Lift Truck Impact Detection & Monitoring


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Automatic forklift impact detection with visual warning shown in actual G forces

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Lift Truck Impact Detection & Monitoring

  1. 1. PAGE 1 EDI Defender Series Lift Truck Impact Detection & Monitoring Systems TURNING A CHALLENGE INTO AN OPPORTUNITY & TAILORED TO SUITYOUR SPECIFIC NEEDS Advanced Fleet Features Once installed to a lift truck and integrated to a fleet management reporting in real-time operational managers see immediate return on investment with improvements in operator driving efficiency, productivity by monitoring behavior reporting of all impact events throughout the day. • Two wires connections to any lift truck, operating voltage from 12 to 55 V DC • Visual display of actual G forces impacts on LCD display • Visual display warning to the operator of all “LOW” impacts • Visual display /audio warning to the operator of all “High” impacts • Automatic system calibration when system is powered • Operational range from 0.5G to 7.5G • End user keypad set up for “Low” and “High” impacts values • Wireless technology reporting options for all “High” impact events or USB data collection Managing Lift Truck Impacts Impacts are common occurrences when you operate material handling equipment. In most cases, impacts events are to be expected. However, when these events get out of control, they can cause extensive damage which can adversely affect safety and operating costs. How do you manage these impacts events so they don’t “impact” your bottom line ? SkidLevel Defender EDI-3 Series
  2. 2. PAGE 2 EDI-3 PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS COMPACT SIZE & HEAVY DUTY - DESIGNED FOR MATERIAL HANDLING VEHICLE INTEGRATED VISUAL DATA TECHNOLOGY INC. 3439 Whilabout Terrace, Oakville, Ontario, L6L 0A7 Canada Phone: 905-469-0985 Fax: 905-825-9494 For your specific application please call or contact us at Clear cover, impact resistant with seamless foam-in-place gasket assures watertight and dust-tight seal Surface mount printed circuit technology Liquid tight straight thru fitting, UL E-51579, CSA LR-93876 Universal power supply input from 12 to 55V DC ABS enclosure, NEMA Type 4X, flammability rating UL94-HB, IEC 60529, IP67 High contrast LCD display with LED backlight, super twist, 2 lines x 16 characters Technical Data - Voltage from 12 to 55 V DC - Operating current 40mA - Technology, micro controller - Real-time clock - Four analog inputs - LCD display, 2 lines x 16 characters - Display size 68 x 27 x 11 mm - Character size 6.68 x 2.76 mm - LED backlight - High contrast LCD super twist display - Keypad 16 key with tactile feedback - Sealed keypad, watertight - Functions overlay - Enclosure ABS, 120 x 80 x 55 mm - Weight, 0.5kg - Operating temperature -20 C to +70 C Standard Features - Operating range from 0.5 to 7.5 G - LCD display of actual impact value - Automatic calibration every time system is powered - End user keypad G force input - Password protected input G value - Low impact visual warning - High impact visual / audio warning - Resolution 0.5G - Only two wires electrical connections - Impact warnings time is 10 seconds - English and French languages - Month/Day/Year LCD visual display - Hours/Minutes/Seconds LCD display Optional Features - Two weighing channels - Weighing range up to 50000 lb. or kg - Check weighing accuracy +/- 0.1 to 1% of lift truck lifting capacity - Load monitoring in % of lift capacity - Automatic zero weight re-calibration - USB port - RS232 port - Total load weight - On-board printers - Overload warning - Cellular reporting - Alphanumerical keys input capability - Pressure Transducer (Swiss Made) - Port, male thread 1/4”-18 NPT - Built in pressure snubber - NEMA 4X protection - Reverse polarity protection - Over voltage protection - Short circuit protection - CE conformity, EN 61326-2-3 - Manual input for Tare - Operator ID# input function - Wireless web based reports Mounting bracket with Cylindrical mount, neoprene, 1/4’-20