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Skid level 20


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Automatic digital forks tilt LED indicator for telehandler and telescopic material handling vehicles

Published in: Technology
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Skid level 20

  1. 1. SkidLevel 20 Innovations, Solutions and Real World Implementation Is What We Do SkidLevel Indicator located in vehicle cab Magnetic back plate Battery holder cover Automatic calibration button Seven bright LED’s Wireless Digital LED Forks Level Indicator For Telehandlers Forks Level Module
  2. 2. The information provided in this brochure contains only general descriptions or performance characteristics, which do not always apply as described in case of actual use or which may change as a result of further development of the products. This information is merely a technical description of the product. This information is not meant or intended to be a special guarantee for a particular application or particular durability. An obligation to provide the respective characteristics shall only exist if expressly agreed in the term of the sales contract. We reserve the right to make changes in availability as well as technical changes without prior notice. Your Local Material Handling Dealer Integrated Visual Data Technology Inc. 3439 Whilabout Terrace Oakville, Ontario Canada L6L 0A7 Phone: +1 905-469-0985 Fax: +1 905-825-9494 SkidLevel 20 Series Systems V1.1-2013 SKIDLEVEL BATTERY HOLDER TWO “D” BATTERIES BATTERY HOLDER COVER • LED Indicator mounts in the cab (Magnetic plate) • Wireless forks level module • No tools, wiring or mechanical work required • System uses two “D” batteries • Battery life approx. one year • Reverse battery polarity protection • No need to open enclosure • Installation time, 30 seconds • Automatic calibration • Calibration time, 10 seconds, press a button • Visual indication when batteries need replacement • Visual indication when batteries are replaced • Visual indication when system in calibration mode • Clear bright LED lights • Seven LED lights ( red,orange and green) • System adapts to bent or uneven forks • Can be moved to other vehicles within a seconds • Works on all kinds of telehandlers • Order Number: SkidLevel 20 Digital LED Forks Level Indicator