart phones have Twitter apps.
  24. 24. Optimize your profile • Use your real name • Link to your blog (or LinkedIn profile) • Highlight skills, education, job search keywords in your profile • Post a quality head shot picture
  25. 25. Find relevant trending topics • #jobs • #jobsearch • #JobHuntChat • #jobsearch • #career • #jobseeker
  26. 26. Follow (and unfollow) wisely • Connect with recruiters – In your area – In your industry – In your profession • Connect with fellow job seekers • Connect with career coaches • Beware high followings with low tweet numbers!
  27. 27. Don’t be a twit! • Avoid shameless self-promotion • Provide context whenever possible • Remember to say thank you • Avd extrm abbrv b/c its annyng! Images from Monty Python’s Flying Circus
  28. 28. Connect LinkedIn
  29. 29. Use Tweetdeck to stay organized Organize conversations by using columns. is a free download!
  30. 30. @talentline411 Many thanks to the nice people at Right Management for inviting me to talk about Twitter for the job search today!