monoclonal antibodies method of preparation pharmacology electroporation herpex simplex virus vector adeno associated virus vector adenovirus vector system retrovirus vector system chemical method non viral gene transfer : physical method viral gene transfer (biological) gene transfer methods gene augmentation gene correction gene replacement gene modification germ line gene therapy somatic gene therapy approaches in gene therapy : types of gene therapy ada-scid(severe combined immunodeficiency) genes nucleic acids gene therapy miscellaneous method :multiple membrane extrusion trans membrane ph gradient drug uptake process (re hand shaking method preparation of multilamellar vesicles ether injection reverse phase evaporation preparation of large unilamellar vesicles micro fluidization sonication preparation of small unilamellar vesicles charge inducing molecule cholesterol non-ionic surfactant components of niosomes niosomes vs liposomes others types of niosomes types of niosomes general characteristics of niosome niosomes protein purification mabs as targeting agents direct use of mabs as therapeutic agents therapeutic applications diagnostic imaging biochemical analysis diagnostic application application of mabs cloning and propagation screening selection of hybridoma cell fusion . immunization monoclonal antibody production human monoclonal antibodies humanized monoclonal antibodies chimeric monoclonal antibodies murine monoclonal antibodies types of monoclonal antibodies pharmacokinetic of mabs renal hepatic gastrointestinal proteolysis metabolism & elimination distribution transdermal administration inhalational administration parenteral administration enteral administration absorption protein and peptides examples of biotechnological products biotechnological products pharmaceutical biotechnology pharmacodynamics study pharmacokinetics study pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of biotechno phagocytosis pinocytosis vesicular or corpuscular transport (endocytosis) persorption permeation through tight junctions of epithelial c paracellular / intercellular transport antiport (counter transport) symport (co-transport) secondary primary active transport processes facilitated or mediated diffusion ion- pair transport pore transport passive diffusion .passive transport processes transport transcellular / intracellular digestion and absorption drug absorption from git formulation of cold cream ingredients used for preparation of cold cream ideal characteristics of cold cream formulation of vanishing cream major ingredients used for the production of vanis ideal properties of vanishing creams vanishing cream cold cream evaluation of herbal hair dye marketed herbal hair dye ingredient used in the herbal hair dye evaluation of herbal shampoo marketed herbal shampoo ingredient used in herbal shampoo evaluation of herbal hair oil marketed herbal hair oil ingredient used in herbal hair oil hair lotion hair dye shampoos hair oil preparation for hair herbal ingredients used in the cosmetics herbal cosmetics cosmetics herbal ingredients used in hair care loan licence requirements of factory premises for manufacture o regulatory provisions relating to manufacture of c standards for imported cosmetics grant of registration certificate application for registration certification for imp regulatory provisions relating to import of cosmet regulatory provisions related to cosmetics aging blending extraction collection manufacturing process synthetic source animal source plant source aromatic sources floral bouquet single floral modern traditional classification of perfumes base notes middle notes top notes notes in perfume history of perfume perfumes consumer care details registration certificate number (rcn) ingredients manufacturing license number warning or caution if hazard exists batch number barcodes storage condition retail sale price net quantity expiry date manufacture date country of manufacture name & address of manufacturer use instruction product function common or generic name of the product. labeling requirements importance of labeling indian regulatory requirements for labeling of tooth sensitivity leukoplakia oral cancer tooth decay gum problems bad breath hair shaft hair roots(roots are underground) common problems related to oral cavity hair growth cycle hair & its structure cosmetics - biological aspects population modeling optimal design sensitivity analysis non linearity at the optimum confidence regions statistical parameters estimation descriptive versus mechanistic modeling statistical modeling statistical modeling in pharmaceutical research an bbb-choline transporter oatp oct asbt hpept1 nucleoside transporters bcrp p-gp active transport drug excretion drug distribution intestinal permeation solubility drug absorption modeling techniques computational modeling of drug disposition multiorifice centrifugal process pan coating air suspension microencapsulation microcapsules evaluation of microspheres polymerization solvent extraction spray drying and spray congealing phase separation coacervation technique solvent evaporation double emulsion technique single emulsion technique microsphere nmr signal in various compound coupling constant splitting of the signals hydrogen bonding anisotropic effect (space effect) vander waal’s deshielding inductive effect factors influencing chemical shift chemical shift deshielding of proton shielding of proton transverse / spin- spin relaxation spin- spin relaxation relaxation nmr spectroscopy anova student’s t-test chi-square test korsmeyer-peppas model higuchi model heckel plots similarity factors f1 and f2 pharmacokinetic parameters dissolution parameters consoliation diffusion parameters bending vibration streching vibration globar source nernst glower incandescent lamp ftir instrument pyroelectric detector thermocouple detector bolometer detector golay cell application of ir sampling of gas sampling of liquids sampling of solids ir detector ir sources finger print region molecular vibration infrared spectroscopy ir spectroscopy non effervescent system effervescent system ph of git parts evaluation of grdds high density drug delivery system raft forming drug delivery system expandable approach bioadhesive drug delivery system microporous compartment system mcc cycle floating drug delivery system gastroretentive drug delivery system drug delivery system pharmaceutical analysis
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