Twitter for NOT so dummies webinar


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Webinar about Twitter - Slides for download.

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Twitter for NOT so dummies webinar

  1. 1. TWITTER FORNOT SO DUMMIES “The power to connect and engage in 140 characters”
  2. 2. Begging to Build a SSM Presence - by Brian Solis1. Listen, Search, Walk a “Daily in the Life” of…2. Define Your Online Brand: What do you want people to seeand appreciate?3. Develop a Social Media Strategy: Make your presence matterand tie it back to key business objectives4. Build and Invest in Your Community: Participate and earnaffinity to become a trusted resource5. Learn: Repeat steps 1-5 over time to stay relevant as
  3. 3. Watch for this KeyConcepts! Key Concepts to remember Take notes! TAKE NOTESWAKE UP! Stand up, do the CHICKEN DANCE and CLAP 3 times! :)-
  4. 4. Joke in the industry "Facebook is where people tell lies totheir friends and Twitter is where people tell the truth to strangers".
  5. 5. What is Twitter Twitter is a micro-blogging tool that has seen explosive growth since its launch in 2006with over over 140 million (wikipedia) users worldwide. The latest article about Twitter @Forbes says 200 million. Twitter Ranks number #8 Globally source:
  6. 6. WHO IS ON TWITTER? Quick Geo-demographics
  7. 7. Relative Audience to internet population source:
  8. 8. source: Semiocast
  9. 9. Twitter in AUS source: alexa.orgApproximate 2.5 Million user in AUS
  10. 10. Why is Twitter powerful?
  11. 11. Key Twitter for Marketing - Concept!Engagement toolPromotionsResearchProspectingNetworkingTraffic generator
  12. 12. Twitter for Engagement
  13. 13. Twitter for Promotions
  14. 14. Take note! Promotion IDEASRun a Contest on Twitter (examples#twittercontest)Tweetup = events organized on twitter tomeet in person (examples #tweetups)Twitter Chats ( -when we finish
  15. 15. Take note! Twitter for Market ResearchLocal Searches = Nearby Tweets ( SearchesTwitter TrendsTweelow ( or Trendistic ( )Finding Thought Leaders: Listorious (
  16. 16. Twitter for NetworkingBuild relationships;Participate on events;Discussions about topics of interest;Chats or TweetChats;Meet ups
  17. 17. TWITTER FOR PROSPECTING Finding new clients on Twitter
  18. 18. Twitter for B2B Sales Source: Inside View
  19. 19. Source: Inside View
  20. 20. TWITTER TO GENERATE TRAFFIC Post LINKS to you BLOG and ask followers to share it.
  21. 21. Take note! Another Hidden SecretInside Scoop: Follow the right IndustryInsiders / Leader / Evangelists and you getthe news
  22. 22. WAKE UP!
  23. 23. GETTING STARTED What to do NEXT?
  24. 24. SETTING UP Profile setting = Branding
  25. 25. TakeYour BIO page note!
  26. 26. Takenote!
  27. 27. only 160 characters for your BIO
  28. 28. Take note!use URL shorteners (
  29. 29. Background image
  30. 30. Take note!Learn Twitter’s language RT = RE-TWEET Mention or @= When someone mentions your twitter username Hash Tag (#) = Tagging and grouping a TOPIC DM = Direct Message #FF = Follow Friday
  31. 31. Take note!Learn Twitter’s languageTwitter List = A way of organizing your Followers and thepeople you follow into LISTS.And SOO many others
  32. 32. ATTACK!! Define a Strategy
  33. 33. Engage Aim VALUE ... Key Concept! Connect Network Engage VALUE Educate Share ProspectTrain/Coach Promote Help out
  34. 34. Key Not ABOUT QTY Concept! “Actions speak louder than page views” - from MixelPanel“Actions speak louder than likes and followers”
  35. 35. FOLLOWER GROWTH 101 Strategies to increasing the number of twitter followers
  36. 36. Growing your followerFollow people and they may follow back - majority do if you arecool :)-
  37. 37. Growing your followerLinking to your BLOG or Website
  38. 38. Growing your followerLink your twitter account to your Facebook page or profile;
  39. 39. Growing your followerLink your twitter account to LinkedIn;
  40. 40. Growing your followerLink everywhere you can!
  41. 41. Growing your follower@
  42. 42. Growing your followerHelp people out # a Question or a particular need you think people have
  43. 43. Growing your follower#
  44. 44. Growing your followerPosting Excellent CONTENT!!! RT and Favorites # FF Daily is out!
  45. 45. Growing your followerPosting Excellent CONTENT!!! The ULTIMATE MENTION
  46. 46. WHO TO FOLLOW? Follow the right people and they will LEAD you there!
  47. 47. Take note! Who to Follow?Start with your friends by connecting your email accounts;Look for people you admire and follow them, then follow whothey follow;Your industry leaders and whoever they interact the most with;#FF = Follow Fridays#yourtopicofinterest
  48. 48. Take note! Follow Power Twitteres@scobleizer @techcrunch@garyvee @wilw@zen_habits @chrisbrogan@kevinrose @The_Real_Shaq@guykawasaki @mashable@marismith @barefoot_exec@darrenrose @jaybaer
  49. 49. TWITTER SCIENCE Let’s stick to the FACTS, shall we?
  50. 50. The ScientistDan Zarrella is the award-winning social media scientist at HubSpot and author of three books: “Zarrella’s Hierarchy ofContagiousness,” “The Social MediaMarketing Book” and The Facebook Marketing Book.
  51. 51. Dan Zarrella Contra-Competitive Timing Source:
  52. 52. Find the Sweet Spot!Source:
  53. 53. Take note! Words that count INCREASE CLICKS DECREASE CLICKS“daily is out” “marketing”@ “add this”“VIA”“RT”“please”“check” Source:
  54. 54. FINDING CONTENT Ninja Tricks to find content
  55. 55. Take note! Ninja Tricks - Finding Content on SteroidsAlltop ( Reader ( ( ( Upon ( (
  56. 56. Ninja Tricks - Finding Content on SteroidsBloggersFacebook (if you use it wisely)LinkedIn (Groups and Q&A)ForumsAmazon Kindle = GET A KINDLE!
  57. 57. TWITTER MANAGEMENT in 10 minutes a day
  58. 58. Take note! Twitter Management in 10 minutes a day (excluding weekends)Check your Interaction and Mentions, interact with newfollowersCheck RT and interact with followersCheck for new followers and say hello!Check HOME for anything you might find useful/ interestingCheck your lists for fresh content from cool peps you follow
  59. 59. Take note! Twitter Management AppsHootsuite ( with Mobile AppTweetDeck ( App ( Counter ( all with respective Browser Extensions
  60. 60. Take note! Ninja Tricks - Optimizing your study or reading timeRSS into BufferHootsuiteFeedly (
  61. 61. WRAPPING UP a couple more takeaways
  62. 62. Takeaways TipsYou are interacting with Human Beings, so be HUMAN!Be Humble;Two ears, one mouth pays off ;The goal is to connect and engage, and see what happens;Give VALUE, Educate followers = BE GENEROUS;Share what you think may benefit whoever is listening
  63. 63. Build your funnel Key Concept!Connect Engage Educate Promote Catching $$ !!
  64. 64. DONE!!! ANY Q?? Q & A - TWEET CHAT
  65. 65. Let TWEET CHAT!! #smsfe