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Heartbeats and Remarkables for NetSquared Victoria


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The talk that Julie and I gave at NetSquared Victoria. Here's the description:

If you only engage in ordinary outreach activities – petition asks,
email marketing and Google AdWord buys – you won't get noticed in a busy landscape where every nonprofit is vying for attention and support. Why? When everyone does the same thing, no one organization shines.

Truly remarkable organizations get their marketing done for them – for free – by their most excited, committed, passionate and devoted fans. They earn it by providing exceptional member experiences, by being unique, bold and creative. Word-of-mouth isn't just about one-off gimmicks or "viral" campaigns. It's an overall approach to movement building based on a new online reality where everyday people have become the most powerful marketing department on the planet.

In this session, we'll discuss how nonprofits and charities are
creating remarkable online campaigns based on the theory and
philosophy of movement marketing. You'll learn from experienced
practitioners how to augment limited budgets with creativity and
technology that will help your nonprofit get talked about.

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  • ola eu sou frnancisco clarindo e me comprometo a divulgar a emprea desde que eu tenha algum resultado, quero reintera que não posso fzer comentario ou propaganda de algo sem eu saber do que estou falando eu posso divulgar e bem qualquer empresa ou produtos porque já trabalho como destribuidor de panfletos de propagnda em sinaleiro e de casa em casa
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Heartbeats and Remarkables for NetSquared Victoria

  1. THE REMARKABLES How to Win with Word-of-Mouth Marketing
  2. 2008
  3. 2008 •  Facebook surpasses MySpace •  Twitter #22 social networking site •  First iPhone released
  4. 2013 •  4 billion views/day •  1.1 billion users •  50 million users
  5. More than 98% of Non-Profits   are on Facebook MDG Advertising, 2012
  6. ?
  7. meth·od·ol·o·gy! A body of practices, procedures, and rules used by those who work in a discipline
  8. Heartbeats •  •  •  •  •  •  Website/blog content SEO Email marketing Press releases Online advertising Social media updates
  9. Remarkables We Seth Godin
  10. Remarkables •  Cut through online noise •  Recruit new customers •  Inspire actions & activities •  Connect with influencers •  Tell a story •  Increase attention •  Improve web presence and SEO
  11. “Safe is risky and risky is safe.” – Seth Godin
  12. Do Something Amazing! •  A beautiful, shareable crowdfunding site •  Donors received a Certificate of Purchase •  Raised $32 million
  13. Be Bold •  2.5 million YouTube views •  90,000 petition signatures
  14. •  Activity book teaching elements of inbound marketing best practices •  Inspires fun in an (overly) serious industry •  25,000 downloads
  15. What do Remarkables have in Common?  
  16. Remarkables… •  Touch us emotionally •  Offer a compelling story arc •  Provide new, surprising information •  May have heroes and villains
  17. Remarkables… •  Make us laugh (sometimes) •  Inspire us •  Reflect trends in popular culture •  Are highly shareable
  18. Tips for making Remarkables  
  19. Change the Medium   of the message
  20. RIFF   on what the Web loves
  21. •  Vine has more than 40 million users •  Great for mobile-based campaigns •  Making a vine video is a relatively easy ask
  22. Enable   user contributions
  23. Build   something useful
  24. Inspire   others
  25. Campaign Killers!  
  26. Hello, Anyone Out There? You don’t have an engaged, motivated audience.
  27. Problem Technique Your Remarkable is plagued by technical glitches.
  28. Your Idea Sucks Enough said.
  29. How to Measure Remarkables  
  30. •  Set clear campaign objectives •  Match objectives with measurable, online actions •  Top referring sites are key—keep an eye on them •  Measure campaign success against conversion rates •  Measure social media uptake
  31. Does it Really Work? Doubled Website Traffic Covered in top industry blogs National media coverage Fully-funded project
  32. Fireworks Factory Our Books