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Importance of teaching cataloging theory and conceptual models of discovery systems in LIS programs


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Presentation during ALA Midwinter Meeting 2014 in Philadelphia, PA. From the point of view of a practitioner, manager/supervisor, and cataloging continuing education instructor/trainer.

Biennial Educators Meeting: What Skills are Needed for the Next Generation Cataloger/Metadata Professional? (Co-Sponsors: Association for Library Collections and Technical Services (ALCTS) and Association for Library and Information Science Education (ALISE))

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Importance of teaching cataloging theory and conceptual models of discovery systems in LIS programs

  1. 1. The Importance of Teaching Cataloging Theory and Conceptual Models of Discovery Systems in LIS Programs Shana L. McDanold Georgetown University
  2. 2. • Practitioner • Manager • Trainer Perspective
  3. 3. Knowledge of the fundamentals assists catalogers with and empowers them with: • flexibility • accepting/facilitating change • improving quality of work Thesis
  4. 4. • Anthony Panizzi: 91 rules • Charles Coffin Jewett • Charles Cutter: Rules for a Printed Dictionary Catalog • Seymour Lubetzky • Ranganathan’s 5 Laws Fundamental theories
  5. 5. • Subject analysis • Classification • Relational database structure/System • Indexing Other fundamentals
  6. 6. Tell us: • WHY • HOW Fundamentals are the foundation
  7. 7. How does a cataloger make a decision? • subject analysis • description “Just tell me!” doesn’t work! Example: Cataloger’s Judgment
  8. 8. • Prioritization • Timeline • Discovery layer impact Example: System migration
  9. 9. Fundamentals don’t change!! Example: New cataloging code
  10. 10. • Change is scary! o less so if you can see how things are connected over time and across systems • Local needs o how to support users in all contexts o flexibility Why is this important?
  11. 11. Thank you! Contact: