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Dental and cosmetic preparations


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Dental and cosmetics preparations: This presentation includes dentifrices, cosmetic preparation including face, hair, nail and eye along with their method of preparation and marketed preparation.

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Dental and cosmetic preparations

  1. 1. DENTAL AND COSMETICS PREPARATIONS Tejaswini B. Kakade 1 7/8/2016
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION COSMETICS:- Cosmetic it is derived from Greek word ‘kosmeticos’ which means to adorn  It means any articles intended to be rubbed, poured, sprinkled, or sprayed on or introduced into or applied to any part of the human body, for cleaning, beautifying, promoting- attractiveness or altering the appearance. e.g. Cosmetics Products includes; Creams, Emulsions, lotions, Gels, Oils, for skin, hand, hair, eye, nails.etc…… 3 7/8/2016
  4. 4. Facial cosmetics: 1. Face powders. 2. Compact face powders 3. Rouges 4. Cold Creams. 5. Cleansing Creams 6. Vanishing Creams. 7. Moisturizing Creams. 8. Foundation Creams 9. Eye Make up preparations : a) Eye Shadow b) Eye brow pencils c) Mascara 10. Lipsticks 11.Bleaches 12.Shaving Media: a) Leather shaving creams b)Brushless shaving creams c)Shaving soaps d)Shaving sticks e) After shave products 7/8/2016
  5. 5. Hair make up preparations: 1. Shampoos 2. Hair dressings a) Hair conditioners b) Hair tonics c) Hair waving and hair straightening preparations d) Brilliantines 3. Hair Dyes 4.Depilatories(hair removers) 7/8/2016
  6. 6. CLASSIFICATION OF COSMETICS Cosmetics are categories as follow. 1) Cosmetics according to their use: 4 NAIL- e.g. Nail polish, manicure preparations TEETH- e.g. Dentifrices. EYE- e.g. Eye brow pencil, Eye lotion etc… HAIR- e.g. Shampoo, Hair remover, etc….7/8/2016
  7. 7. 2) Cosmetics according to their function. l 5 CURATIVE - e.g. Antiperspirant. PROTECTIVE- e.g. Face powder. CORRECTIVE - e.g. . Face powder. 7/8/2016
  8. 8. 3) Cosmetics according to their physical nature: 6 AEROSOLS- e.g. Hair perfumes CAKES - e.g. Compact powder EMULSION - e.g. Cold & Vanishing creams. PASTE- e.g. Tooth paste. POWDER - e.g. Face & Tooth powder. SOLUTION- e.g. Aftershave & hand Lotion. OILS - e.g. hair oils. STICKS- e.g. lipsticks 7/8/2016
  9. 9. 1) FACE POWDER:-  Face powder is a cosmetic preparation meant for improvement of overall attractiveness of the face.  It is applied on the face by means of a powder puff & provides visual covering to the skin and imparts smooth finish. Types: a) Light type: used for dry skin, large quantity of talc b) Medium type: used for normal or oily skin, lesser quantity of talc with zinc oxide c) Heavy type: Used for very oily skin, it contain lesser quantity of talc and higher quantity of zinc oxide . 7 PREPARATIONS 7/8/2016
  10. 10. General Method of Preparation of face powder:- 1) All the solid ingredients are powdered & pass through sieve number 120. 2) Mix them thoroughly, incorporate the required quantity of perfumes & packed in powder box. 8 FORMULATION Formula:- Talcum powder 75.0g Kaolin 5.0g Chalk precipitated 5.0g Zinc oxide 10.0g Zinc stearate 5.0g Perfumes & Color Q.S 7/8/2016
  11. 11. 2) COMPACT FACE POWDER:-  Compact Face powder is a dry powder which is compressed to form a cake and is applied with the help of powder puff. General Method of Preparation of face powder:- 1) All the solid ingredients are powdered & pass through sieve number 120. 2) Mix them thoroughly, add required quantity of binder solution and perfumes, Mix thoroughly to get wet mass and compress the mass and dry to form cake. 7/8/2016
  12. 12.  The pressure of compression is very important, very low pressure lead to breaking of cake and very high pressure lead to form hard cake 7/8/2016
  13. 13. 3) ROUGES:-  Rouges are applied to the cheeks for enhancing the face beauty. It imparts rosy freshness, also add beauty.  Rouges are available in solid, liquid and cream form.  Color of rouge vary from pink to red or reddish brown.  The dry compact rouge is applied with help of powder puff FORMULATION: Formula for dry Rouge :- Talcum powder 80.0g Zinc oxide 5.0g Zinc stearate 5.0g Rice starch 10.0g Perfumes & Color Q.S 7/8/2016
  14. 14. 4) COLD CREAM:-  Cold cream is an emulsion, which when applied on the skin, a cooling effect is produced due to slow evaporation of water present in the emulsion. This are generally prepared by emulsification of oil and water. FORMULATION: Formula Bees wax 5.0g liquid paraffin 45.0g White soft paraffin 10.0g Hard paraffin 7.0g Borax 0.2g Water 32.8ml Perfumes & Preservative Q.S. 9 7/8/2016
