R U Ready 4TwitterII


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From connecting via Twitter as an educator to Twitter in the classroom and connecting your class globally.

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R U Ready 4TwitterII

  1. AreUReady 4
  2. Century Skills, LiteraciesTolisano Silvia Rosenthal & Fluency Educational Consultant GloballyConnectedLearning.com Langwitches.org/blog
  3. Step 1 Step 2 Step Your Connect 3Educators Classroom Class
  4. Step 1Educators
  5. Conversation that used to happen at theWater Cooler ...
  6. ...happens now onTwitter
  7. Conversation isgoingGlobal
  8. Let’s PaperTweet
  9. Twitter Package 10 Sticky Notes Name Tag Pen DM EnvelopesIdea by Kelly Tenkely- http://ilearntechnology.com/?p=3828
  10. you need the right tools and friends
  11. Create anJoin the Conversation Account http://www.flickr.com/photos/kopp0041/3064309164
  12. Name @username 160  Characters  Descrip5onFill out yourProfile !
  13. Who should I follow ?
  14. Choose whom to follow h7p://www.flickr.com/photos/kaythaney/5995296229/
  15. Be selectiveto match your Interests
  16. h7p://www.flickr.com/photos/lionsthlm/7584256504/ Yes, you can block someone
  17. Who they follow... and see... Find one personhttp://www.flickr.com/photos/kopp0041/3064305720/
  18. Pay Attention to Lists your favorite Twitterer belongs to
  19. Links Push Out Articles Resources Quotes Annotations Added Value Questionshttp://www.flickr.com/photos/kopp0041/3063469931/in Answers
  20. Inspiring ConversationArea of Interest Filter! TweetsQuality Information Tweets Tweets Tweets TweetsTweets Tweets Tweets Tweets TweetsProvocative Motivating Resourcesh7p://www.flickr.com/photos/verbeeldingskr8/3638834128/
  21. Organize and Filter
  22. Curationh7p://www.langwitches.org/twi7er/
  23. Join and engage inConversation
  24. Give morethanyoutake
  25. What does Twitter have to do withthis?
  26. Digital Cameras YogaGhosts AsiaWine & Food Topics
  27. Twitter Vocabulary Tw r Tw itt Cli itte ere ent r ted Twi @- twee tPic men e essag tion ct M #- rs ner Dire has eet erve orteDM- hta eTw wittL Sh g T- R tweet UR http://www.flickr.com/photos/kopp0041/3063470861
  28. Too manyConversations
  29. #Hashtagst h r e a dTweets together for you!
  30. Who are yougoing to follow?
  31. h7p://twi7er.com/langwitches
  32. h7p://twi7er.com/curriculum21
  33. h7p://twi7er.com/heidihayesjacob
  34. h7p://twi7er.com/fisher1000
  35. h7p://twi7er.com/mumbaimaggie
  36. h7p://twi7er.com/braddo
  37. h7p://twi7er.com/ddmeyer
  38. h7p://twi7er.com/rmbyrne
  39. h7p://twi7er.com/NMHS_Principal/
  40. h7p://twi7er.com/edtechworkshop
  41. h7p://www.twi7er.com/lindayollis
  42. Step 2Classroom
  43. Did youKnow?
  44. The Conversation is on Twitter
  45. Twitter Policy & Rationale
  46. Twitter as a Tool for Learning http://www.flickr.com/photos/chaztoo/5116153039/
  47. DigitalCitizenship & Safety
  48. Skills & Literacies
  49. K-2 TwitterChecklist
  50. Learn About Twitter in the Classroom
  51. With aClassroomAccountUnder 13?
  52. Communication
  53. Discussions
  54. Documentation
  55. Curation
  56. watch talk produce Twitter Spectrumby Terry Heickhttp://edudemic.com/2012/03/25-ways-to-use-twitter-in-the-classroom-by-degree-of-difficulty/
  57. Infographic
  58. Step YourConnect 3 Class
  59. CreateD Account- Chose Appropriate and Meaningful Usernameru Ready 4 Twitter Uploaded an Avatar Included Descriptive Profile Description Did not Lock my Account Chose Quality people to Follow (Word of Mouth, @mentions, Blogs, WEbsites, Ads) Chose Quality people to Follow (Lists, Followers, #Hashtags) Keeping an Eye (Allow/Follow Back/Block) on the Users Following Me Recognized a Spam Tweet or Hacker Tweet Tweeted a Link with Description and added Value RT- Re-Tweeted someone Elses Tweet RT- Re-Tweeted someone Elses Tweet AND Added Value Tweeted a ResourceChecklist Sent a DM (Direct Message) Included an Image in a Tweet Included a #Hashtag in a Tweet Answered someone elses Question Asked a Question @mentioned someone else to catch their Attention and/Or pointED them to a Resource Documented & Shared Live Learning Followed a #Hashtag Participated in a Chat
  60. Step 1 Step 2 Step Your Connect 3Educators Classroom Class
  61. Century Skills, LiteraciesTolisano Silvia Rosenthal & Fluency Educational Consultant GloballyConnectedLearning.com Langwitches.org/blog