Ed2 skid weigh 2pv1


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Ed2 skid weigh 2pv1

  1. 1. ED2 SkidWeigh SeriesThe ED2 SkidWeigh Series system is general application, compact, heavy duty, fully automaticmicroprocessor electronic device that measures the load weight / raw operational data on any type ofmaterial handling vehicle regardless of the vehicle make, model, operating voltage or lifting capacity. Lift Truck Utilization Through Real-time Vehicle Usage MeasurementAll of the VMS systems on the market compare lift truck utilization across the enterprise based onhistorical data (ignition time on, lift time, pallets stored, etc.) which in most of the cases is irrelevant toincrease performance of the operator.In order to produce positive bottom line results with little upfront investment and relatively shortpayback you must manage the operation at a lower level and report productivity results in terms ofvehicle utilization measured in real-time on an individual basis.Measuring performance against standard utilization factor that utilizes a measurements of the rawdata in real-time (Driving loaded / unloaded, standing loaded /unloaded, lift time, minimum load weight,number of loads, etc.) is the key to improve the bottom line immediately.With worldwide *Patented Technology, “Material Handling Vehicle Monitoring System” you canincrease your vehicle utilization starting with the minimum investment with the installation of the singleunit to one of your vehicle. The lift truck operators are constantly remained with real-time information ofunder utilization event in a visual and/or audible form.The result will be sustainable improvements in operator performance and lift truck utilization.* USA 4,757,712; 4,949,263; 5,285,020, CANADA 1302566; 1304479; AUSTRALIA 598,376, 605,647 EU 0293697; 0351453
  2. 2. STANDARD PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS Technical Data - Voltage from 12 to 55 V DC - Check weighing accuracy, +/- 0.1 to 1% of - Operating current 60mA vehicle lifting capacity - Technology, micro controller - Weighing range up to 50000 lb or kg - RS-232 port - Single weighing channel - Readout type, large six LED digits - Lift-n-weigh load weighing procedure - Bright red display intensity - Graduation 1, 5 and 10 (default 5) - Enclosure ABS, 120 x 80 x 55 mm Optional Features - Weight, 0.6kg - Two independent weighing channels - Operating temperature -40 C to + 70 C - Total load weight - Pressure Transducer (Swiss Made) - On-board printers - Port connection, male 1/4”-18 NPT - Under utilization monitoring & reporting - Built in pressure snubber - Overload visual warning & reporting - NEMA 4X protection - Impact detection visual warning - Reverse polarity protection - Engine idling monitoring - Over voltage protection - Safety check monitoring & reporting - Short circuit protection - Load monitoring in % of lift capacity - Housing material, Stainless steel AISI 303 - Automatic zero weight re-calibration - Weight 95 grams - Wireless web based reports - Installation, unrestricted - Enfora modem, FCC ID: MIVGSM0408 - Two buttons system automatic calibration - Relay, SPST for external warning COMPACT SIZE & HEAVY DUTY - DESIGNED FOR MATERIAL HANDLING VEHICLE Clear cover, impact resistant Large six LED digits displayFront cover with seamless foam-in-place gasket Compact PC board assures watertight and dust-tight seal Universal power Liquid tight fitting for supply input from external cable 12 to 55 V DC INTEGRATED VISUAL DATA TECHNOLOGY INC. 3439 Whilabout Terrace, Oakville, Ontario, L6L 0A7 Canada Phone: 905-469-0985 Fax: 905-825-9494 For your specific application please call 289-242-0995 or send an e-mail to sales@ivdt.ca * USA 4,757,712; 4,949,263; 5,285,020, CANADA 1302566; 1304479; AUSTRALIA 598,376, 605,647 EU 0293697; 0351453