  15. 15. General Method of Preparation of Cold Cream: 1) Melt the wax, white soft paraffin, hard paraffin on a water bath. 2) Add liquid paraffin & heat the mixture to 700 C. 3) Dissolve the borax in water at 750 C & add to melted fats with continuous stirring. 4) Cool with stirring to 400 C. 5) Add the required quantity of preservative & perfumes . 6) Transfer the cream to the container while hot. 1 0 7/8/2016
  16. 16. 5) CLEANSING CREAM:  Cleansing creams remove facial make up and keeps skin healthy by removing grime, sebum and other secretions, dead cells. This are basically cold creams containing detergent action. Types: i) Liquefying cleansing creams ii) Emulsified creams of o/w type iii) Emulsified creams of w/o type FORMULATION: Formula: Beeswax 12.0g Liquid paraffin 30.0g Bentonite 0 .7g Borax 0 .7g Water 32.0ml Isopropyl alcohol 0 .4ml 7/8/2016
  17. 17. 6) VANISHING CREAM:  These are the O/W emulsion which when applied to the skin leave an almost invisible layer on it hence; this are called as vanishing cream. The main ingredient used is stearic acid which gives pearly white shinning appearance to the cream. FORMULATION: Formula Stearic acid 18.0g Glycerin 3.0g lanolin 2.0g Triethanolamine 1.0g Water 80.0ml Preservative 1.0g Perfumes Q.S. 11 7/8/2016
  18. 18. Methods of Preparation of Vanishing Cream. 1) Melt stearic acid & lanolin, mix water, glycerin & triethalonamine & warm to same temperature as that of melted stearic acid & lanolin. 2) Mix the to with continuous stirring. 2) Mix them thoroughly in order to obtained a uniform product. 1 2 7/8/2016
  19. 19. 7) FOUNDATION CREAMS (Beauty milk):  These are applied to face after cleansing to provide a smooth emollient base for facial makeup. Act as skin protective and prevent damage caused by sun or wind. Type: i) o/w: used for dry skin ii) w/o: used for oily skin FORMULATION: Formula Stearic acid 18.0g pot hydroxide 0.52g sodium hydroxide 0.18g Cetyl alcohol 0 .50ml Glycerin 18.0ml Water 60.0ml Preservative and Perfumes Q.S. 7/8/2016
  20. 20. 8) MOISTURING CREAMS:  These are designated to be left on skin for several hours. These creams are applied at night, the layer of cream prevent rate of transepidermal water loss thus having moisturing effect. It keeps the skin surface smooth by its lubrication action These creams contain mineral oil, vegetable oil, lipophilic substances, humectant (glycerin, sorbitol, propylene glycol)and water. 7/8/2016
  21. 21. 9) EYE MAKE UP PREPARATIONS: A) EYE SHADOW: These are the preparations which produce attractive moist looking background of color to the eyes.  Applied to the eye lids. Available in various shades Types: a) Eye shadow creams b) Eye shadow stick c) Powder Pressed Eye shadow d) liquid Eye shadow 7/8/2016
  22. 22. 9) EYE MAKE UP PREPARATIONS: B) EYE BROW PENCILS: These are hard crayons which are used for darkening the eye brows. Contains mainly black iron oxide.  Manufactured by pencil manufacturers. Available in black and brown color. C) MASCARA: Mascara is a black pigmented preparation applied to eye lashes to beautify eyes. Used to darken eyelashes and increase their length Types: i) Cake Mascara ii) Cream Mascara iii) Liquid Mascara 7/8/2016
  23. 23. 10) LIPSTICKS: Most widely used cosmetic item by women to give an attractive color &appearance to lips, Manufactured as moulded sticks. Consist color pigment dissolved in plastic bases. Ideal qualities: Nontoxic Non-irritant Stable both physically and chemically Free from gritty particles Free from sweating Should not break easily Shiny and smooth appearance Maintain color of lips for long period Should not break during storage 7/8/2016
  24. 24. FORMULATION: Formula Carnauba wax 1.0g Beeswax 15g lanolin 5g Cetyl alcohol 5g Castor oil 65.0ml Coloring matter and Perfumes Q.S. FORMULATION OF LIPSTICKS: 1. Bases: Oily, fatty materials and waxes like mineral oil, veg oil, cocoa butter, lanolin, carnauba wax, beeswax, spermaceti 2. Coloring Materials: Titanium dioxide, soluble eosin, halogenated derivatives of fluorescein and tetra bromo fluorescein. 3. Perfumes: Floral fruity and light spicy fragrances 4. Antioxidants: BHA , BHT, Propyl gallate etc 7/8/2016
  25. 25. 11) Bleaches: These are the agents which lighten skin color. Lightening color mainly by reducing pigmentation, decolorize melanin or formation of new melanin. Protect skin from UV radiation. 7/8/2016
  26. 26. REFERENCES 1) Pharmaceutics II by “R.M. Mehta” Vallabh Prakashan, Page no 193-221 2)Textbook of Cosmetics by “M.Vimaladevi”, C.B.S. Publication. Page no.3-6 & 128- 130. 3) 2 0 7/8/2016
  27. 27. 7/8/2016