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Settlement Hierarchies and shopping


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Year 7 lesson on how sizes of settlements and shopping patterns

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Settlement Hierarchies and shopping

  1. 1. Settlement hierarchies and shopping
  2. 2. Spot the difference… Hint: try to co m e up with at le ast 1 0 diffe re nce s be twe e n the se se ttle m e nts!
  3. 3. Learning objectives  To know what a settlement hierarchy is  To understand the main characteristics of different types of settlements
  4. 4. Match up the settlement key terms…
  5. 5. Settlement Hierachy
  6. 6. Types of shopping areas can be put into a hierarchy. At the bottom are shops that sell low order goods (also known as convenience goods) such as food and newspapers. These are usually found in housing estates. At the top of the hierarchy are shops that sell high order goods (also known as specialist goods) such as furniture or jewellery. These shops are usually found in large centres or in the CBD. The catchment area describes the area from which people are likely to come to buy goods. Shopping centres have a wide catchment area, whereas corner shops have a small catchment area.
  7. 7. Activity: Draw a large pyramid diagram with 5 layers, then fill in the shops in the correct places. Then draw the table underneath. Corner shops Usually found in inner city housing estates and sell low order goods to people living nearby Shopping streets Either in the suburbs or near large areas of housing, have some small shops and services e.g. hairdressers Small shopping centres Small undercover centres found near the city centre and stock low and high order goods Central Business District (CBD) The town centre is busy and has specialist shops that attracts people from all around Out-of-town shopping centres Large and purpose-built centres just for shopping and sell high order goods to people from the wider area e.g. Trafford Centre